Personal Trainer Prices In London & Surrounding Counties

Updated: Jun 21

The majority of people would love to hire a personal trainer but understanding how much a personal trainer cost and what they should pay can be a little confusing. Finding the time to workout can be a challenge. When you do find the time to train, It can be very frustrating working out alone and not seeing results. This is why most people tend to hire a personal trainer. However, to see the value of a personal trainer does come at a cost but how much do you value getting into your best shape or feel fit and confident. It can be a real task when you attempt to go it alone as there is so much information out there on what you should or shouldn’t do. Are you happy with your current level of fitness success or would you prefer to know personal trainer prices in London and surrounding Counties?

Personal Trainer Cost – Should I Hire A Personal Trainer

Many people have the misconception that having a personal trainer is a luxury, we like to think of it as you pay for what you see value in. If you value your health and feeling fit, then finding the right personal trainer for you would be good investment and money well spent.

Many people can afford to have a coach or personal trainer but there are a few factors that will dictate how much it will cost to hire a trainer. For individuals in London, especially in sort after locations in the capital a personal trainer could charge up to £250 per session. Now this would be at the very high end of the market and that personal trainer would have a catalogue of results and would be working in a luxury gym or private Personal training studio. That being said you will be able to find a personal trainer in London that you could hire for between £50-£65 per session for their Pt services.


As mentioned previously your geographic location play a role in what you will pay for a personal trainer, London being top end. However, if you’re outside of London you could pay as little as £30 per hour for a 1-2-1 personal training session.

Personal Training Results

The results that a trainer presents can also affect pricing, there are trainers who have a catalogue of client results and transformations. Being known for delivering results can lead to an increase in their demand and prices to increase. On the other hand, there will be trainers that will not be able to show results as they may be still learning their trade so may charge less.


If the trainer you’re planning to hire delivers an impeccable service and is constantly receiving referrals, then be prepared to pay a price that is in line with that level of service. The facility that your trainer works from will also be reflected in the price per hour, the more modern gyms and studios will charge more than the average gym.