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A mistake that many people make is either staying with the same program far too long or throwing the towel in way too early. Using the same exercises, reps, tempo and exercise order for months on end. If you do this, the rate at which your progress will slow start to dip and eventually you'll hit a plateau.


Bodybuilding Personal Trainer Packages 

  • Initial Consultation

  • Personalised Nutrition Plan

  • Personalised Supplementation

  • Plan Customised Workout Programmes

  • Unlimited Email Support

More information on our bodybuilding personal training packages:

If you like the sound of building lean muscle, looking and feeling more athletic then you have come to the right place. Many of our client list building muscle as a top priority when goal setting for their 12 week transformation with one of our personal trainers.


Training in a private personal training studio in London, you can rest assured that you won’t need to deal with the overcrowding and unfriendly atmosphere that is associated with some gyms. The team at Square Mile Fitness have created a wonderful training atmosphere. You feel comfortable to push yourself alongside your personal trainer to reach goals you thought unattainable.


If you have seen any of our transformations and wondered what it takes to achieve an aesthetically pleasing physique. Our answer to that would be, our personal trainers go above and beyond to help our clients positively change their mindset and body shapes. The team at Square Mile Fitness have become renowned for their results and the level of service that they bring to the fitness industry. As long as you want to make positive changes, we are your transformational guides.









How many and how much?


We know how important it is to use various rep schemes and the rate of which to progress our clients. There are many ways of progressing a program in order to build muscle mass, but these methods should be in sequence depending on how experienced the trainee is. An example of progression to help build muscle could be to increase the load, adjust the reps and adapt the sets. Please note that you would only do all three if you’re at the advanced stages of training.

Why change your rep ranges?


Working with different rep ranges allow you to target different muscles fibres and stimulate a wider ranger of motor units. Lower reps will target your fast twitch fibres and higher reps will stimulate your slow twitch muscle fibres. Varying your reps will ensure you target all muscle fibres and will help your biceps grow. 

What makes Muscles grow? 


Progressive overload – Over time you need to make your training harder and more challenging



Progressive overload


Muscles need reasons to grow, in order for adaptation to take place your muscles need to be challenged. To improve your strength and size you need to progressively challenge your body with heavier weights. Our personal trainers are very good at knowing when to increase the weight on the bar and by how much. Your workouts need to be hard enough to challenge your muscles and then need to be progressed over a period of time for muscles to grow.

The Art Of Effective Training Progression


With so much information out there on how to build muscle, it is very understandable that knowing what will work best for your physique can be confusing. When we are in the initial consultation stages with our bodybuilding personal training clients, a common problem that many of them face is not being able to get their muscles to grow.


For muscles to grow there are a few things we need to pay close attention to when training in the gym. Our muscles are built up of different fibre types, depending on the fibre build up of a particular muscle, you may want to select specific reps to challenge that muscle effectively. Within an effective muscle building program, you will want to use specific reps and sets at different periods throughout your training plan.


Mechanical Tension

This is also referred to as time under tension, when training with weights the period of time that your muscles are under tension will also be a factor in muscle hypertrophy. This points us back to our earlier point of ensuring the right rep rages are used when trying to build muscle. When putting our clients through their paces on the gym floor, our Bodybuilding personal trainer London programs place huge emphasis on exercise tempo.



Metabolic Stress

Have you ever heard of the term muscle pump? This is where there is lots of blood flow to a muscle which causes you to look and feel bigger. This stretching of the muscle is also a factor in muscle building over a period of time which is why bodybuilders are always chasing the pump.


Muscle damage

Have you ever felt sore after a tough workout?

When you train muscles get broken down and grow back bigger and stronger as long as you are fuelled with the right nutrients, you’re eating enough and factor in sufficient recovery. When setting out clients up on a 12 week program or however long it may take, we pay close attention to rest, recovery and nutrition.


Nutrition to build muscle

For muscle to grow you need to consume enough calories; not just any calories, you need to ensure to take on the correct amount of nutrients, carbohydrates and protein. The number of calories you need will vary from person to person, the amount you train and your body type will play a vital role in how we go about setting up your nutrition. The Bodybuilding personal trainer London coaches take into consideration all of these factors before prescribing any nutrition plan.

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What success looks like


We set ourself the goal of satisfying each of our clients to the best of our abilities. Going above and beyond to help them achieve their dream physique, as we know how much it means to them and we care.



Are you ready to get started?

Get the body you want by training with one of our would class coaches who will be able teach you more than just how to lift weights. With a bespoke approach to our programming, we will piece together a specialised plan that is easy to follow and will help you build the body you’re looking for. Our approach to training and nutrition is to look at the most effective way to achieving amazing results without causing too much disruption to your lifestyle.


We believe that everyone should have the opportunity transform their physique; both male and female. Let us guide you through the process, giving you all the motivation and education, you need from our bodybuilding personal trainer team.

Client Testimonial


Tirrel fulfilled two important qualities I had set out to find in a trainer: 


he is someone who has achieved an excellent physique himself and so knows exactly what it takes to achieve the transformative change I wanted - he is someone who could motivate me to push myself without just being shouty or militaristic, but could listen and understand me as an individual


From the first meeting with Tirrel I felt completely confident that I was starting my journey with the right person. He is extremely friendly and engaging, full of energy but also very perceptive and focused on what you want to achieve and what might be your personal pitfalls that could stand in the way of achieving it. After a detailed analysis of my lifestyle, fitness levels and goals, he set about creating an initial programme including nutrition and supplement plan and we began meeting twice a week for some challenging but extremely enjoyable sessions.


I saw visible improvements within just a few weeks and before long decided to increase the intensity to three sessions, buoyed by the burst of energy and positivity I gained from the results and from the genuine fun I had each time I trained with Tirrel. He has a fantastic sense of humour and can get you into the right headspace for a good session even on occasions where you were having a bad day before arriving.


After a year of training with Tirrel, I was in the best shape that I had ever been in and discovered that I could achieve results I had always felt may be beyond my reach. If you are looking for a trainer who can help you achieve more than you thought possible and someone who makes the whole process enjoyable rather than something to endure, then I would urge you to contact Tirrel Grant, before someone else books your slot in his schedule!”



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