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How much does personal training cost in London

For many people getting fit or losing fat is not an easy task and how much you should invest in a personal trainer can be a hard decision to make. Building a lean physique on your own can prove to be quite the challenge and creating the habits to go with it is a whole new task in itself. Finding the right advice to support the goals you want to achieve can be very confusing. With so much information out there finding what is ideal for you is very important and generic advice does not always meet your specific fitness and dietary requirements.


Many people lack the motivation to train alone or to find the time within a busy schedule for an effective gym session. A knowledgeable personal trainer with great experience can guide you step by step to your health and fitness goals, which is why many people hire personal trainers. But what should you pay for a personal training service in London? Are you looking for a top-level personal training service in London that delivers results?

Usually personal trainers charge by the hour but they may include staggered payments for larger packages payments. The average in the Uk is between £40-£60 per hour, we would class ourselves as above average yet still very affordable. The way personal trainers price their services is multifaceted and there are many factors to how personal trainers position themselves. In the majority of serviced based businesses like personal training, the price will generally lead you to think and feel a certain way about the quality of the personal training service on offer.


For the majority of people in search of a personal trainer, when comparing prices, you would think that the more expensive personal trainer should deliver the better experience and service. This is very true, a personal trainer or PT Service charging at the higher end should deliver better, service, experience and results. At Square Mile Fitness we pride ourselves on delivering the best, service, guidance and support for all of our clients.

Whether you want lose weight, build muscle or get in shape for an event, our personal trainers will give you the best experience along your journey.

What are costs involved in a personal training service?

Does the location affect cost?

The location of the personal trainer will indeed affect the prices, in London you can expect to pay more for a personal trainer to get you into shape. Whereas if you venture outside of London the average cost of a personal trainer is generally cheaper. However, in some cities in the UK there are personal trainers who are able to charge the same or more than some London personal trainers because of the service, level of coaching and results they can deliver.


What can I expect?

At Square Mile Fitness, our London based personal trainers use their wealth of knowledge to ensure our clients achieve the best results* A top level service that delivers results and surpasses client expectation is always a good investment.

Will the facility I train at impact how much I pay a personal trainer?

If your personal trainer is working from a premium gym or a private personal training studio, the chances are that they will be charging more for their services compared to a trainer in a dated local gym. The location of the personal training facility, the services and amenities that the gym has will all impact the price per personal training session.

Where Is the best place to train?

If you’re training at a premium gym with state-of-the- art equipment and luxury changing rooms, you will pay a premium price. Having said that, training in a nice environment does add to the personal training experience and you can feel much more comfortable in that setting. Our unique approach to our client’s goals deliver top level results no matter how big the task. Training with a member of our personal training team in a private studio with a great motivational atmosphere, you will look forward to every workout.

What results can I get working with a personal trainer and is it worth it?

Working with the right personal trainer that takes the time to understand you, your needs and the goals you want to achieve. As you can imagine results can vary person to person, but a personal trainer with high levels of knowledge and coaching skill will be able to deliver you results if you’re able to adhere to the plan. At Square Mile Fitness we have developed a reputation for the body transformations that we can deliver in a short period of time*.


We are able to do this with the top-class personal trainers we have to go above and beyond to create easy to follow nutritional advice and exercise prescribed for your very needs. For a client to achieve their fat loss or muscle building goals, they need to be able to adhere to the program. Using our advanced methods, we take you from where you are now to where you want to be in the smoothest possible way. If a trainer delivers an outstanding service, you grow in confidence, you look and feel better; I’d say that is an investment well worth making.

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At Square Mile Fitness we have multiple levels of services and custom pricing, our online training platform is the perfect example of adding additional level of services and outstanding coaching that is easy to access and very well priced.

If you’re feeling frustrated that you have recently let yourself go or you need the added motivation as structure a personal trainer can bring, then take the right steps and start your transformation toady. We offer a variety of packages that meet different budgets, if you would like to discuss your goals and how we can help, please book in your cost free consultation today.


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Build Your Confidence And Achieve A Lasting Transformation

We do this through either online personal training or in-gym City Of London personal training service . If you make an investment in yourself, we want to work with you in order to protect your investment.

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