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Initial Consultation
3 Personal Training Sessions per Week Body Fat Measurements & Hormonal Analysis
Personalised Nutrition Plan
Personalised Supplementation Plan
Personalised Self-training Plan
Access to Group Strength and Conditioning Sessions
Unlimited Email Support






This is by far the most life changing package, a favourite for clients in search of a radical 12 week body transformation  – check out our results, they speak for themselves. London’s Highly sought-after specialist body transformation team.

To achieve a body transformation in london, You will eat, sleep, breathe (and probably curse) the hardcore training and targeted nutrition provided by our expert trainers. It will be hard, super-intense and part of you will hate it – there will be sets that you don’t think you can do, but you’ll do them because of the support you get inside and outside of the gym.


Is It Worth it?


It’s worth the sacrifice and the pain because the results are life-changing. In 12 weeks *, with our combined efforts, you will look how you’ve always wanted to look; a leaner, healthier, happier version of yourself.


If your goal is serious fat loss, exposed Abs, or serious muscle gain, so long as you commit to follow your personalised plans to the letter then we will achieve your goal.
























What about my lifestyle?

Our bespoke 8 week body transformation plan is the perfect way to get going on your transformational journey. In our fast-paced society, the odds can easily begin to stack up against us, and our fitness can begin to fade into the background. Trying to fit exercise into a busy schedule whilst working out what diet to follow, can feel like an uphill battle.


Can 8 Weeks make a difference?

Our 8 week body transformation plan will take away all your frustrations and show you that getting into great shape doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. We approach all of our fat loss programs with your best interests in mind. We will help you to achieve your fat loss goals without having to totally change all the things you enjoy.


We design our transformation programs around your lifestyle with all the support you need to get the results you deserve.

If business travel is a big part of your schedule, we won’t let that stand in our way. With the best transformation coaches in London at Square Mile Fitness, we will piece together the right plan to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Why our body transformation program is different?

















The truth about a body transformation is that the majority of the work is believing in yourself. Our body transformation plan will boost your confidence, self-esteem and dramatically change your shape. We teach you how to transform and then maintain the results from all of your hard work. Each client will get a plan specifically designed to their goals and needs. With our advanced methodologies our transformation coaches will guide you phase by phase at a speed that is right for you.

  • Achieve rapid fat loss and keep it off 

  • Get the guidance and support to transform your body and mind

  • We will show you exactly what you need to do to see results 

  • Train with highly qualified compassionate coaches that put their clients needs first 

  • Get your confidence back and feel great in your clothes 

  • Take back control of your health and fitness 

  • We will take away your frustrations and overwhelming feelings towards fat loss 

  • We will help you face your fears head on and get comfortable with the uncomfortable 

  • Build physical and mental to feel good inside and out 

  • Get the body in which you can feel confident 


Fast Track Your Fat Loss The Right Way

Our team of highly qualified London trainers will ensure that your tailor-made plan will deliver lasting results. Fat loss is much easier to maintain when you drop body fat the right way, our coaches will give you the best advice to ensure you lose all your unwanted body fat and it stays off. We know that the subject of nutrition can prove to be pretty stressful, but this is where our experts shine. Your coach will help you manage your stress, any concerns and obstacles. With an in-depth approach to nutrition and by communicating with you. We will understand what diets you’ve struggled with in the past and gather as much information as possible to ensure a successful fat loss journey. Over the course of your 12 week transformation we will help you build the foundations that lead you to the lean physique you desire.


Who is it for?


A 12 week transformation is for anyone that wants to commit themselves to positive change. A body transformation can be made by the most experienced to the absolute beginner. Under the watchful eye of our passions personal trainers, you will be able to achieve results you never deemed possible. Ove the course of our 12 week body transformation you will learn a lot about exercise, nutrition and yourself. Our transformation coaches are ready to welcome you and deliver the best personal training experience over 12 weeks and beyond.


We recommend this package to anyone who:

  • Is willing to commit to training hard, eating well and enjoying the process

  • Is naturally stubborn

  • Does not quit

  • Wants to transform their body in 12 weeks *

  • Is ready to positively change their lifestyle in order to effect body change

  • Is willing to follow our expert support and guidance to the letter



What’s the cost? Contact us for pricing

* Disclaimer: Results may vary and are dependent on individual circumstances. Time taken to achieve results can not be guaranteed.

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