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The Square Mile Fitness approach (and that of our City Of London Personal Trainers) to body transformation is tried and tested and proven to work*.


Our holistic approach to transforming the body gives you the best chance of obtaining the results you want. By giving you the tools to change your nutrition, training methods, and lifestyle.



Each person has a different starting point, a different goal, different issues, challenges, stresses, and dietary requirements. The only constant is that each person is unique; as such, we customise each and every aspect of nutrition and training plans to the individual – you.



A picture being worth a thousand words, take a look through some of our work – we think that these results show what can happen when a dedicated client sticks to the expert guidance given to them by Square Mile Fitness trainers; both inside and outside of the gym..




Overall, I was extremely impressed and satisfied with Tirrel’s online training plan, the intensity of his session and his overall demeanour.


His workout and nutrition were the right mixture of being achievable and challenging. He spent considerable time understanding and analysing my body and providing a tailored online training plan. Instantly I noticed a huge difference in terms of energy levels. I saw huge changes to my body based on his nutrition advice and workout plan. He was flexible in providing alternatives, but was also strict in ensuring I followed the program (even if it meant eating Kale!)



Having trained and played Rugby for a number of years, I have endured numerous challenging sessions. However, the intensity of his sessions were second-to-none and trumped anything I’ve done in the gym or on the Rugby field. After a leg session I could barely walk home as my legs felt like Jelly!


Finally, Tirrel is both a very personable and very motivating trainer. His biggest asset is the confidence he inspires by his own body – he is clearly in peak physical condition and this builds instant trust around his training plan and advice.”


Josh, Management Consultant



Mo Trained with me for 12 weeks *, 2 of which were over the Christmas period and for any individual embarking upon a physique-orientated goal at this time can be tough. Having a body composition goal your diet needs to be tightly monitored plus adjusted to see positive adaptations in body composition, having to deal with the festive season can be a challenge if you do not have the right mindset. Before me and Mo stated our personal training sessions we had a sit down to discuss and manage any expectations we both had, a in-depth discussion about his previous/current training and dietary habits. This is something I do with all my clients as it gives me a chance to get to know them, to better understand their social life plus behaviour patterns.

The Consultation 

During our consultation we also talked about things Mo liked to eat and also pondered over any emotion attachments he had with certain foods. Gathering as much personal information during discussions with clients is vital as it presents you with vital information about them that you can utilize when creating a plan of action. who knows their body better than themselves? Mo decided to take me on as his personal trainer as he had been training for years with very little to show for it. With social media, forums and blogs it can be very difficult to find that magical plan, well guess what, there is no magical plan. Low carbs diets, high protein high fat diets, carb cycling, ketogenic diets; which one works the best? My answer to that is that they all work with the right execution to the suited body type plus lifestyle.



The Diet


When I analyzed Mo’s food diary that he kept for me it came as no surprise that is was very carb dense; as with most people and he also had a very low protein intake. Not consuming good quality protein would in no way help him towards his goal of a low body fat percentage plus muscular physique. What I decided to do with the custom nutrition plan was go for a low carb approach, high in good fats and protein. A common mistake many people make when going low carb is that they fail to increase their intake of good fats, fearing that good fats will make them fat! I also took this opportunity to give Mo specific times to consume his meals. The aim was to get  regular feeds and to ensure of much more stable energy levels throughout the day.


Overcoming Problems 

Initially Mo did struggle with the volume of food also the preparation side of things, he did as many clients do which is to come up with their version of a healthy alternative to what’s on the plan. Once he stepped out of the state of resistance and then followed the plan as set he saw results within 3 weeks. In between rest periods of our training  I would attempt to educate Mo on the whys to the plan, when he understood he was much more adherent and took the plan in his stride.




I believe that it is very important to educate your clients on what you are attempting to do also to why they may not be allowed certain foods at different stage’s of the plan. More times than not if you tell someone they cannot have something it brings it to the forefront in their minds and they want what the “cant” have. I Try educate my clients, let them know that most of these changes are short term and that they will eventually be able to consume those particular foods again but hopefully by this time they will have a whole new attitude towards food.


Fast Results 


By week 6 we had achieved the body composition goal Mo desired, in my head I knew he had much more in the tank and could produce incredible results as long as he buckled down for the remainder. I gave Mo a cheeky little off plan meal, as I believed he had worked really hard but also to help increase leptin levels. The following week we was back in the gym and Mo went on to smash his training achieving results he never thought he was capable of.


The Training


Before our training commenced I took the time to dissect my Mo's training log, he had great intentions but his problem was that his plan had no structure and he stayed with the same plan far too long, which lead to a weight loss plateau. Phase 1 of the program was all about strength; By developing strength you will be at an advantage in the hypertrophy phase as you will be able to lift more weights therefore increasing lean muscle mass and the rate of fat burning. This phase lasted 3 weeks we then proceeded to a hypertrophy phase. In this hypertrophy phase we are aiming to shift the focus from the neurological system and place more focus on the muscular system. We will increase the reps per exercise, we will add more exercises and reduces the rest periods with the intention of packing on some serious lean muscle.



Muscle Building 


In this muscle building routine you will see the utilization of supersets, supersets are a great way to add more density to your workouts and allow more work to be completed in a set time frame. Our hypertrophy phase lasted 6 weeks, during the 6 weeks we smashed two 3 week hypertrophy plans, short, sweet but very effective! Our final phase of workouts were high intensity intervals and lactic acid programs. The goal of these training sessions was to generate high levels of lactic acid with dense workout containing lots of sets, reps and low rest periods.


Variation Is Key 


Training with shorter rest periods and higher reps can also increase the release of growth hormone into the body. The greater the growth hormone output during training the higher the fat burning potential. Mo mentioned that this final phases was the hardest but I cannot fault him on effort as every session he really applied him self well done Mo! The result A lean muscular physique worthy of a front cover to a men’s fitness magazine

Coached by head London Personal Trainer Tirrel Grant 

* Disclaimer: Results may vary and are dependent on individual circumstances. Time taken to achieve results can not be guaranteed.




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