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Are you wanting to begin your transformational journey but don’t feel comfortable training in a big open plan busy commercial gym?

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Do you feel frustrated that when you go to the gym its overcrowded and doesn’t meet your standard of cleanliness? Then it's time you make the switch to a private personal training private studio in London with Square Mile Fitness.


Working out with one of our personal trainers in a private London based studio gives you the added confidence that all your need will be met. With state-of-the-art equipment in an exclusive environment you can rest assured that all your need will be met. A private personal training studio will with a relaxed atmosphere and unparalleled personal training experience with the Square Mile Fitness London team.

Attention and Care 


You will receive individual care and attention whilst at the London based private studio, we are redefining fitness and ensuring you feel comfortable is a top priority. Achieving your transformation and lifestyle goals can met by using our methodologies. Working alongside one of our personal trainers you will unlock your true training potential and get results that you never thought was possible. No more frustrations of training in an unfriendly environment and not seeing the results you deserve. Experience the best and invest in your fitness.

The Experience

Our clients enjoy the amazing atmosphere they get when training with a Square Mile Fitness Personal trainer and how the environment is unrivalled compared to other gyms in London. Here you will find a team of passionate fitness professionals with a holistic approach to our client’s health and fitness goals. From your initial consultation you will realise that we have your best interest at heart, and we surpass any preconceptions of personal training you may have had.

The knowledge our personal trainers have will help you achieve outstanding results* without you having to do a full 360 of your lifestyle. Whether its fat loss, general fitness or muscle building, we will be able to map out a plan just for you.

We Put you First 


Training in a state-of-the-art private personal training studio equipped with all you need to transform your body. Our personal trainers will work with you every step of the way ensuring you get the right support, motivation and guidance to achieve your goals. You may wish to get in shape for a particular event, or you might want to transform your body and lifestyle. We know that all our clients have an internal motive to transform, something that might be frustrating them.



Not feeling as good as they did a few years ago, not being able to fit into old clothes or just feeling generally unfit. We are your transformational guides and can get you results you wouldn’t believe you could achieve*.

Our Trainer’s Expertise

Receive Individual Care

The Plan

What Will You Receive?

Your plan we be put together especially for you, with stage by stage planned progressions. Your personal plan will be set so you have every chance of achieving your fitness goals. Client adherence is a big part of the body transformation success so ensure our clients have all the tools and guidance they need to make positive changes. We don’t believe that one hat fits all, which is why when setting clients up we ensure what we are asking for is realistic and achievable.

The personal trainers at Square Mile Fitness will not just tell you what to do on the gym floor or just count your reps. Our level of service goes far beyond that, we see your transformational journey as a chance to be educated and also lean lots about yourself along the way. We will find the correct information about nutrition that will be easy to understand and to follow.


Each of our clients are treated as individuals as each client has different preferences, behaviour and histories with food. We will help you to achieve an understand and healthy relationship with food and educate you on exercise execution and techniques. With a catalogue of body transformations, the team at Square Mile Fitness will give you motivation and support you need to achieve results at our London based private studio.

At SQMF we live with incredibly high standards in our private studio . From you initial assessment you will learn that we are here to listen to you and do our best to deliver your fat loss or muscle building goals. In our assessment we will try to understand what your motivation is, what is inspiring you to make a transformation. You might want to lose fat but don’t know how to go about it in the right way, or may want to improve your general fitness to be able to keep up with your kids. We will prepare a tailored plan that will set you up for success. We believe in creating plans that our clients can adhere to.

If you would like to speak to us about your goals, or to book in a complimentary consultation, please get in touch.  

Speak with us today 

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