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Losing body fat will create noticeable changes to your physique and totally transform your body. A full body transformation for women is very achievable and will not only transform your body but also your mind. There are many benefits to achieving a lasting transformation and that is not only from fat loss but also the added confidence, strength gains and healthier lifestyle that comes with it.



What mindset will you need?

For a full body transformation to take place a mindset shift will need to happen, sometimes we lose track of our identity from being busy with all the things life throws at us. Working long days or being a full-time mum can make you feel as if that is all you have time for. You can feel low in confidence and full of insecurities, but you can make the transformation you want. The whole process can feel daunting, but you need to make the decision to commit and invest in yourself. Our body transformation experts see no goal as too big or too small and have a bespoke approach to personal training for women. 



Can you change your body shape in 12 weeks?

If you want to change your body shape for the better, we need to make small lifestyle adjustments that go hand in hand with our goal of a full body transformation. Don’t fade into the background, stop giving yourself away selflessly, do something for you! Have you forgotten how incredible you feel after a great workout? Well you’re in the right place as this guide we will show all women how to make a full body transformation. Transformation time frames will vary from person to person, It might take you 12 weeks or it could be longer. Factors that influences this can be your experience, start point and discipline. It is always a good idea to give yourself more than than you think you will need to see results. 

How long does it really take to transform your body?

We all have different goals and different body fat starting points, some goals are short term whereas other may have more time to play with. If you are starting with relatively low levels of body fat, you are experienced with diet and exercise then you may be able to see results in less than 12 weeks. What we do recommend is that you set a start and finish date for your transformation which will help keep you focused. 



How to workout for a body transformation will differ for men and women, so we have selected specific exercise as this transformation guide is tailored to women. The way we have gone about this transformation guide is to help educate you along the way. We want you to use the information we provide in this program to set a solid foundation for sustainable progress and noticeable changes.

How do I start My transformation? 

To get started with a transformation you need clear and specific goals with time frames. You need to establish your start point and where exactly you would like to get to. There should be a consistent way of checking your progress throughout your transformation. Ensure you have a training plan which includes both resistance and cardio training. Lastly you need a nutrition plan that is put together to aid with fat loss. 



Can I transform my body in 3 months ?


You’ll be surprised at how much you can actually achieve when you really put your mind to it. Some common feedback we get from our clients is that the results surpassed all expectations. Transforming your body in 3 month is possible with the right support and guidance. 




Can you change your shape in 4 weeks? 


It is possible to lose a considerable amount of body fat in 4 weeks, as your body fat reduces your weight will also go down too. To change your body shape in 4 weeks you need to create the right calorie deficit. This can be done with diet and exercise. Changing your body shape in 4 weeks is a very short timeframe, it is possible but you can achieve much better results with more time. Make sure your expectations are realistic and achievable to keep your motivation high. 



Full Body Transformation workout For Women


When it comes to losing fat, we have multiple ways in which we can workout to elicit fat loss. However, there are a few training principles we need to bear in mind when programming a exercise routine that will be successful in helping women lose unwanted body fat. We will need to ensure we are training with some type of resistance as this well help to maintain muscle mass, burning fat from key areas and help shape the body. In our transformation workouts we will alternate between exercises, the rest periods will be short to keep the sessions effective, time efficient and so you feel the burn. As you all know nutrition will play a big role in the transformation results you achieve but we will touch on this a little later.

How Much Can You Transform?

You can transform your body much more than you think when you have a clear goal and the right plan for you and your lifestyle. How much you are able to fully commit to your transformation and adherence to the guidelines set will play a vital role towards the results you see. Fat loss occurs from an  energy deficit, by consuming less calories than your body need to maintain your bodyweight. It has become well known that there is ~3500 calories in 1Lbs of fat, based on this we can look at creating a 500 calorie deficit over 7 days to lose 1Lbs of fat. However, fat loss is not always linear and body composition can effect the rate of fat loss. If you need more guidance and help with a tailored diet, we would recommend a complimentary consultation with our London Personal training team to specialise in working with women. 



Women’s Full Body Transformation Core Exercise List


Before we get into the list, we would like to clarify that there is no one “best” exercise to lose fat, however there are some exercises that will target larger muscles groups and cause the body to give up more calories. Below is some of our favorite exercises for female fat loss. We have created this list so you can include some of the exercises if you want to design your own fat loss program following some of our methods. We decided to shape our guide this way so that you can workout at home, in the gym and with limited equipment.

What Exercises Should Be Included?


  1. Split Squats

  2. Romanian Deadlifts

  3. Row

  4. Overhead press

  5. Lunges

  6. Squats

  7. Lat pull down or Chin Ups

  8. Back Extension

  9. Deadlifts

  10. Leg Press



How To Set Up Training And scheduling

There are many ways in which you can train in order to see the shape of your body change, bare in mind that your nutrition will a play a vital part in you seeing those changes. The types of training that we like to include in our fat loss plans all revolve around effectively training the whole body. The training methods we use vary from lower/ upper body split training, Metcon workouts and variations of HIIT just to name a few. Depending on your training experience you may want to manipulate a few variables to either make the workouts harder or a bit easier depending on where you are in your fitness journey. A few variable you can change in order to make a session more challenging before you make it more advanced could be any of the following – Exercise Tempo – Rest Periods – Rep Ranges.

 Ready to start your transformation?


In this plan the goal is to train ideally 3 times per week but if time is not on your side or you are a beginner. Working out twice-a-week can still get you great results, personal training is also an option if you would like to see the full benefits.


Below is an example of the weekly plan and 3 work outs. For more please get in touch.



Full Body Superset [workout 1] - Using weights or bodyweight

Metcon [workout 2] - Using Strength and conditioning exercises working for time periods.

Notes: Complete 2 full rounds of series A before resting, then complete the final 2 rounds and rest again.

Now move on to the B series.  Here you will complete 2 full rounds, take a rest period and finish with 1 full round.

Rest for two minutes after two loops of the circuit.

Rest for two minutes after two loops of the circuit.

HIIT Cardio [workout 3] 

High intensity intervals training is great as you can work at a high threshold and get lots of work done in a short space of time. Having said that, HIIT is not everyone’s cup of tea so my advice here would be to choose a form of cardio training you enjoy and can consistently do.


Resistance and strength training for fat loss. Weight training and bodyweight exercises are vitally important if you want to shape your body. Training with weights will help you achieve a leaner stronger body with curves.



















The Power of movement


Day to day most of us are looking for ways that allow us to move less, taking the lift, ordering food in and taking cabs are the norm. For optimal fat loss results we need to ensure we are moving enough and may need to set ourselves some step goals. Walking is often overlooked as effective way to exercise, although it may be low impact it still holds its value in burning calories. Set yourself a daily step goal of between 10,000 – 12,500 and you’ll be grateful for the headspace you get to either continue with your day or wind down. Think of it like this, would you rather move more or eat less? I know which I would prefer



The importance of recovery and sleep


The benefit to planned recovery and a periodised program Is that muscles get a chance to recover and You won’t feel sore all the time or still. If you train 4x per week and you feel sore all the time you won’t be training at your full potential




They say fatigue masks fitness!


And a lot of the time people are not overtrained they are just under recovered.



Importance of correct technique












Learning the correct technique when training is an absolute MUST. Improper technique can result in your progress being a lot slower than if you were to use proper technique. It goes without saying that bad technique can also lead to injuries, joint pain and other dysfunctions in the body.




You should aim to get 6-8 hours of sleep daily as this will further aid in recovery and your bodies ability to make change. When you don’t get enough sleep you don’t feel as motivated to workout and you can end up making poor nutritional decisions because you feel tired.



What to eat for a body transformation


As I’m sure you know, exercise and nutrition go hand in hand and for optimal results you need to pay attention to both, where most people fall short Is when they focus on just one. With nutrition what tends to happen is people go way to extreme and overstrict their diet, the problem with some diets is that can be so far away from your “normal” type of eating .


Having a plan in front of you can sometime cause anxiety and all you can think about Is the food they say you cant eat. The right diet for you is one that doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed.

A quick fix diet is no use to you if you’re worse off than when you started it.



The Diet


In order to lose fat you need to firstly workout how much food you’re currently consuming, this is easily done by downloading a food tracking app.


The second step is we want to work out how much food we need to consume to maintain our weight. This is done by multiplying your weight in Lbs. by 15


Now in order to lose fat we need to be in a calorie deficit, to do this we will multiply our weight in Lbs. by 10-14, I would always start the calories as high a possible initially or as close to your current calorie intake. Nutrition plays a huge role in fat loss and we need to pay attention to what we eat for a successful  full body transformation for women.



The next step would be to work out your macros, this can be body type dependent or can be based closely to your current macro intake. What I mean by this is that if your current diet is made up of mainly carbs (50% as an example)  I wouldn’t immediately strip that back to 20% as this should be done in stages. As a starting point if you’re quite overweight id aim for a macro split of


45% carbohydrates

35% Protein

20% Fats


The macro split is worked out from the calories deficit you have created from calculation above. Aim to spread your calories intake throughout the day and have the majority of your carbs pre and post workout.


Food sources

Here we have put together a list of food sources you may want to include in your nutrition plan. This will also help understand what categories your favourites foods fall under.



Meal Plan Example:


Hydration is often overlooked when attempting to lose unwanted weight, staying well hydrated is an important element and you should aim to drink 0.5 ounces of water per lbs. of body weight.


What to expect and measuring progress

A body transformation does not always take 12 weeks to see success, sometimes it takes longer, and at times it can be done in less time.


Do you get a little bit anxious every time you step on the scales?

If it doesn’t motivate you don’t do it.


Yes, we do need to track our progress but it only makes sense to do so when you’re doing all the right things. If you know you’ve had a bit of a blow-out weekend… don’t jump on the scales Monday morning.


Check ins

Checking your weight or measuring your body fat when you’ve slipped up more than a few times is not going to make you feel good about the result. Doing this will give you the perfect excuse to want to give up and quit.


Don’t compare where you are in your journey to anyone else

Don’t compare the results someone else has achieved IF it doesn’t motivate you.




If you want to keep yourself motivated and lower anxiety only check-in after A few weeks of doing the “right” things. Look for more of the positives. Are you feeling stronger? Fitter? More confident? More energy? If the answer is yes you’re on the right track


You need to be doing the right things for long enough

Don’t stand in your own way of making progress. if it doesn’t motivate you don’t do it.


"I had the usual 2 objectives when I met Tirrel - lose weight, get fit. I'm a busy professional woman, I find the gym boring and I don't want to spend my life in it. We started working out for an hour twice a week. Tirrel helped me with my diet and designed a personal training program that mixes it up, really pushes me and is fun as well as hard work. Within 6 weeks I noticed major changes in fitness, weight and shape, and what I found amazing was that the complements started to roll in. Within 3 months I was 20% lighter and was over 2 sizes smaller.  Almost a year later I am still working out with him twice a week and I'm still changing. I've never been in such good shape - fitter, healthier and getting more toned and stronger with every session. Tirrel's knowledge and passion about training and fitness is infectious and he is an extremely encouraging and inspirational trainer. The best complement I can pay Tirrel is that I have recommended him to my best friends and some of them now are also his clients.   

Katie, Consultant  


"I have tried many personal trainers in the past but never had much success. Tirrel was recommended by the friend who had also faced a similar issue so I thought I'd give it a go for my wedding. He helped me every step of the way including the diet and exercise. I lost 2 stones in 3 months and reached my best ever weight. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a true body transformation. He will guide you every step of the way and ensure you don't lose your momentum and motivation.

Jenny, Accountant  

Good luck on your transformational journey, to speak with us about how we can guide you please get in touch.

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