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At Square Mile Fitness we service a large area of London including the East. With the rise of popularity East London is seeing we have now branched out to offer personal training in East London.

Our personal training clients in East London either come to visit us in the private personal training studio, or make use of or mobile personal training service.

What does our East London personal training service offer?

Discover true top-level personal training in East London with our elite level coaches at Square Mile Fitness. Our passionate personal trainers known for achieving amazing results no matter how big the task. The Square Mile Fitness personal trainers in East London are welcoming, motivated and ready to help you get achieve all your health and fitness goals. We are so much more than a team of fitness professionals; we are here to listen to what it is you want to achieve and ensure you experience the best personal training experience.


The solution for the busy professional 

The majority of our clients are busy working professionals; some of whom are living in East London. We understand that many of our client do not have lots of time on their hands, our personal training sessions are the most time efficient and effective way to spend your time in the gym. Whether you’re commuting from East London to our East central City location the time you spend with the Square Mile Fitness team will positively impact your body and mind.

Personal training at Square Mile Fitness is an experience like no other, our personal training service is key if you want to see results that last. We will work alongside you to create a bespoke plan with a holistic approach to achieving your goals. You might want to get fit for a special occasion, you might want to get in shape for your dream holiday, or you might want to drop some unwanted body fat.

The accountability you need 


If you have an office-based job it can become a challenge when things get busy to make room for exercise and to follow a healthy diet. If you’re skipping meals or just grabbing the easiest thing to eat at your desk, our fat loss program will help to shape up your diet, lifestyle and exercise routine.

A program that compliments for lifestyle not complicate it 


With a busy work lifestyle, constant business travel and eating whatever you can whenever you can will start to take its toll. Wanting to lose weight and drop some body fat can be a confusing place to be, not knowing what diet to follow and why you’re not losing weight can prove to be very frustrating.

The Experience.

We always start with an initial consultation, here we will gather your exercise history, lifestyle and dietary information to begin your transformation process. A tailored plan will be devised based on your goals, lifestyle and diet analysis. We know that everyone has a different relationship with food and exercise which is why we go above and beyond to create a plan that positively transforms your body.


We will stand by you and give you the support you deserve

We will work with you throughout your journey, providing you will all the support and education you need to see the results you deserve. Your chosen personal trainer will be there to keep you on track and help you overcome any obstacles that may come along the way. In return for your hard work and commitment, we will provide you with all the motivation you need and empower you with our knowledge.


This will be the last time that you will need to hire a personal trainer, throughout your transformational journey we will teach you how to maintain the physique that you have worked so hard for. We will show you how to make your newfound habit stick and how to hold on to your newly sculpted body.

How do we approach our client goals?

Our Team

Our amazing team of highly qualified personal trainers are ready to welcome you, we will guide and support you, leaving no stone unturned, ensuring we achieve your ultimate goal. All of our clients receive all the 1-2-1 attention they need, using advanced training methodologies and a holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing, help you to reach your goals is our passion.


Results that exceed expectations 

Whether you’re at the very beginning of your fitness journey or consider yourself experienced, we will piece together the right plan that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. We believe in hard work but also having fun along the way, getting to know our client is a very important of our personal training service.


To Speak to one or our personal trainers in East London, or to book a complimentary consultation, please get in touch.

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