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What is it?

Do you want to get in shape, lose some body fat, feel fit and healthier? If you enjoy the outdoors or prefer to exercise in a bit more privacy, then the team of mobile personal trainers at Square Mile Fitness are the solution. A mobile personal trainer dedicated to your cause, one that wants results as much as you do.


You may have a target weight in mind, there might be a pair or jeans or a dress that you would like to fit into again. We know how good it feels when your clothes fit great and the added confidence boot you get.

The Benefits Of A Mobile Personal Trainer


The luxury of having a mobile personal trainer is that you can workout in the comfort of your own home or in your local park. A benefit of working with a mobile personal trainer is that after a long day or an early start you know that your fitness will be taken care of. The last thing you want,  especially if working out isn’t your favourite thing to do, Is to worry about how to put together an effective training plan. Our experienced mobile personal trainers have the ability to create effective fat loss and muscle building plans with minimal equipment.

Staying Mobile 


When working with one of our London based mobile personal trainers, you will receive the same level of attention, professionalism and passion that all of our gym based personal trainers possess. The only difference is that you’re in a different location, a location that works better for you. Many people have aspirations to lose a few pounds, burn body fat or build lean muscle. You don’t need to be locked into a gym membership to achieve a body transformation. All you need is access to one of our top level mobile coaches who will go above and beyond to motivate you and help you to achieve success.

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The benefits of a mobile personal trainer can really compliment a person with a busy London lifestyle. For most people on the look out for a personal trainer they tend to search within a particular radius. With a mobile personal trainer, distance is not normally an issue as a mobile personal trainer is happy to travel to you. You don’t need to factor in the time it takes you to travel to the gym, get changed and then head back to the office or back home.


A mobile personal trainer comes to you, you won’t need to worry about buying any gym equipment or having to pay gym membership fees. A personal trainer staying mobile will give you the flexibility of session times and location. As you know, to see results from personal training consistency is key. Having a flexible mobile personal trainer will ensure you won’t miss a single session. By creating a well rounding training program tailored to your needs, you will be able to reach your short and long term fitness goals. 



The convenience of a mobile trainer is one of the reasons many people opt for this route. For someone who lives a busy fast paced lifestyle, working out can become difficult. Finding time between meetings and family time can prove to be a challenge. But just because you’re busy it docent mean you should put exercise at the bottom of your priority list. What you need to do is find a trainer that can come to you and help you meet your goals at times that suit you best. 



If at the moment you don't have the confidence to step foot in a gym, or you feel the atmosphere to be overwhelming. Working with a mobile personal trainer in London will help boot your confidence as you will be able to work out in an environment that feel most comfortable to you. It  may be you  enjoy the London outdoors, or working out at home. Our clients receive our full focus and attention no matter the location. We provide the complete solution to your health and fitness goals.  

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How Does Mobile Personal Training Work

We treat our mobile Pt clients in the same way we do our clients training with us within the gym. We will begin the process with a detailed consultation where we will discuss your goals and what you would like to achieve. In this initial consultation we will also look at things you may have struggled with in the past. You might not have been able to follow a diet successfully in the past, or you may have been training hard but not seeing the results you desire.


We will gather all the essential exercise and dietary information to then begin your bespoke fitness plan. During our lifestyle analysis, your dedicated mobile trainer will help you create lasting habits, and coach you towards better nutrition decision making.

Goal Setting

Working closely together we will find out what it is you truly want to achieve and map out how we will take you from where you are to where you would like to be. Whether your goal is to lose weight or to get into better shape for a special occasion, using our advanced methods we will guide you ever step of the way. Our very talented personal trainers will communicate with you in terms that you understand. Your workouts will be tailored to you and to the exact intensity for your current level of fitness. You will feel great after each workout and your motivation will be at an all-time high when you see how much you progress in a short space of time*


You will have unlimited contact with your personal trainer and all session can be scheduled in advanced at time that are convenient to you. With expert advice you can rest assured that you will get the most out of you sessions. Fat loss, muscle building or general fitness, working with us you’ll have the best chance possible of making the changes you want to see. With time efficient and effective training sessions we are committed to help you achieve your goals.

What is Included

Not only will your exercise be taken care of with our proven methods, we will continue to guide you outside of your sessions. We believe that its not all about what you do within your workouts but what you do outside of them too. We will give you all the tools and support you need to stay on track to meet your goals without having to completely turn your life upside-down. We will continually reassess where you are so we stay one step ahead. We don’t leave anything to chance, with all training sessions and nutrition tracked, we can constantly monitor your progress.

Body Composition Assessments

An essential part of making progress is to know your starting point, once we go through our detailed composition assessment, we will be able to create you a tailored nutrition and training program. This will give us all the details we need to devise your plan so you know exactly what is required of you with the guidance of your mobile personal trainer.

Transform and Maintain

Armed with exceptional knowledge and experience, the personal trainers at Square Mile Fitness know what it takes to get body transformation results. We know how to adapt our skill set to each client to enable them to perform at their best. Our personal trainers will utilize all the resources they have at their disposal to ensure you reach your fat loss and muscle building goals.

Mobile Personal Training FAQ's


How much does a mobile personal trainer cost?

Prices can vary depending on the personal trainers experience, results and quality of service. The location of the trainer can also impact how much they may charge per hour. The average personal trainer may charge £40-£60 per session. We class ourselves as above average but very affordable considering the life changing results we deliver. 



Where can I have my personal training sessions?

Session will be at a location that is most convenient to you or the trainer may have a set location. Generally mobile personal trainers work outside but they also do home visits.  



How does mobile personal training work?

This is no different to personal training in a gym, you should given a consolation to discuss your goals and to find out about your training history. From there a tailored plan should be devised to help you achieve your goals. You should also be given  all the support and motivation you 


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