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Fat Loss for Men

1 hr | Contact for price

  • 2 / 3 Personal Training Sessions per Week

  • Body Fat Measurements & Hormonal Analysis

  • Personalised Nutrition Plan

  • Personalised Supplementation Plan

  • Access to Group Strength and Conditioning Sessions Unlimited Email Support


Fat loss for men is relatively simple to achieve when you know how..


Whether you want to achieve fat loss for health reasons, or to feel better about yourself, or you want to get rid of those last few percentage points of body fat that are hiding your abs from the world. We’ll know how to tailor your training, nutrition and supplementation to achieve the goal. We have a great track record of working with weight loss for men targeting fat loss for a wide range of reasons. Rest assured that we’ll get your body burning fat, rapidly *.


You might have put on some weight recently and would like your clothes to fit better, this may have impacted your confidence and self-esteem. We will help you to transform not only your body but your mind too.


Clients have previously achieved meaningful results in 4 weeks – although given the compound effects of targeted nutrition, training and supplementation over time – we see results accelerate between weeks 5 and 12 *.

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We recommend this package to anyone who:

  • Is willing to commit to training hard and eating well

  • Wants to achieve life changing fat loss in a specific time period

  • Is ready to change their lifestyle in order to effect body change

  • Is willing to follow our expert support and guidance



Depending on your start weight, body fat and your goal, training frequency (number of times per week you train) varies between 2 and 3 personal training sessions. Some self-training (following personalised Square Mile Fitness training plans) or Group Strength & Conditioning sessions will also be included

Are you Struggling to lose fat?


We know how hard it can be to shift that stubborn fat or to lose those last troublesome pounds. This is why we have created our fat loss London program that can rapidly* burn fat and help transform your shape. There are many reasons to why some people’s fat loss may stool, or they struggle to lose weight. With proven results from our fat loss program we have covered all potential issue you may face and created a personal training system that sets you up for success.

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Our Approach To Fat Loss

Have you tried to lose weight but not been able to see it through?

We understand that life gets busy and you can find it hard to make time for yourself to fit in exercise or to take care of your diet. Self-doubt maybe one thing holding you back from your transformational journey. You might not feel as if you’re a “fitness person” or telling yourself “I can’t do that” But you’re wrong.


You don’t need to be a fitness personal to make a transformation, it might just be that you have not the right personal trainer that explains things to make them easy to understand. This is why a fat loss personal  trainer will help change your mind and body, we will breakdown all you need to know into language you understand. Our approach to fat loss will get you back on track and feeling like the best version of yourself. We will help you create lasting changes. All of your clothes will fit better, without having to exclude yourself from friends, family or social events.

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An Experience Like No Other


Our experienced team of personal trainers understand how frustrating it can feel, when you think you’re doing all you can, but the weight will not shift. We will do all we can to ensure your weight loss journey is as stress free as possible. We will guide you every step of the way, providing you all the support and attention you need. Whether you want to lose 2 kilograms or 10kg our approach to fat loss and nutritional information help you to achieve much more than just weight loss. Our aim is to help you shape a healthy lifestyle long term, supplying you will all the tools for long term success.


Reach Your True Training Potential


For many people, going to the gym can be a daunting experience. The team at Square Mile Fitness not only deliver world class personal training, we care about making the journey fun and enjoyable. The highly professional 1-2-1 service, and close attention you receive from our fat loss coaches is invaluable. Our team of personal trainers will give motivation and confidence to achieve results* you never thought imaginable.








The Guide To Transform your mind and Body


Each transformation is different, you will be treated as an individual and we will find the best methods to help you achieve your goals. Start your Transformational Journey today and you will be surprised at how much you can positively.


If you would like to book in a complementary consultation with one of our London based  personal trainer to discuss your weight loss goals, please get in touch.


What’s the cost? Contact us for pricing

* Disclaimer: Results may vary and are dependent on individual circumstances. Time taken to achieve results can not be guaranteed

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