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Choosing a Personal Trainer is a a big decision. So is choosing the personal training gym, where your personal training will take place. It’s a fact that working out in a well kitted out personal training gym will help you achieve even better results.

Square Mile Fitness is a network of best-in-class Personal Trainers. We offer a wide range of services such as: personal training, body transformation, boxing and sport specific training.


City of London


We have set new standards for Personal training in London, with our private atmospheric facility you will have access to some of the most experienced and highly qualified personal trainers in London. Whether you want to lose weight, drop some body fat or gain muscle, training with Square Mile Fitness is an unparalleled experience.


We cater to all levels of fitness and experience; everyone Is made to feel welcome at Square Mile Fitness.

City Athletic which is great for clients wishing to train in the City of London – Bank, Liverpool Street, Moorgate, St Pauls, Cannon Street stations are within easy walking distance



City Athletic (@sweatshop), 6 Trump Street, London, EC2V 8AF

Services offered in City of London:

  • Fat loss body transformationWorking out at one of our London personal training locations

  • Muscle building body transformation

  • Boxing

  • Personal Training

  • Body sculpting

  • Fat loss bootcamp

  • Corporate training

Why Choose us?

At Square Mile Fitness our London based personal trainers understand how unique each if our clients are. We won’t compare you to others, we go at the pace that is right for you, giving you all of the support, education and motivation needed to reach your goal. Your body can do so much with the right mindset and the expertise of our trainers.


The Gym Way which is located in the heart of the West End – Marble Arch and is served by Marble Arch, Bond Street and Oxford Circus stations.



The Gym Way, 21 Bryanston Street, London, W1H 7AB

Services offered in City of London:

Fat loss body transformation -

Muscle building body transformation -

Boxing -

Personal Training -

Body sculpting -

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Build Your Confidence And Achieve A Lasting Transformation

We do this through either online personal training or in-gym City Of London personal training service . If you make an investment in yourself, we want to work with you in order to protect your investment.




Do I need a gym membership to train with you?

At our flagship City location a private members fee will be include in your personal training package. 


How long are the training sessions? 

All sessions will last 1 hour which will include a dynamic warm up before the sessions starts.



What are the costs involved in personal training? 

We know that getting started with a personal trainer can seem like a big commitment. Our goal is to protect your investment by delivering you the result you have always wanted. Each packaged will be tailored to each client and all cost discussed after a complimentary consultation. 


I have had an injury, Can I still work with a personal trainer? 

Our highly qualified personal trainers will be able to asses your injury history and create a suitable

plan for you. 

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