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London PT Prices

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

If you live in London, then it is likely that you have considered getting a personal trainer. Personal training prices in London vary, as do the benefits. Two people might have the same goal of losing weight and getting fitter, but one will get more benefit for their money by investing in more sessions per month.

We took a look at the different variations in Personal Training prices last year, but wanted to have a look into this in more detail, giving those in different areas in London an idea of where’s the cheapest place to get a PT in London, and those expensive places to avoid; so that you can make the best decision in terms of choosing the right PT for you.

Price per session was the most frequent method of pricing, so we investigated what the average price per session was, using data from both gyms and private Personal Trainers. We looked at the ‘basic’ level offered by the PTs, because this is usually what most people start with, as we know everyone’s needs differ and a good Personal Trainer will work with you to find the right plans for your needs.

How much do personal trainers cost in London?

We found the following:

  • Prices ranged from £45 per hour, to £100 per hour for the basis 1-2-1 sessions investigated. The average price for a personal trainer is £69.80 per hour session

  • North London had the cheapest average price per session for a personal trainer; £50 per session

  • The most expensive area of London for a personal trainer was Westminster, with an average price per session of £100

  • If you wish to train in a park, rather than a gym, the average price is £50 per hour session

  • If you specify particular areas, such as 'Shoreditch' or 'Oval' vs the region, you're more likely to pay more - this is usually because these are areas where there are lots of office workers vs cheaper trainers in more residential areas


Average Cost Per Session



West London & Fulham


City of London




London (Area Not Specified)




Southwark & City of London


South West London


East London


Parks and Gardens of London


North London


(data taken from prices from 40 personal trainers, with a session being quoted as an hour for one person 1-2-1 training. For areas not covered by the locations above, we were unable to get specific prices from personal trainers)

Does cost always matter when looking for a personal trainer?

What should you look for in a personal trainer? It’s a valid question. A personal trainer not only holds your physical health, but also your financial and time investments in their hands.

It’s worth considering the cost, how far you are willing to travel, and if you are looking to have training in person or remotely/online.

Why not get in touch to discuss your training needs - we’ll be able to give you more of an idea of what you’ll need and how to get the best value for money from your training sessions vs your budget.

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