How to Lose Body Fat and Why you Might be Struggling to do so

If you’re already exercising but struggling to lose body fat, you’re probably feeling frustrated. Not seeing results when you’re working so hard is a killer for motivation and can make giving up on your goals a tempting option. But don’t throw in the towel just yet – you’re probably only focusing on just one part of the fat loss puzzle.

Research shows that for most people, exercise alone is not enough to create substantial fat loss. So, to understand how to lose body fat long-term, it’s time to focus in on your diet, and check in with the type and intensity of exercise you’re doing.

In this blog and video, we explain how to get off the dieting rollercoaster once and for all and learn how to sustainably lower body fat percentage for long-term results.

The basics of body fat percentage and how to lower it

The first thing to understand about losing body fat is that you cannot target specific areas of your body, no matter how many quick-fix diet fads say you can.

The body burns fat based on overall fitness, not small muscle fatigue, so although it’s possible to build muscle in certain areas, doing the same with targeted fat loss (or ‘spot reduction’) is a myth.

Instead, overall body fat percentage can be lowered with a sustainable and consistent caloric deficit to force your body to use its fat stores for energy. When this is joined with an exercise plan that includes a mix of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training to build muscle and ramp up your metabolism, you’re onto a winner.

How lose body fat in 4 sustainable ways.

One of the main reasons for not losing fat if you’re already hitting the gym is probably that you’re eating too many calories.

No matter how much exercise you do, if you want to drop body fat in a healthy and sustainable way you’ll need to be in a caloric deficit – that means eating less calories than you burn each day – and yes, that includes the weekends.

Don’t worry though, with some planning and consistency, it doesn’t have to ruin all the fun…

1. Track your food