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Fresh Fitness Food and Square Mile Fitness

Updated: Apr 5

A Great Partnership for Fitness and Food

Enjoying your programme but still not getting results fast enough?

Well you are in luck because Fresh Fitness Food and Square Mile fitness have teamed up to bring you a truly complete service.

Fresh Fitness Food are committed to providing London with the highest quality, best tasting goal focused meal prep available. We deliver meals daily to workplaces and home addresses bespoke to our clients requirements, whether they are trying to build muscle or burn fat.

Our kitchen uses the freshest locally sourced produce to create delicious and nutritious meals that will be weighed out exactly to our client’s macro nutrient requirements for the day. This will ensure that you get closer to your fitness goals without the hassle of worrying about what to eat, when to eat it and how much you should be eating.

Our bespoke software will take some basic information about you and your training frequency and this will then give you a daily calorific burn. We will also follow specific instruction from yourself or from the expert team at Square Mile Fitness to make any tweaks that you desire. With this information we can then reliably estimate how much you should be eating and send you meals that are not only varied and bursting with flavour but functional and goal focussed.

Our service does not stop there. We also have an incredible nutrition team to answer any questions you might have and make any changes to your food that you might need. You will be in constant contact to track progress and keep in the loop. There is also the option to share your account details with your trainer, giving them total control over your food and letting you focus solely on your training.

Do not miss out on this opportunity. Talk to your trainer now and take your training to the next level. Meal prep no longer has to be time consuming and inconvenient.

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