Updated: Jun 21

What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is an assortment of varied strength and conditioning compound exercises performed in a high-density fashion. Crossfit is a varied training program aimed at improving the strength, endurance, power and speed of trainees. Advocates of crossfit preach a hardcore attitude towards training and you will find that the top crossfit athletes are in great shape; from watching small clips of the Crossfit games I was very impressed by the physiques of both male and female athletes.


A well-administered and structured crossfit workout can be very beneficial to capable trainees; crossfit workouts tend to be filled with full body compound movements, which have numerous benefits for the capable individual.

The utilisation of low rest periods’ and the added element of competition can spice up any workout for the competitive trainee, Again, just as long as this is done in a safe way. The crossfit community seems to also keep an eye on their nutrition and as we know this is essential to gain optimal results, the Paloeo approach seems to be their favoured choice.

My opinion on crossfit

I believe any form of exercise that gets people moving more is a step in the right direct, however, the safety and specific clients needs must not be ignored.

When dealing with trainees it is very important to eliminate bad technique also to ensure that clients are balanced structurally to execute complex lifts. The selection of reps need to be specific to the lift, in most cases you will find that multiple attempts of complex lifts whilst in a fatigued state is asking for trouble especially when good technique is paramount. I believe that crossfit can have many benefits if you apply a few of these tips.