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Chest And Back Hypertrophy Workout

Updated: Apr 5

From training many male clients wanting to pack on slabs of muscle, building a chest has always been placed highly on the wish list.

But how is it done? Firstly let me make clear that there is not one single workout routine that works the best, as there are many that can have a positive effect on the body.

What Exercises Build Chest and Back?

Post exhaust workout routine

I have found great success with both myself plus clients utilizing a post exhaust workout routine. A post exhaust workout consists of applying an isolation movement directly after a compound exercise. During a post exhaust routine you will pair same muscle groups to perform supersets, the first being a taxing compound movement followed by a less demanding exercise. The idea of this training method is to further fatigue the same muscle groups, the accumulation of the damage is important to muscle building. I have also seen major improvement when using these techniques with online personal training clients

So here is a workout that will square your peck sand buff up your back.

Chest and Back Workout

Exercise Sets/ Reps Tempo Rest

A1 Incline Dumbbell Press 1×10, 8,6,6,15 3010 90

A1 1 Arm dumbbell Rows 1×10, 8,6,6,15 3010 90

B1 15 degree Dumbbell Press 4×8-10 3110 0

B2 Incline Bench Cable Fly 4×12-15 2010 120

C1 Lean away Lat pull-down 4×8-10 3011 0

Semi supinated grip

C2 Incline Cable Pullovers 4×12-15 2110 120

Additional Notes:

3010 means 3 second eccentric (on the way down) 0 the bottom part of the movement 1 in this case means as fast as possible but this is the concentric ( the way up) 0 the last number the finishing point of the movement

Keep Track of every session, meaning record the weights you lift keep your form as strict as possible AND STICK TO THE TEMPO

You will need a stopwatch every session STICK TO THE REST PERIODS not a second sooner or later! 90 rest means your hands are on the bar and ready to go at 85 seconds.

A1,A2- This means super set but check to see the rest time at the end of each exercise A’S are paired B’S and C’s etc.

Have fun with this and as always please get in touch with any question you may have. One of our personal trainers would love to help.

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