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12 Week Legs & Butt Makeover

Updated: Apr 5

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “what exercises do you do for your legs and butt?” And if I’m being honest that’s probably the first thing women look at on other women, or is that just me? Lol

With summer around the corner, shorts get shorter, dresses get tighter and there’s no way to hide them pins!! So we have created a great way to show them off with this effective lower Body Sculpting program. Whether your looking for fat lose, muscle building or just sculpting what your mumma gave you, this program has it all.

Top personal trainer, Tirrel Grant and I, have put together, in our opinion and own experiences with clients, the BEST legs and bum exercises that even J-Lo would be jealous of. And the best part of it all is it’s all yours for FREE!!! All you have to do is follow the 12week program and see the results!

So what are you waiting for? Oh yea, for me to stop talking right lol so here it is! Who’s ready to transform their lower body into a masterpieces??

What It Involves

This is phase 1 (a 4 week program) you need to start with a weight that the last 2 reps as very hard towards the end of sets, I would like you to try to increase the weights on big compound lifts weekly.

Keep Track of every session, meaning record the weights you lift keep your form as strict as possible AND STICK TO THE TEMPO

You will need a stopwatch every session STICK TO THE REST PERIODS not a second sooner or later! 45 rest means your hands are on the bar and ready to go at 43 seconds.

A1,A2- This means super set but check to see the rest time at the end of each exercise A’S are paired B’S and C’s Ect…..

DB means Dumbbell and BB means barbell

Give this your best shot and you will get great results!

Rules and additional Notes

  • 40×0 means 4 second eccentric (on the way down) 0 the bottom part of the movement x in this case means as fast as possible but this is the concentric ( the way up) in parts of the prog you may see a (2) which means 2 sec up 0 the last number the finishing point of the movement

For optimal results your nutrition is very important. contact us for a nutritional consultation or to further discuss this program or your own training.

Elena Gad Personal Trainer – Square Mile Fitness

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