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Tabata training is a fantastic way to burn fat when done correctly, Tabata training can also be considered a form of HIIT, and training in this fashion be it at home or in the gym it has numerous benefits. Tabata training is not a new form of exercise, it has been around for a very long time and can be used assist in fat loss, full body conditioning and general fitness. Here is what you need to know for a Tabata fat loss workout at home



Tabata training at home can highly effective as the workouts can be done with minimal amounts of space and equipment. At Square Mile Fitness we are huge advocates of high intensity interval training and often get our clients to train in this way at some point of their fat loss program. Our highly skilled personal training team in London are renowned for their results and bespoke programming. We have decided to put our heads together and spread some valuable knowledge on how you can do an effective fat loss Tabata workout at home.

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One of the benefits of Tabata training at home is that this style of training is very time effective and you don’t need much space or equipment to get a great workout.



Tabata training can be a great for helping you lose unwanted fat alongside a diet that is geared towards fat loss.


Training at high intensities is great for calories expenditure which in turn with the right nutrition will help you to lose weight and burn fat.


The majority of Tabata workouts especially those done at home are aimed at fat loss, with 10 minute bodyweight Tabata workouts you will not build lots of muscle. For a fitness beginner initially you may see some muscle gain but for continued success you will need to progress to longer workouts and find ways to progressively overload the body, this is normally done with weights and we have a great muscle building Tabata circuit to share with you .

Tabata training is very effective for increasing your heart rate and burning calories in a short period of time. The beauty of Tabata training is that you kill two birds with one stone, you’re effectively doing bodyweight resistance and cardio all at the same time. Your heart and lungs will benefit from HIIT style sessions, you will burn calories post exercise and improve you muscle conditioning. Tabata training at home or in the gym should be challenging but above all you should enjoy it. A sign of a great Tabata workout is one that leaves you feeling better at the end of the workout than you did at the beginning.





Tabata training is great for those individuals what don’t have massive amounts of time to workout but want to push themselves in short bursts and have a high intensity workout.


Tabata training is a high intensity session where you are required to complete a given exercise for a time period, this can also be a series of different exercises. Typically, Tabata training is known as being a form of interval training as you alternate high intensity bouts of exercise with periods of rest.

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