Body Transformation and Maintenance

Body Transformation and Maintenance Package 

Your body becomes used to its condition over time and will fight to retain this state. Imagine you’ve given everything for 6/9/12 weeks; you’ve made an investment in yourself and it has paid off – you’re looking good.

So you back off from training – perhaps alcohol creeps back in, and cheat weekends make an appearance. You’re still training, but not with the same intensity. What happens? Your body reverts to a point between where you started out and where you ended up.

You lose your gains.

The Transform and Maintain package is designed to help the changes that you’ve made become the new normal; to use the body’s desire to maintain a condition (homeostasis) to your advantage (in the future).

We put you through the transformation of your choice – 6/9/12 weeks and then we transition you onto an online personal training programme for 3 months (or gym-based personal training, if you prefer). The benefits of doing so are that your transformation WILL last longer and your transformation personal trainer will continue to be your online personal trainer so they know what does and doesn’t work for you.


What’s included in Transform and Maintain Packages?
• Your chosen body transformation package
• 6 months of online personal training


What’s the cost?
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AP Photoshoot

AP showing off his results at a photoshoot.           Results may vary from person to person.