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Andreea Tina Director at Probodystyling
and Tirrel Grant Train for fat loss at the Gym Way London Marble Arch




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Photo-shoot Ready In 10 weeks

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The beginning of week 6 of 10 and everything is going pretty much to plan apart from a very painful physio session I had after my leg workout. My visit to the physio was not for any major reason but for my usual release of my tight hip flexors and TFL muscles.

This week I will be upping the cardio to 3 interval sessions per week all of which will be between 20-25 mins max. My diet was altered slightly 2 weeks ago and I feel full of energy, I will make a few changes in about 2 weeks time but for now all is well so why change something that is working.

Over the next few days I will be in contact with a few photographer to arrange some fitness shoots to showcase my hard work, fun times ahead.


For more information on my diet plus training please get in touch.

How To Get Motivated For Your Workout

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How to get motivated for your workout

Below we have come up with a few tips you can apply and adapt to get that best from your workouts. From Structure to Focus to Goal setting.

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