Keeping Fit On Business Travels


learn how to keep fit when traveling with work

learn how to keep fit when traveling with work



Fitness Business Travel


The Fitness Business, now many of you may think that while travelling with work your health regime should stay at home. Well those days are now over, with the right planning plus a little thinking outside of the box, being unhealthy during business travel can be a thing of the past.

Working in The City Of London as a personal trainer I have many clients that travel frequently for business matters, some may stem longer than two weeks at a time, so I have a wealth of experience in overcoming this particular scenario.


Here I have devised a few things you can easily do to help keep you on track with your fitness goals.



Try to have a protein and fat based breakfast; this will get you energized for the day ahead. A protein based breakfast will slowly raise blood sugar levels, this in turn will help you avoid making bad food choices when breakfast is usually missed.

Here are a few of my favorites

  • Omelette
  • Greek Yoghurt
  • Smoked Salmon and Avocado
  • Whey Protein shake with a handful of nuts


All of the above can be easily prepared by you or by the staff hotel.



Steer clear of the goodies section, not buying the crap is half the battle won, instead opt for a less calorific option like unsalted nuts. if that is not enough sit down to a low carb high protein meal to keep you ticking over.



Meeting can tend to drag on a bit so remember to keep well hydrated, throughout your day aim for 1.5-2.5 L OF water. Now on to the dreaded sandwiches, just don’t eat them! Do away with the bread and eat the filling, people may look at you funny but believe me its worth it.



There is always time for a quick workout to burn through some calories, Aim to use the hotel gym or do a workout in your hotel room. Below I have created two workouts you can easily do with minimal equipment in your hotel room or at the gym. Book session into your diary just as you would a meeting, make them a priority, you’ll be surprised at how many more session you get under the belt.


Fitness business Room Workout


Exercise                       Sets/Reps             Rest


A1 Split Squat          3×10-12                     0

A2 Bench Dips          3×10-12                   60

B1 jump squats        3×10-12                     0

B2 Reverse Crunches   3×10-12             45

C1 Lunges                 3×8-10                      0

C2 Press ups          3×8-10                       40


D1 Glute Bridges           3×8-10                   0

D2 prone T with           3×8-10                   35

External rotation




Fitness business Hotel Gym Workout


Exercise                         Sets/ Reps       Rest


A1 DB squats                  5×15-20           0

A2 latpulldown              5×15-20           0

A3 Walking lunges        5×15-20           0

A4 Incline Chest press 5×15-20         120


Fitness business and Nights Out


If nights out can be avoided please do but if you need to socialize try to limit booze to a bare minimum. Boozing can easily turn into to a calorific extravaganza, so aim for just one glass and that not one glass every night, I’m talking the whole trip so choose wisely! At dinner you cant’ go wrong with meat alongside some veggies or a nice salad, job done!

oh and no dessert


I hope these tip help you sustain all your hard work thus far, happy travelling



For more help with fit travelling please do get in touch one of our expert personal trainers would love to help





Abs In a Month?




Is it really possible to see my abs in a month?



In this day and age we have grown accustomed to everything becoming faster plus more accessible. With fitness it seems the same trend has set in, we all want results yesterday!


But is it really possible to see your abs in 30 days? So you hit the gym for a whole week yet no results. You decided to really go for it on week two but in your head you’re already defeated.

Why is this so hard, am I expecting more than what my genetics and physiology will allow?


Immediately results are always expected; a smaller waist, bigger biceps; squared pecks and chiseled abs are always high on the fitness wish list.


If you’re running thin on patients or if you feel this fitness malarkey isn’t for you, rest assured there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Getting on Track

You could lose a lot more fat than you would think possible if you actually knew how much you are over eating. I have seen many clients achieve rapid results just by keeping a food diary then bringing the calories down to optimal then creating a deflect in calories. Research shows that the majority of us consume more than 50% of our calories from carbohydrate; this approach is not for everyone. Your diet should be adapted upon body type, body composition plus activity level.

A good head start on beating this carb extravaganza is to aim to consume some protein at every meal and to load up on the veggies. Get creative with your food, balanced meals alongside controlled portions will turn you into a fat burning furnace whilst improving your body composition! Think outside of the cereal box

How many Crunches should I do?

My answer to that question is; not that many. Some of the best ways of seeing your abs in a short space of time do not involve doing any crunches at all! If you would like to burn tones of fat, use a mixture of multi-joint compound exercises alongside cardio. Training with the most bang for your buck exercise will result in more calories burned leading to fat loss. If you’re pressed for time train in a circuit fashion this way you can kill two birds with on stone and get ripped without any crunches!

An example of this style of training is below; remember you do not need to use all your tools at once.


Exercise                    Tempo     Sets/ Reps             Rest

A1 Split Squat           3010           5×10-12               30 seconds

A2 Lat Pulldown       3011           5×10-12                30 seconds

A3 Leg Curls             4010           5×8-10                 60 seconds



Can I see my Abs Yet?

It is important to keep track of your progress but I encourage clients to do this with the mirror rather than the scales; remember we want fat loss not just weight loss. If I was to tell you your going to lose 1-2lbs per week but by the end of the month you’d have shaved inches off your waistline would you take that? I’m sure most people would.


Another reason to focus on fat loss, over weight loss is, the lower your body fat the bigger and more defined your muscles will look…. Result!


So how do you see your abs in 30 day?


Priorities training

Be accountable for what you eat

Don’t over complicate things

Take Ownership

Focus on what you do want to happen and less of what you don’t


Be Consistency

Train hard, then train harder, and you’ll see your abs in 30 days.


if you too would like to see your abs, please get in touch, one of our personal trainers would love to help.

Back And Shoulder Workout

Back And shoulder Workout


Doing back and shoulders at all this week? Try some of the exercises we do in this video! One more thing, Tirrel Grant is always saying how important it is to increase the intensity of your workouts! So don’t slack!

clink below


if you would like to take your physique to a all new high, please get in touch, one of or personal trainers would love to help.


FullSizeRender Crossfit




What is Crossfit?

Crossfit is an assortment of varied strength and conditioning compound exercises performed in a high-density fashion. Crossfit is a varied training program aimed at improving the strength, endurance, power and speed of trainees. Advocates of crossfit preach a hardcore attitude towards training and you will find that the top crossfit athletes are in great shape; from watching small clips of the Crossfit games I was very impressed by the physiques of both male and female athletes.


A well-administered and structured crossfit workout can be very beneficial to capable trainees; crossfit workouts tend to be filled with full body compound movements, which have numerous benefits for the capable individual.

The utilization of low rest periods’ and the added element of competition can spice up any workout for the competitive trainee, Again, just as long as this is done in a safe way. The crossfit community seems to also keep an eye on their nutrition and as we know this is essential to gain optimal results, the Paloeo approach seems to be their favored choice.


My opinion on crossfit

I believe any form of exercise that gets people moving more is a step in the right direct, however, the safety and specific clients needs must not be ignored.

When dealing with trainees it is very important to eliminate bad technique also to ensure that clients are balanced structurally to execute complex lifts. The selection of reps need to be specific to the lift, in most cases you will find that multiple attempts of complex lifts whilst in a fatigued state is asking for trouble especially when good technique is paramount. I believe that crossfit can have many benefits if you apply a few of these tips.


  • Hire a good coach with Olympic lifting qualifications
  •  Ensure your training program is individualized
  •  Make the reps specific to the lift
  •  Put the more complex lifts at the beginning of your workout
  •  Let the weight dictate the reps
  •  Always have technique in mind
  •  Work hard but have fun


If you would like to be guided on How to apply crossfit into your training program please get in touch. One of our strength and conditioning coaches would love to assist you towards your health and fitness goals.





The 12 Week Beach Body Plan Final Phase

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 13.25.40



The 12-week beach body plan Final Phase


Here we go, the third and final phase of training to uncover that six-pack that has been hiding for so long! After completing phase 1 and 2 you may be thinking the workouts cannot possibly get any harder? Well I’m afraid they do, these set of workouts may look pretty simple on paper but with the correct execution you’ll be horribly surprised.

The goal of this program is to produce as much lactic acid as possible, the more lactic acid you produce, the more GH you will produce, the more GH you produce, the greater the fat burning potential. A great way to quickly increase lactic acid production is with the best bang for your buck compound exercise with short rest periods.

Below is a sample of a fully body circuit workout that could be included in the final phase of the 12 week beach body plan, I myself have completed a workout pretty similar and believe you me it was not pretty! For this program to work it is very important to stick to the prescribed rest periods, reps plus sets.

The reps in this program are at the lower end of the hypertrophy spectrum, as we still want to hold onto as much lean muscle mass as possible. A common mistake many people make whilst attempting to get lean is the bring the reps up too high sacrificing hard earned muscle

It is pretty common to feel a little nauseous during this training program, but as long as you select the correct weights you’ll be fine, all you need to do is man up and get on with it 🙂


Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 14.01.40



Book in a personal training session with one of our trainers and take your physique to the next level.

As always is you have any questions please do get in touch.

How Fast Or How Slow?



IMG_0257 med




3-0-1-0 is a Tempo 


Understanding tempo:



– second eccentric (on the way down) the lowering portion of the movement
0 – at the bottom part of the movement
1 – this is the concentric part of the movement (the way up) in parts of my programs you may see a (2) which means 2 seconds up
0 – the last number the finishing point of the movement


The benefits


Manipulating the tempo whilst training is a great tool to help achieve gains in strength, muscle growth also performance. When selecting a tempo for any given lift it needs to be specific to the movement. What I mean by this is that if you are doing a power clean you would not use a slow concentric as it goes against the aim of the exercise (power and speed)

If you have a strength goal like improving your squat or bench press for example lifting with a slower eccentric has been shown to improve strength, a slower concentric will recruit higher threshold motor units plus activate type II fibers.

Training tempos can be applied to anyone no matter their training experience, using lighter weights with a slower tempo can be very beneficial to beginners as they can focus on the movement and technique for the given exercise.

Can Tempo training help you reduce body fat? Of course! Training with a slow tempos’ alongside lowered or incomplete recover is a great way to bring about metabolic adaptations. During this style of training you will “feel the burn” and yes it is very taxing! But its all for a good cause and lead to an increase in growth hormone which is known to assist in the fat burning process.

Try adding a tempo prescription into your program and see how it helps you towards better performance and overall results.

If you are still unsure on tempo or how to program beneficial prescriptions into your plan, then book a consultation with one of our brilliant personal trainers from a location in London.


Time Saving Fat Loss Workout For Women

IMG_5981 Claudia




Time saving Fat Loss workout for women


In our busy modern day society where women are just as powerful as men in the workplace, juggling work, home life plus socialising things can quickly become overwhelming. The problem with doing everything to the best of your ability is that usually it takes up a lot of time and the thought of adding the gym into the equation may seem impossible. So for all you multitasking women who still want to look good in a pair of jeans or without them; I’m not being rude you may want to look good in a dress 🙂  This is the workout program for you.

When time is the limiting factor you should aim for the most bang for your buck exercises to make sure you make the most of your time spent in the gym. Supersets and circuit-based training (Pairing of exercises) are also a brilliant way to add intensity to your workouts but they will also allow for more work to be carried out in a limited time.


Here is a of a full body time saving fat loss workout

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 16.48.41



If you are one of the many superwomen out there that need a little help structuring a training regime. Or if you do enough thinking at work and would like one of our top class personal trainers to guide you, please get in contact.