He Has Even Managed To Fix An Ongoing Back Problem I’ve Had For Years

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Tirrel is a FANTASTIC trainer! He’s very knowledgeable and professional. What further sets him apart is that he’s extremely personable and gets the best out of me while keeping the sessions fun and enjoyable. He has even managed to fix an ongoing back problem I’ve had for years. You WILL get GREAT results with Tirrel, I can’t recommend him highly enough!.
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Fat Loss & Muscle Building Training Tips


We have put together a few tips to help you get the most out of your gym sessions, these tips can be tweaked to help burn fat or pack on some muscle.



A major component of a diet plan includes adequate water intake throughout the day. Water, a key component for detoxifying the body and assisting with the metabolising of the foods eaten, should never be neglected, especially during humid conditions. When training, water is valuable in that it hydrates the muscles, keeping them strong and full, while ensuring nutrients flow freely throughout the body to promote growth. Water also has a major positive effect on fat burning and will encourage feelings of fullness, which will discourage the tendency to eat junk food.


Eat At Least 2 Hours Before Training

Eating in the hours before training is one of the keys to a great workout. Without sufficient nutrients, most notably carbohydrates, energy levels for training will not be optimal. I have personally found that eating one hour before training will provide more energy than eating two hours out. Try both approaches to find what works best for you. This diet plan is structured in such a way to ensure that you benefit from a pre-workout meal.



Eat Post-Workout

Like pre-workout nutrition, post workout feedings are similarly important. Unlike the pre-workout meal, where energy production is the intended outcome, post workout nutrition will ensure that energy is replaced and protein is supplied to the muscles when they are most receptive to its positive effects. Many training experts go as far as to say that the post-workout meal is the second most important feeding of the day, after breakfast.After intense training the muscles are typically depleted of carbohydrates, leaving a 30 to 45 minute gap for replenishment. Protein is also rapidly taken into the muscles at this time.


Never Neglect Breakfast

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day has become somewhat of a cliché, for good reason: it is a critical time to supply the body with the nutrients it hungers for after what is essentially an eight to10 hour fast (hence the name breakfast; break-fast).


Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day.

After you wake up in the morning it is especially vital that breakfast is eaten; the size of this meal is large in comparison to subsequent meals for that day because it not only replaces carbohydrate that has been used during training and depleted during sleep, but will restore protein balance to assist fat loss and muscle recovery. Occasionally meals will be missed (this is inevitable for most people who live busy lives). Ensure that breakfast is not one of these.




Drink Tea & Coffee Without Sugar & Cream

If you drink tea or coffee, it is best do so without all the extra calories added sugar and cream provide (a small amount of milk should do no harm). It is surprising how many people have the perfect diet but compensate for the lack of simple sugars in this plan by consuming eight to10 teaspoons of sugar during their daily coffee breaks. Doing this can add an additional 160 calories per day of the worst type of nutrient



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How To Get Fit For Summer

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Summer training starts now, not 4 weeks before your beach holiday.

If you want to enjoy the process of getting in shape whilst doing it in a non extreme way (yoyo dieting) you need to devote all your efforts in formulating a plan from now. Allowing yourself enough time to shape up for the summer months will allow you to have the odd slip up along the way and it not to be too detrimental, but if on the other hand you’ve only allowed yourself 4 weeks this can be a problem for many of us.


The Goal

Many people fall short when setting out on achieving a fitness related goal because of a few variables, specificity, time, intensity plus a few more.

The goal is to understand your goal and the various ways to conquer it. If you’re new into fitness then why not hire an experienced personal trainer to help you along your way. Ensure your training plan has structure, far too often I see individuals walking around the gym aimlessly, if you are struggling for motivation or know how just ask. When it comes to your actual workout plan choose exercises that are specific to your goal, if fat loss or a body transformation is the aim then place compound moves ahead of isolation exercises like bicep curls.

The Plan

Try keeping training long, training long is a perfect motivational tool as you can keep track of how your weights have increased or your speed during interval training. Now we all love the idea of getting summer fit so as well as a workout plan make sure you plan to attend the gym and show up! Prioritize your workouts, set reminders and events in your diary; make them as important as your work meetings or events.

The Workout

Now along with the tips above we have created a lower body workout that will help you get In amazing shape for the summer.


Lower body workout



Exercise                                Sets/Reps                   Tempo             Rest

A1 BFE Split Squat                   4×8-10                         3010                   30

A2 Trapbar deadlift                  4×8-10                         3011                   90


B1 Drop Lunges                           3×8-10                         2010                   10

B2 Incline Leg press                  3×15-20                      3010                   90


C1 Farmers walks                      3x30m                           xoxo                     0

C2 Reverse sled Pulls                3x30m                          xoxo                 120


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I Started To Notice Improvements In The First Few Weeks

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“He was really motivating and kept me focussed even when work and life was hectic”

“Tirrel has completely changed how I exercise. I used to run regularly but I wanted to get more toned and I was struggling to make the changes on my own. Tirrel was brilliant at varying the exercises and keeping the sessions interesting. I started to notice improvements in the first few weeks. He was really motivating and kept me focussed even when work and life was hectic. Tirrel gave me the confidence to use weights at the gym and keep on trying new exercises. I would 100% recommend personal training Tirrel to anyone who has got stuck in the same exercise routine and wants to see real improvements.”




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Quick, Tasty, Healthy Snacks For January


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It’s January which means detox season! After a good couple of weeks indulging in some crazy food, many are looking for healthier options to kick start their year. Personally, I’m not a fan of “diets”. They are restricting and often don’t last very long. But being healthy does NOT need to be restrictive at all!

I’ve put together a list of my 4 favourite recipe videos so you can enjoy great tasting food without any guilt!

1. Avocado 2 ways:


One of the BEST fruits and definitely a kitchen staple for me. It is such a diverse ingredient in both savoury and sweet dishes.

Chocolate mousse ingredients:

– 1 avocado
– 1 ripe banana

– ½ cup cacao powder

– ¼ cup nut milk (or water)

– Nuts, seeds, raisins etc. for topping (get creative!)


Guacamole ingredients:

personal trainer fit Recipe

– 1 avocado

– 1 onion

– 1 tomato

– Lemon or lime

– Salt and pepper (to taste)


  1. Banana “nice” cream



    personal training Recipe

  2. One-ingredient ice cream; the MOST guilt-free dessert ever


– frozen bananas
That’s it …


  1. Raw brownie bites


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  2. Everyone loves brownies! And because of the clean ingredients in these ones, they can be enjoyed as a breakfast, snack or dessert.


– 1 cup of medjool dates
– Coconut sugar
– Cacao powder
– Almonds
– Mulberries


  1. Winter detox salad


    fat loss personal trainer

  2. I am not a salad girl at ALL but this is a recipe for a salad that actually tastes pretty amazing


– Kale
– Balsamic vinegar
– Lemon
– Honey
– Himalayan pink salt
– Cucumber
– Apple
– Walnuts
– Cashews
– Sunflower seeds (optional)
Following a whole foods, plant-based diet is naturally more nutrient dense than other diets and has SO many benefits:

– Keeps you fuller for longer
– Naturally low in cholesterol
– Can prevent and reverse heart disease, diabetes and cancer
– Cures eczema, acne and other skin issues
And the list truly does go on. For more information, read “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell

Wishing you all the health, wealth, love and happiness for 2017 and beyond!

Love Jez xo

Link to “Face Mapping” e-book for healthy skin from the inside out: www.HipsterVeggie.com/e-books

For more recipe ideas, hit up www.YouTube.com/HipsterVeggie


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