Jazz Up Your Cardio Training




Jazz Up Your Cardio Training




I have the pleasure of working one of the best gyms in the City Of London, a setup with comprises of 4 businesses, City Athletic, The Sweat Shop, The Altitude Centre and Perfect Balance.

You will not find all of this under one roof anywhere else in The City of London so I consider myself very lucky and grateful to be able to work with all these amazing people.

For the past 30 or so months I have been doing the majority of my training in The Altitude Center and we now have this sort of love hate relationship!

“Why “ you ask, well purely because the sessions have been so hard yet rewarding t the same time.


So, What is Altitude Training and how will it benefit you?

The Room is set to 15% O2 (2708m), sea level being 20.9%. The reason it is set at this height is because this is the perfect balance between getting the benefits from the hypoxic air as well and being able to function and perform to your near maximum. Any higher and athletes would seriously struggle to hit target times, recover and to perform at high intensities.


Hypoxic air:

Training at Altitude is intended to provide a stimulus for the adaptation of an individual’s cardiovascular system by means of breathing reduced oxygen. The benefits of training with reduced oxygen intake will induce mechanisms of compensation. The goal of Altitude Training is to achieve higher physical performance and wellbeing through improved oxygen metabolism.

The main benefit that many individuals are looking for is the increase in red blood cells to increase oxygen delivery to the working muscles.

Training at higher Altitudes can help increase your work capacity, so you will be able to get more out of your training session. This is due to extra oxygen being delivered to your working muscle (your body being used to working with little oxygen, it now thrives at sea level), thus promoting quicker recoveries between reps, sets, intervals, and exercises


Here is one of the Interval sessions I got put through last week, which was very hard!


3 x 2 minutes (1 minute recovery) @ 1/2/4 %


2-minute recovery


4 x 90 seconds (45 seconds recovery) @ 1/2/4/6 %


2.5-minute recovery


5 x 1 minute (30 seconds recovery) @ 1/2/4/6/8 %



If you would like to take your Training to greater heights please get in touch and one of our Personal Trainers In The City Of London would be delighted to help.



Results As Much Fun As It Was Hard Work




Being new to training and wanting to follow a focussed and yet enjoyable regime to get me off the ground, Tirrel was definitely the right man for the job. From the outset, Tirrel was attentive to my objectives and gave me confidence that he had the expertise I was looking for and could deliver results (so long as I put in the required effort and commitment). From start to end of the 3 month programme, Tirrel was supportive and responsive in and out of the gym. Tirrel’s programme was personalised, structured and dynamic, allowing me to build up from a rather low base to a point where I felt confident enough to progress without the need for constant support.




Results don’t come over night and I learned to be realistic with my expectations, but I was definitely happy with the end results and training with Tirrel was as much fun as it was hard work. Definitely to be recommended!



If you would like to get results please get in touch

Mind and Body Personal Training


IMG_7552 AP on Set

I started to love training again, I started to sleep again, I started going out again & not binging in restaurants


Like many people, I’d made a couple of fitness based resolutions at the start of the year & in particular I wanted to diet down & potentially do a photo shoot. However, after two months, things weren’t going well & to be honest I was falling apart – let me give you a few examples;

– I was binge eating in an out of control fashion (I would eat 1.5kg of Alpen in a couple of hours)

– I couldn’t sleep through the night. I woke up every hour without fail & ended up working at 2am because I couldn’t get back to sleep.

– I stopped going out – I wanted to reach my goal & I thought the only way to do it was to focus harder and harder.


-At the start of March, I didn’t sleep for 2/3 days – I needed help and this is when I reached out to Tirrel. He made time for me the next day. He listened to everything I’d done, asked questions, understood what I wanted to agreed to help me get there. It was such a relief to get all of this off my chest, he understood & his listening made me feel like I could try again to hit this goal & I could do it! He even bought the green tea that day.


In terms of what we did, we took initial measurements weight, body measurements, photos & measured body fat with callipers to assess where I was as well as to track progress over time. With my stress & concerns around food so high, Tirrel suggested Fresh Fitness Food (food prep company in London) as one way help me bring this down. So with FFF providing my food, Tirrel guiding them on my macros based on my progress in the gym (we trained 3 times a week), I started to enjoy training again.


Over the next 15 weeks, I achieved a lot with Tirrel. I started to love training again, I started to sleep again, I started going out again & not binging in restaurants, I even went on a 10 day work trip and stayed on macros/training regime throughout despite all the challenges being away on business can bring. In the end I did my photo shoot and the photos are great, but the main thing was my approach to life/fitness has completely changed. I go out more, apply moderation when necessary, love training and all with a lean physique.


I’ll never be able to thank Tirrel enough for what he did – but if you’re trying to achieve a goal similar to mine, I’d recommend Tirrel as the guy to get you there every time.


If you too would like to train your body and mind with personal training please get in touch, one of our personal trainers would love to help.


Results Do Matter




Results do matter

Personal Training at our City Of London Location


Here at Square Mile Fitness we pride ourselves on delivering results because results do matter! Our client here had a goal and we knew he would be able to achieve amazing results with patience, hard work, determination and the correct Personal Training.


Well done!


If you to would like to work towards achieving tour own personal goals please get in touch.

High Intensity Interval Training




Now I am sure you’ve heard the terms HIIT or interval training thrown around especially in these summer months, but what is HIIT training?

High intensity interval training is or can be rather, a cardiovascular-based training style, which involves periods of lower and higher bouts of effort.

So if we were to take running as an example you would (high intensity interval training) have periods of time where you would be working hard then you would also have a set recovery time. During the high intensity portion of this workout also know as the sprint portion, you are required to exert near maximal efforts for a short amount of time to gain the most out of this style of training. The benefits of the sprint part of this workout could be aimed to improve your speed and power. The great thing about intervals is that they can be tailored and individualized depending on your goals plus fitness levels. For an individual wanting to improve their endurance they would use longer “sprint” periods, one way you could do this is by using a 1:1 ratio where the work time and rest times are the same, you could also use lower rest periods and higher work times.

Take it outside: why not go to your local park or running track and try interval training (HIIT) for distance or time, this is a great ways to jazz things up and you will definitely feel the burn!


More benefits of HIIT


General Health – studies have show that cardiovascular can lower the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and metabolic syndromes.


Time efficiency – Its short s and very effective is one of the numerous benefits to HIIT training. High intensity interval training can last anything from 6-25 minutes; now who wouldn’t commit to 10 minutes a day 3x times per week to look and feel much better?

Feel good- when I mentioned, “feel good” I really did mean that. When you exercise the body releases endorphins, now these bad boy are know as the happy hormones. Have you ever heard someone say, “that workout was tough, but man I felt great after”? Endorphins will lift your mood; self esteem, energize you and as result leave you feeling pretty damn good!

The metabolic effect- EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) you’re probably thinking “what on earth has that got to do with me”? so here Is what, the greater the EPOC post workout the greater the calories expenditure during the recovery window which can last up to 24 hours so you’ll be burning calories just sitting at your desk.

Now if you like the sound of Interval training (HIIT) but are not sure where to start; I have created beginners, intimidate and advanced workouts for you to try.



20 seconds work 90 seconds recovery x 6



30 seconds work 60 seconds recovery x8



30 seconds work 30 seconds recovery x10




For more information on HIIT (High intensity interval training ) and our other personal training services please get in contact.


Get Ripped With Yoga

IMG_7407 Sonia

Model – Sonia Yasmin Ali



Get Ripped With Yoga




Reducing stress in your life should be made a priority. Whether you have a goal of achieving a physique that is appealing to the eye, or if reaching your full training potential is more important, either way you need to minimize stress.

So what can we do so minimize our stress when there is so much going on at home, in the workplace and all around us…Yoga! Now before you totally dismiss the idea of this you’ll need a deeper understanding of how beneficial yoga can be for everybody.


What is yoga?

The word Yoga came about from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means to unite or to integrate.

Yoga is much more than standing or sitting in weird positions, it is more than a group of people gathering together to breath deeply and hum. Yoga is all about harmonizing the body and mind, peace of mind leads to happiness and who doesn’t want to be happy? The aim of yoga is to achieve mind but also body balance and the best way to do this is through exercise, breathing plus meditation. Sounds easy right? but have you ever tried to sit without thinking of anything, sitting but being aware, with the mind neither leaning forward nor backwards, not thinking of past neither the future, just being present.


The different types of Yoga


Although there are multiple forms of Yoga Each type of Yoga is aimed at achieving the same goal.


Hatha Yoga –Hatha yoga is easier to learn and is great for beginners

Ashtaga yoga – this type of yoga is much more demanding as it infuses various poses also breathing techniques.

Vinyasa Yoga – Vinyasa yoga is much more subtle, if you are recovering from an injury then this is for you.



 Improve your flexibility – improving your range of movement and flexibility will help with your everyday life. Tight muscle lead to dysfunction plus imbalances, attending to these will also improve your workouts in the gym.

Build muscle and strength – its all good working on the muscle you can see in the mirror or that impress the opposite sex, but it is just as important to build and strengthen postural muscles; with yoga you can do this.

Helps you focus – the majorities of us struggle to focus and fail to pay full attention on what is in front of us. Even with everyday conversations, is your mind fully engaged? Or are you thinking about what you’re going to do next, or how nice last nights dinner was. Participating in yoga will help you become more aware, awake and present.

Makes you happier – The cause of a lot of unhappiness can be self created through thought, creative thinking and giving energy to emotions that further our unhappiness. Through forms of meditation during yoga, meditation can help us take responsibility for our own state of mind and to change it for the better.

Relaxes your system – yoga teaches you to relax, by controlling your breathing and by shifting your mind to a present state. How do you feel right now? Not how “did” you feel when you couldn’t get a seat on the tube, how do you really feel right now?

Gives you peace of mind – a peaceful mind is a happy mind, stay in the now.

All forms of yoga have vast amounts of benefits, I would suggest attending a few classes of various forms of yoga and figure out which one suits you best.


Make feeling happy a priority, book a class into your diary now! Book a consultation with us and we can coach you towards a happier fitter life.







Time Saving Fat Loss Workout For Women

IMG_5981 Claudia




Time saving Fat Loss workout for women


In our busy modern day society where women are just as powerful as men in the workplace, juggling work, home life plus socialising things can quickly become overwhelming. The problem with doing everything to the best of your ability is that usually it takes up a lot of time and the thought of adding the gym into the equation may seem impossible. So for all you multitasking women who still want to look good in a pair of jeans or without them; I’m not being rude you may want to look good in a dress 🙂  This is the workout program for you.

When time is the limiting factor you should aim for the most bang for your buck exercises to make sure you make the most of your time spent in the gym. Supersets and circuit-based training (Pairing of exercises) are also a brilliant way to add intensity to your workouts but they will also allow for more work to be carried out in a limited time.


Here is a of a full body time saving fat loss workout

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 16.48.41



If you are one of the many superwomen out there that need a little help structuring a training regime. Or if you do enough thinking at work and would like one of our top class personal trainers to guide you, please get in contact.



I Am Extremely Pleased With My Results As Well As My Lifestyle Change

FullSizeRender Ramesh




Here is more from our client experience and results


“I have had a great 13 weeks with Tirrel thus far and have benifited greatly from his meticulous planning centred around strength training, variable movement, cardio and nutrition. I am extremely pleased with my results as well as my lifestyle change and knowledge increase. With Tirrel, he is a fine example of someone who is passionate in being at the top end and optimal best in his field of strength training, body sculpting, general fitness and nutrition and all aimed at clients on a personalised, bespoke basis.”


If you would like to make long term liveable lifestyle changes or if you want to learn how drop the fat and keep it off please get in touch.


The 12 Week Beach Body Plan Phase 2






The 12 Week Beach Body Plan Phase 2




After completing phase 1 of our beach body plan you should be feeling strong as an Ox and ready to attack Phase two. Now the goal in this plan is to add as much lean muscle as possible while maintaining the strength gains form our previous plan.

In this hypertrophy phase we are aiming to shift the focus from the neurological system and place more focus on the muscular system. We will increase the reps per exercise, we will add more exercises and reduces the rest periods with the intension of packing on some serious lean muscle.

In this muscle building routine you will see the utilisation of supersets, supersets are a great way to add more density to your workouts and allow more work to be completed in a set time frame. The use of supersets also promotes much greater muscle stimulus plus tension within a short space of time. When using supersets you can also train with shorter rest periods, training with shorter rest periods can also increase the release of growth hormone into the body. The greater the growth hormone output during training the higher the fat burning potential.


Here is a sample of what Phase 2 of our Beach plan may look like


Shoulders & Back

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 20.27.57


Biceps & Triceps

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 20.28.10



Again, for optimal results your nutrition is very important, why not book a online personal training package or pop in to see one of our top class Personal trainers for some 1 to 1 personal training.




Online Personal Training Female Client Result

IMG_5788 sqm





Online Personal Training Program



Would love to train with one of our results driven Personal trainers at Square Mile Fitness but live to far? Or is your schedule a little too hectic at the moment to ensure you attend your personal training sessions on time; we don’t panic because we have the solution – Our Proven online Personal training system.

When you join our online Personal training program you will have the guidance plus the correct tool to make a jaw dropping transformation.

Our world-class online personal training system delivers results for both men and women of any size and shape.


Are you ready to transform your physique?

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