Abs In a Month?




Is it really possible to see my abs in a month?



In this day and age we have grown accustomed to everything becoming faster plus more accessible. With fitness it seems the same trend has set in, we all want results yesterday!


But is it really possible to see your abs in 30 days? So you hit the gym for a whole week yet no results. You decided to really go for it on week two but in your head you’re already defeated.

Why is this so hard, am I expecting more than what my genetics and physiology will allow?


Immediately results are always expected; a smaller waist, bigger biceps; squared pecks and chiseled abs are always high on the fitness wish list.


If you’re running thin on patients or if you feel this fitness malarkey isn’t for you, rest assured there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Getting on Track

You could lose a lot more fat than you would think possible if you actually knew how much you are over eating. I have seen many clients achieve rapid results just by keeping a food diary then bringing the calories down to optimal then creating a deflect in calories. Research shows that the majority of us consume more than 50% of our calories from carbohydrate; this approach is not for everyone. Your diet should be adapted upon body type, body composition plus activity level.

A good head start on beating this carb extravaganza is to aim to consume some protein at every meal and to load up on the veggies. Get creative with your food, balanced meals alongside controlled portions will turn you into a fat burning furnace whilst improving your body composition! Think outside of the cereal box

How many Crunches should I do?

My answer to that question is; not that many. Some of the best ways of seeing your abs in a short space of time do not involve doing any crunches at all! If you would like to burn tones of fat, use a mixture of multi-joint compound exercises alongside cardio. Training with the most bang for your buck exercise will result in more calories burned leading to fat loss. If you’re pressed for time train in a circuit fashion this way you can kill two birds with on stone and get ripped without any crunches!

An example of this style of training is below; remember you do not need to use all your tools at once.


Exercise                    Tempo     Sets/ Reps             Rest

A1 Split Squat           3010           5×10-12               30 seconds

A2 Lat Pulldown       3011           5×10-12                30 seconds

A3 Leg Curls             4010           5×8-10                 60 seconds



Can I see my Abs Yet?

It is important to keep track of your progress but I encourage clients to do this with the mirror rather than the scales; remember we want fat loss not just weight loss. If I was to tell you your going to lose 1-2lbs per week but by the end of the month you’d have shaved inches off your waistline would you take that? I’m sure most people would.


Another reason to focus on fat loss, over weight loss is, the lower your body fat the bigger and more defined your muscles will look…. Result!


So how do you see your abs in 30 day?


Priorities training

Be accountable for what you eat

Don’t over complicate things

Take Ownership

Focus on what you do want to happen and less of what you don’t


Be Consistency

Train hard, then train harder, and you’ll see your abs in 30 days.


if you too would like to see your abs, please get in touch, one of our personal trainers would love to help.

Results With Personal Training No Matter The Goal



I have worked with Tirrel for coming up to 2 years now.

I worked with Tirrel as an online client and after the first year i decided it was time I let him put me through personal training sessions and ever since then I haven’t looked back. At the end of a program phase and training phase we book in a session to see my condition and evaluate areas where we need to improve.

Over time my goals have changed through different phases looking to either add size or cut for holidays or hold a lean condition and Tirrel has been excellent with he’s knowledge in helping me sustain this and reach these goals, which is why I continue personal training with him. I feel happy to put my trust in him, as I know he’s idea and methods are the right way for me to hit my goals.  As for my diet plans I am not the easiest to structure one for but Tirrel listens to what I like to eat and builds it around this, this also shows Tirrel takes the time to customize he’s work to each individual needs rather the generic plans.


Contact us today to get the best out of yourself from Personal Training

Transform Your Goals Into Results


“I cannot recommend Tirrel highly enough as a trainer and individual. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and clear in setting and explaining routines and their purpose, but what really sets him apart is the timeframe he is able transform your goals into results – far exceeding my expectations.”

“Tirrel is also very skilled at pushing you to your limits and then taking you beyond these in order to continue improving and working at levels you would not have thought you could have performed at. He has helped me achieve substantial lean gains in a short space of time with each session focused, intense and more importantly enjoyable!”


Nadeem, Investment Banker


If you would like to transform your goals into results please get in touch

Results Do Matter




Results do matter

Personal Training at our City Of London Location


Here at Square Mile Fitness we pride ourselves on delivering results because results do matter! Our client here had a goal and we knew he would be able to achieve amazing results with patience, hard work, determination and the correct Personal Training.


Well done!


If you to would like to work towards achieving tour own personal goals please get in touch.

Get Ripped With Yoga

IMG_7407 Sonia

Model – Sonia Yasmin Ali



Get Ripped With Yoga




Reducing stress in your life should be made a priority. Whether you have a goal of achieving a physique that is appealing to the eye, or if reaching your full training potential is more important, either way you need to minimize stress.

So what can we do so minimize our stress when there is so much going on at home, in the workplace and all around us…Yoga! Now before you totally dismiss the idea of this you’ll need a deeper understanding of how beneficial yoga can be for everybody.


What is yoga?

The word Yoga came about from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means to unite or to integrate.

Yoga is much more than standing or sitting in weird positions, it is more than a group of people gathering together to breath deeply and hum. Yoga is all about harmonizing the body and mind, peace of mind leads to happiness and who doesn’t want to be happy? The aim of yoga is to achieve mind but also body balance and the best way to do this is through exercise, breathing plus meditation. Sounds easy right? but have you ever tried to sit without thinking of anything, sitting but being aware, with the mind neither leaning forward nor backwards, not thinking of past neither the future, just being present.


The different types of Yoga


Although there are multiple forms of Yoga Each type of Yoga is aimed at achieving the same goal.


Hatha Yoga –Hatha yoga is easier to learn and is great for beginners

Ashtaga yoga – this type of yoga is much more demanding as it infuses various poses also breathing techniques.

Vinyasa Yoga – Vinyasa yoga is much more subtle, if you are recovering from an injury then this is for you.



 Improve your flexibility – improving your range of movement and flexibility will help with your everyday life. Tight muscle lead to dysfunction plus imbalances, attending to these will also improve your workouts in the gym.

Build muscle and strength – its all good working on the muscle you can see in the mirror or that impress the opposite sex, but it is just as important to build and strengthen postural muscles; with yoga you can do this.

Helps you focus – the majorities of us struggle to focus and fail to pay full attention on what is in front of us. Even with everyday conversations, is your mind fully engaged? Or are you thinking about what you’re going to do next, or how nice last nights dinner was. Participating in yoga will help you become more aware, awake and present.

Makes you happier – The cause of a lot of unhappiness can be self created through thought, creative thinking and giving energy to emotions that further our unhappiness. Through forms of meditation during yoga, meditation can help us take responsibility for our own state of mind and to change it for the better.

Relaxes your system – yoga teaches you to relax, by controlling your breathing and by shifting your mind to a present state. How do you feel right now? Not how “did” you feel when you couldn’t get a seat on the tube, how do you really feel right now?

Gives you peace of mind – a peaceful mind is a happy mind, stay in the now.

All forms of yoga have vast amounts of benefits, I would suggest attending a few classes of various forms of yoga and figure out which one suits you best.


Make feeling happy a priority, book a class into your diary now! Book a consultation with us and we can coach you towards a happier fitter life.







Photoshoot Bod


Photoshoot bod

To everyone that has been following my progress to get photo shoot ready in 10 weeks, above is the physique I managed to carve out. Now, you may look at this photo and think “but you was already in shape” this is where it boils down to perception, we all have different ideas of what looks good and we all have different goals.

Below I have listed and have answered a few questions that I have been asked throughout this process.

Why a photo shoot?

I booked a photo-shoot, as I like to see how well I can get my body to respond to different dieting strategies plus training protocols. I see myself as my own advertisement not purely on the way I look but also the decisions I make. I am a massive believer in practicing what I preach, so I show the discipline and focus my clients need to adopt within their own training, lifestyle also nutrition.Taking part in a photo-shoot was also done to document the progress that I have made over the previous month but also to see where I fell I want to improve. Having picture taken to monitor your progress is a great way to keep you firmly on track; this is a method I adopt with the majority of my clients. This system is highly affective because it can help take the focus off what the scale says and put more of a focus on how you look and feel.

What training program did you use?

Whether I have a photo shoot or not, my training intensity do not change, I train as hard as I can every time I train. During the 10 weeks I trained I went thorough 3 different training phases, strength, hypertrophy and a lactic acid program similar to the ones in the 12-week beach body plan. As for cardio, my weapon of choice was intervals; I started with 1 session per week then slowly increased that to 3 sessions in total per week. From past experience I know that short intense interval sessions work really well for me rather than slow steady state cardio, now I am not saying there is anything wrong with slow steady state cardio, but we cannot apply the one-cap fits all approach here as we are all different. The best advice I can give on training is to be consistent, leave the gym knowing you gave your all.

How did you diet?

Carb cycling was my method of choice; I would rotate between days of lower carb high fats, then days of higher carbs and lower fats. Carb cycling has many benefits, one of which being; a mixture of low and high carbs days allows you to replenish glycogen and assist in reserving as much muscle as possible during the dieting process. I gave myself a cheat meal every week, but this does require discipline and for many can easily turn into a day of binge eating. The diet for me was pretty easy as it wasn’t much different to the way I eat all year, apart form the volume at some stages and having a flexible approach to my diet I could still enjoy my weekends J

What next?

This is 1 of many shoots I have planned this year and for each I plan to look a little different. Remember your goals are specific to you, so do it for yourself, make it a part of your lifestyle, care less about what other people think and more on the things that matter to you.

If you would like to look and feel better please get in contact.

The 12 Week Beach Body Plan Final Phase

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 13.25.40



The 12-week beach body plan Final Phase


Here we go, the third and final phase of training to uncover that six-pack that has been hiding for so long! After completing phase 1 and 2 you may be thinking the workouts cannot possibly get any harder? Well I’m afraid they do, these set of workouts may look pretty simple on paper but with the correct execution you’ll be horribly surprised.

The goal of this program is to produce as much lactic acid as possible, the more lactic acid you produce, the more GH you will produce, the more GH you produce, the greater the fat burning potential. A great way to quickly increase lactic acid production is with the best bang for your buck compound exercise with short rest periods.

Below is a sample of a fully body circuit workout that could be included in the final phase of the 12 week beach body plan, I myself have completed a workout pretty similar and believe you me it was not pretty! For this program to work it is very important to stick to the prescribed rest periods, reps plus sets.

The reps in this program are at the lower end of the hypertrophy spectrum, as we still want to hold onto as much lean muscle mass as possible. A common mistake many people make whilst attempting to get lean is the bring the reps up too high sacrificing hard earned muscle

It is pretty common to feel a little nauseous during this training program, but as long as you select the correct weights you’ll be fine, all you need to do is man up and get on with it 🙂


Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 14.01.40



Book in a personal training session with one of our trainers and take your physique to the next level.

As always is you have any questions please do get in touch.

How Fast Or How Slow?



IMG_0257 med




3-0-1-0 is a Tempo 


Understanding tempo:



– second eccentric (on the way down) the lowering portion of the movement
0 – at the bottom part of the movement
1 – this is the concentric part of the movement (the way up) in parts of my programs you may see a (2) which means 2 seconds up
0 – the last number the finishing point of the movement


The benefits


Manipulating the tempo whilst training is a great tool to help achieve gains in strength, muscle growth also performance. When selecting a tempo for any given lift it needs to be specific to the movement. What I mean by this is that if you are doing a power clean you would not use a slow concentric as it goes against the aim of the exercise (power and speed)

If you have a strength goal like improving your squat or bench press for example lifting with a slower eccentric has been shown to improve strength, a slower concentric will recruit higher threshold motor units plus activate type II fibers.

Training tempos can be applied to anyone no matter their training experience, using lighter weights with a slower tempo can be very beneficial to beginners as they can focus on the movement and technique for the given exercise.

Can Tempo training help you reduce body fat? Of course! Training with a slow tempos’ alongside lowered or incomplete recover is a great way to bring about metabolic adaptations. During this style of training you will “feel the burn” and yes it is very taxing! But its all for a good cause and lead to an increase in growth hormone which is known to assist in the fat burning process.

Try adding a tempo prescription into your program and see how it helps you towards better performance and overall results.

If you are still unsure on tempo or how to program beneficial prescriptions into your plan, then book a consultation with one of our brilliant personal trainers from a location in London.


Time Saving Fat Loss Workout For Women

IMG_5981 Claudia




Time saving Fat Loss workout for women


In our busy modern day society where women are just as powerful as men in the workplace, juggling work, home life plus socialising things can quickly become overwhelming. The problem with doing everything to the best of your ability is that usually it takes up a lot of time and the thought of adding the gym into the equation may seem impossible. So for all you multitasking women who still want to look good in a pair of jeans or without them; I’m not being rude you may want to look good in a dress 🙂  This is the workout program for you.

When time is the limiting factor you should aim for the most bang for your buck exercises to make sure you make the most of your time spent in the gym. Supersets and circuit-based training (Pairing of exercises) are also a brilliant way to add intensity to your workouts but they will also allow for more work to be carried out in a limited time.


Here is a of a full body time saving fat loss workout

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 16.48.41



If you are one of the many superwomen out there that need a little help structuring a training regime. Or if you do enough thinking at work and would like one of our top class personal trainers to guide you, please get in contact.



I Am Extremely Pleased With My Results As Well As My Lifestyle Change

FullSizeRender Ramesh




Here is more from our client experience and results


“I have had a great 13 weeks with Tirrel thus far and have benifited greatly from his meticulous planning centred around strength training, variable movement, cardio and nutrition. I am extremely pleased with my results as well as my lifestyle change and knowledge increase. With Tirrel, he is a fine example of someone who is passionate in being at the top end and optimal best in his field of strength training, body sculpting, general fitness and nutrition and all aimed at clients on a personalised, bespoke basis.”


If you would like to make long term liveable lifestyle changes or if you want to learn how drop the fat and keep it off please get in touch.