Keeping Fit On Business Travels


learn how to keep fit when traveling with work

learn how to keep fit when traveling with work



Fitness Business Travel


The Fitness Business, now many of you may think that while travelling with work your health regime should stay at home. Well those days are now over, with the right planning plus a little thinking outside of the box, being unhealthy during business travel can be a thing of the past.

Working in The City Of London as a personal trainer I have many clients that travel frequently for business matters, some may stem longer than two weeks at a time, so I have a wealth of experience in overcoming this particular scenario.


Here I have devised a few things you can easily do to help keep you on track with your fitness goals.



Try to have a protein and fat based breakfast; this will get you energized for the day ahead. A protein based breakfast will slowly raise blood sugar levels, this in turn will help you avoid making bad food choices when breakfast is usually missed.

Here are a few of my favorites

  • Omelette
  • Greek Yoghurt
  • Smoked Salmon and Avocado
  • Whey Protein shake with a handful of nuts


All of the above can be easily prepared by you or by the staff hotel.



Steer clear of the goodies section, not buying the crap is half the battle won, instead opt for a less calorific option like unsalted nuts. if that is not enough sit down to a low carb high protein meal to keep you ticking over.



Meeting can tend to drag on a bit so remember to keep well hydrated, throughout your day aim for 1.5-2.5 L OF water. Now on to the dreaded sandwiches, just don’t eat them! Do away with the bread and eat the filling, people may look at you funny but believe me its worth it.



There is always time for a quick workout to burn through some calories, Aim to use the hotel gym or do a workout in your hotel room. Below I have created two workouts you can easily do with minimal equipment in your hotel room or at the gym. Book session into your diary just as you would a meeting, make them a priority, you’ll be surprised at how many more session you get under the belt.


Fitness business Room Workout


Exercise                       Sets/Reps             Rest


A1 Split Squat          3×10-12                     0

A2 Bench Dips          3×10-12                   60

B1 jump squats        3×10-12                     0

B2 Reverse Crunches   3×10-12             45

C1 Lunges                 3×8-10                      0

C2 Press ups          3×8-10                       40


D1 Glute Bridges           3×8-10                   0

D2 prone T with           3×8-10                   35

External rotation




Fitness business Hotel Gym Workout


Exercise                         Sets/ Reps       Rest


A1 DB squats                  5×15-20           0

A2 latpulldown              5×15-20           0

A3 Walking lunges        5×15-20           0

A4 Incline Chest press 5×15-20         120


Fitness business and Nights Out


If nights out can be avoided please do but if you need to socialize try to limit booze to a bare minimum. Boozing can easily turn into to a calorific extravaganza, so aim for just one glass and that not one glass every night, I’m talking the whole trip so choose wisely! At dinner you cant’ go wrong with meat alongside some veggies or a nice salad, job done!

oh and no dessert


I hope these tip help you sustain all your hard work thus far, happy travelling



For more help with fit travelling please do get in touch one of our expert personal trainers would love to help





Chest And Back Hypertrophy Workout

untitled (1 of 1)-15



Chest And Back Hypertrophy Workout



From training many male clients wanting to pack on slabs of muscle, building a chest has always been placed highly on the wish list.

But how is it done? Firstly let me make clear that there is not one single workout routine that works the best, as there are many that can have a positive effect on the body.


I have found great success with both myself plus clients utilizing a post exhaust workout routine. A post exhaust workout consists of applying an isolation movement directly after a compound exercise. During a post exhaust routine you will pair same muscle groups to perform supersets, the first being a taxing compound movement followed by a less demanding exercise. The idea of this training method is to further fatigue the same muscle groups, the accumulation of the damage is important to muscle building. I have also seen major improvement when using these techniques with online personal training clients


So here is a workout that will square your peck sand buff up your back.

Chest and Back Workout

Exercise                                               Sets/ Reps          Tempo             Rest


A1   Incline Dumbbell Press                1×10, 8,6,6,15         3010                 90

A1 1 Arm dumbbell Rows                    1×10, 8,6,6,15         3010                 90


B1 15 degree Dumbbell Press           4×8-10                       3110                  0

B2 Incline Bench Cable Fly                 4×12-15                   2010               120


C1 Lean away Lat pull-down               4×8-10                     3011                 0

Semi supinated grip


C2 Incline Cable Pullovers                   4×12-15                   2110                 120



Additional Notes:


3010 means
3 second eccentric (on the way down)
0 the bottom part of the  movement
1 in this case means as fast as possible but this is the concentric ( the way up)
0 the last number the finishing point of the movement


Keep Track of every session, meaning record the weights you lift keep your form as strict as possible AND STICK TO THE TEMPO


You will need a stopwatch every session STICK TO THE REST PERIODS not a second sooner or later! 90 rest means your hands are on the bar and ready to go at 85 seconds.


A1,A2- This means super set but check to see the rest time at the end of each exercise A’S are paired B’S and C’s Ect…..



Have fun with this and as always please get in touch with any question you may have. One of our personal trainers would love to help.



Muscle Building Back And Tricep Workout

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Variation is very important As I’m you may here very often within the fitness industry. The effectiveness of any program has a direct correlation to extent that it challenges the body.

The more familiar you become to a program the less your body will respond to it, purely because your body has become accustomed to it. Your body’s natural response to a form of stress caused my training is to become stronger.


A common mistake many trainees make is to stick with a program far too long, or not long enough. Aim to stick with your program for 3-6 weeks depending on the goal, but within that 3-6 week you still have multiple variables you can play with. The tempo of the exercise can be altered to add more or less time under tension, aging this will all be down to what strength quality you wish to stimulate. The number of sets is another variable that you can manipulate, sometime three sets of ten will just not cut it, get creative but always have in mind what you would like to achieve from the training program.


Below we have created a muscle building workout that will kick start your gains, as you can see we have used a different variety of rep schemes, tempos plus rest periods.  week 4 will be a de-load week where you will perform 60% of total volume.

Enjoy the muscle building

Exercise Tempo Rest week #1 week #2 week #3 Week #4
A1Fat grip neutral chin 10/10/8/8/6 4011 90        
A2 Close grip bench 10/10/8/8/6 3110 90        
B1 t bar rows 3×8-10 3010 0        
B2 wide pulldowns 3×8-10 3011    0        
B3 45 degree sup pulldowns




2010 120        
C1 Dips 3×8-10 3010 0        
C2 ez French press 3×8-10 3011 0        
C3 overhead rope ext 3×12-15 2011 100        




If you have any questions, or would like to book in a consultation with one of our personal trainers to discuss how you can create the body your desire,

Please get in touch.

Shoulder And Bicep Workout




Shoulders and Bicep Workout


Everyone loves the idea of wide shoulders and bulging biceps but how many of us actually achieve this?


To get the most out of your shoulders as well as biceps you should try to include a variety of volume plus angles.


Below is a workout that will have you looking like a superhero!


Exercise                                                     Sets/ Reps               Tempo           Rest             


A1 Neutral Grip Shoulder press                        4×6-8                           4010                 10

A2 Neutral Grip Shoulder press                        4×12-15                       2010                 90


B1 Close Grip Preacher Curl                              4×6-8                           4010                 10


B2 Close Grip Preacher Curl                             4×12-15                       2010                   90


C1 Seated Lateral Raise with                              3×10/10/10               3010                  90

External rotation


C2 Incline Hammer Curls                                    3×10/10/10              3010                  90



Workout Notes:


The A’s plus B’s are super sets; you select a weight that you can complete 15 reps with. Begin With a set of 6-8 reps, rest 10 seconds the complete 12-15 reps at a two second eccentric tempo. Once you complete 4 sets of A’s move on to the B’s, or you can complete one set of A’s rest 90 seconds then complete one set of B’s.

The C series are drop sets; complete 10 reps, drop the weight, a further 10 reps drop the weight and then complete the final set of 10 reps.




If you would like help to reach your true training potential, please get in touch; one of our personal trainers would love to help.




Back And Shoulder Workout

Back And shoulder Workout


Doing back and shoulders at all this week? Try some of the exercises we do in this video! One more thing, Tirrel Grant is always saying how important it is to increase the intensity of your workouts! So don’t slack!

clink below


if you would like to take your physique to a all new high, please get in touch, one of or personal trainers would love to help.

Train For Fat Loss



Andreea Tina Director at Probodystyling
and Tirrel Grant Train for fat loss at the Gym Way London Marble Arch




If you would like to train for fat loss at one of our locations in  please get in touch

Previously I Found The Gym A Bit Of A Chore

IMG_2754.JPG Jack


I decided to book a 12 week program with Tirrel in September having found myself increasingly demotivated when it came to going to the gym and eating healthily.

Tirrel really helped me focus by putting me through a tough but fun program which involved 3 weight training sessions a week (with 2/3 cardio sessions done on my own). Having previously found the gym a bit of a chore I now have much more enthusiasm thanks to the varied exercises and work outs that Tirrel has taught me.


IMG_2755.JPG Jack


In addition to the training Tirrel asked me to follow a set nutritional plan – he talked me through in detail the types of foods I should be eating and the quantities. While the diet plan was strict it still gave me flexibility to add some cheat meals in at the weekend which certainly makes things more sustainable. The plan was updated every 2/3 weeks based on my progress. I found Tirrel’s guidance and knowledge on nutrition invaluable as this was certainly something which had held me back from getting the results I wanted in the past.

I would certainly recommend Tirrel to anyone who is looking to get into better shape and improve their fitness. On top of this he is also a top bloke, despite being an Arsenal fan!


Results With Personal Training No Matter The Goal



I have worked with Tirrel for coming up to 2 years now.

I worked with Tirrel as an online client and after the first year i decided it was time I let him put me through personal training sessions and ever since then I haven’t looked back. At the end of a program phase and training phase we book in a session to see my condition and evaluate areas where we need to improve.

Over time my goals have changed through different phases looking to either add size or cut for holidays or hold a lean condition and Tirrel has been excellent with he’s knowledge in helping me sustain this and reach these goals, which is why I continue personal training with him. I feel happy to put my trust in him, as I know he’s idea and methods are the right way for me to hit my goals.  As for my diet plans I am not the easiest to structure one for but Tirrel listens to what I like to eat and builds it around this, this also shows Tirrel takes the time to customize he’s work to each individual needs rather the generic plans.


Contact us today to get the best out of yourself from Personal Training

Results As Much Fun As It Was Hard Work




Being new to training and wanting to follow a focussed and yet enjoyable regime to get me off the ground, Tirrel was definitely the right man for the job. From the outset, Tirrel was attentive to my objectives and gave me confidence that he had the expertise I was looking for and could deliver results (so long as I put in the required effort and commitment). From start to end of the 3 month programme, Tirrel was supportive and responsive in and out of the gym. Tirrel’s programme was personalised, structured and dynamic, allowing me to build up from a rather low base to a point where I felt confident enough to progress without the need for constant support.




Results don’t come over night and I learned to be realistic with my expectations, but I was definitely happy with the end results and training with Tirrel was as much fun as it was hard work. Definitely to be recommended!



If you would like to get results please get in touch

my body AND mind Completely Transformed




I was one of these people who went to the gym often but never really saw massive amounts of change. Within weeks of starting to train with Tirrel i was seeing changes in my body i never thought i would.

Over the next 18 months my body AND mind completely transformed. I started at 55kg witch for a man is clinically underweight. With 18 months Tirrel had got me too 64.6kg of lean muscle, people who new me couldn’t believe it was the same person. He gave me so much motivation and knowledge after i finished training with him (only because i moved and got my first mortgage) i decided i wanted to do a qualification in personal training so i could become someone like Tirrel who helps people change their life’s by reaching their fitness goals.

He really changed my life and the way i few my body and fitness.


If you too would like to completely transform your  body AND mind then get in touch