I Lost 2 Stones In 3 Months

City Of London transformation

City Of London transformation


“I have tried many personal trainers in the past but never had much success. Tirrel was recommended by the friend who had also faced a similar issue so I thought I’d give it a go for my wedding. He helped me every step of the way including the diet and exercise. I lost 2 stones in 3 months and reached my best ever weight. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a true body transformation. He will guide you every step of the way and ensure you don’t lose your momentum and motivation.”


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Fit for Summer Workout




The importance of planning and Training different strength qualities


One of the key essentials for any competitive athlete or individual is to develop strength, regardless of the sport in question. Traditionally if the skill set and mental state is the same then the stronger athlete usually wins. When getting in shape for a contest it is important to work through all energy systems and hit all muscle fibres. When an athlete prepares to compete in any event periodization is paramount to success. This ensures that each session is planned and measured, prevents over training and most importantly plans for the athlete to peak on a given date.

To achieve this it is a good idea to begin with a strength training protocol. a 5 day strength programme with a 2 days training back to back, followed by 1 rest day, then 3 days training back to back followed 1 rest day. Each split is purposely designed to allow enough rest for the body parts to recover and develop neurologically.

initial phases of a strength programmecan be designed to hit fast twitch muscle fibres and strenuously work the nervous system to prepare for the next part of hypertrophy. By developing the nervous system and increasing strength it enabled you to lift more weight in hypertrophy phases therefore increasing lean muscle and burning fat at a faster rate.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is chopping and changing programmes and not measuring or aiming to improve on the previous performance. Another error is to stick at a particular programme for too long. Any more than 6 weeks and the body will have adapted and possible gains will be compromised

The next part of a training phase can be the hypertrophy section of the. The primary function to still train heavy enough to keep as much lean muscle as possible whilst incinerating body fat. A big mistake that many people make when trying to lean down is they drop the weights too quickly and sacrifice both strength and lean muscle. When preparing to train for hypertrophy the focus shifts from the neurological system (as was done in the strength phase) to the muscular system. Reps are upped and rest times are shortened. utilizing a large number of supersets in a hypertrophy programme. Firstly by using supersets there is much more neuromuscular stimulus provided for muscle growth in a shorter space of time. It also allows for shorter rest periods with the added benefit of producing growth hormone. The higher the growth hormone output during training the higher the fat burning properties.

Another facet that can be added to a programme is interval training. This is also known as high intensity interval training (HIIT) and if done properly is extremely effective in burning fat compared to regular cardiovascular training.

A hypertrophy routine can be split like this, Monday and Tuesday as resistance training, Wednesday was interval training and small muscle groups (calves and abs), Thursday and Friday resistance training and Saturday interval training and small muscle groups.








Here is a Muscle building Program foe Shoulders and Hamstrings



Hamstrings and Shoulders

Exercise                                                         Sets Reps       Tempo       Rest

A1 Romanian Deadlift                                     4 x10to12      4010

A2 Seated Dumbbell Press Neutral Grip       4x10to12         3010   75sec


B1 Prone Hamstring Curls                              3x 8to10         31X0       0

B2 Good Mornings                                          3 x12to15       3111     60sec


C1 Seated Lateral Raises                                3 10to12         2010     0

C2 Standing Military Press                            3 10to12         3010     60sec


D1 Hyper Extension
                                     3 10to12          3013     0

D2 Single Arm Cable Lateral Raise           3 10to12          2012     60sec



For more information about personalized plans, please get in touch one of our personal trainers would lover to help.


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Mind and Body Personal Training


IMG_7552 AP on Set

I started to love training again, I started to sleep again, I started going out again & not binging in restaurants


Like many people, I’d made a couple of fitness based resolutions at the start of the year & in particular I wanted to diet down & potentially do a photo shoot. However, after two months, things weren’t going well & to be honest I was falling apart – let me give you a few examples;

– I was binge eating in an out of control fashion (I would eat 1.5kg of Alpen in a couple of hours)

– I couldn’t sleep through the night. I woke up every hour without fail & ended up working at 2am because I couldn’t get back to sleep.

– I stopped going out – I wanted to reach my goal & I thought the only way to do it was to focus harder and harder.


-At the start of March, I didn’t sleep for 2/3 days – I needed help and this is when I reached out to Tirrel. He made time for me the next day. He listened to everything I’d done, asked questions, understood what I wanted to agreed to help me get there. It was such a relief to get all of this off my chest, he understood & his listening made me feel like I could try again to hit this goal & I could do it! He even bought the green tea that day.


In terms of what we did, we took initial measurements weight, body measurements, photos & measured body fat with callipers to assess where I was as well as to track progress over time. With my stress & concerns around food so high, Tirrel suggested Fresh Fitness Food (food prep company in London) as one way help me bring this down. So with FFF providing my food, Tirrel guiding them on my macros based on my progress in the gym (we trained 3 times a week), I started to enjoy training again.


Over the next 15 weeks, I achieved a lot with Tirrel. I started to love training again, I started to sleep again, I started going out again & not binging in restaurants, I even went on a 10 day work trip and stayed on macros/training regime throughout despite all the challenges being away on business can bring. In the end I did my photo shoot and the photos are great, but the main thing was my approach to life/fitness has completely changed. I go out more, apply moderation when necessary, love training and all with a lean physique.


I’ll never be able to thank Tirrel enough for what he did – but if you’re trying to achieve a goal similar to mine, I’d recommend Tirrel as the guy to get you there every time.


If you too would like to train your body and mind with personal training please get in touch, one of our personal trainers would love to help.


Foods For Fat Loss And Muscle Building






Foods for fat loss and Muscle Building

For achieving the body you desire it is not necessary to spend hours in the gym or to go without eating all together. If you goal is fat loss as it is for many a well-balanced nutrient dense nutrition plan is the way to go about it.

Here we have constructed a list of great foods that can be included as part of a well balanced diet, to steer you into the right direction and well on your way to achieving your fat loss or muscle building goal.



Wild Salmon

Wild salmon contains Essential amino acids, high quality protein, omega 3, and vitamin e; a cocktail of goodness.


Whole eggs

Eggs are Nutrient dense containing all 9 essential amino acids. And foe those worried about cholesterol.. don’t

Cholesterol from eggs doesn’t raise blood cholesterol, egg yolks contain choline substances, which actually help prevent the accumulation of cholesterol, plus it is necessary for the breakdown of fat.


Grass fed beef

Naturally leaner than corn fed beef, grass fed beef Contains CLA- a fat burning (anti inflammatory and immune boosting)



Are great they are Packed with omega 3 they too contain components unique to antioxidant protection.


Raw almonds

Loaded with Healthy fats, antioxidants, fiber vitamins and minerals Almonds tastes great, you can also make almond butter from this, which makes for a nice little snack between meals.



Have you ever tried frozen blueberries? If you’ve yet to give this a go you’re definitely missing out, not only do they taste amazingly good these bad boys are filled with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. This super food actually help neurons communicate with one another more efficiently, food for the brain!



Quinoa is commonly mistaken for a grain, quinoa is actually a seed, and quinoa is a very nutritious food that also contains protein. Quinoa is relatively high on the glycemic index but consumed at the right stage/point, I suggest post workout can have numerous benefits to your muscle building or fat loss goals.



There are many different varieties of the vegetable powerhouse kale, this super food contains lot of antioxidants, high in sulfur and detoxifying enzymes (sulforaphane) kale is a must.



Avocados are indeed high in fats but those on the mono-saturated type and high in unprocessed omega 6 and jammed packed with nutrients and they taste great.


Coconut oil

The fats in coconut oil known as MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides) are easier to metabolize. Coconut coil is a great energy booster, for those scared of saturated fats fear not as these naturally occurring fats from coconut oil will do you no harm as long as they are not binged on.





To get more information on he foods you need to be eating for the best results please get in contact with the city f London Square mile fitness Personal Training team.



14 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 16.48.13


14 Reasons you’re not getting results


1.Not training properly – far to often I see gym enthusiasts sacrificing correct technique just to add a few more plates onto a bar. Correct training technique should be made a priority; bad technique will lead to dysfunction plus injury. You should always aim to train through a full range on movement unless you are purposely selecting to utilize partial training (which also has benefits)
Training in the full rage of movement will help you to recruit more muscle fibers leading to strength plus muscle gains… sounds good to me.


2.Your goals are not specific enough –


3.You don’t train hard enough –


4.Contradictory programming – you have a strength goal but you training with too many reps with not enough rest and you are not training hard enough. You cannot have high intensity alongside high density one has got to give, select lower reps along with less exercises and allow sufficient rest. With the right attitude, programming and exercise selection you will get stronger.


5.Too extreme- unsustainable


6.Over complicating things


7.Poor nutrition – for many, eating “healthy” consists of having a sandwich without mayonnaise or to have granola instead of cornflakes. Your training goal, training volume and your body type can all be factors to how you need to go about your nutrition. Once you’re clear on what it is exactly you want to achieve you can then go about setting a plan. A nutrition plan should be specific, nutrition dense with reasons for any short-term exclusion of certain foods; all of this leads to yo-yo dieting which is not optimal. If you are unsure of how to go about setting a tailored nutrition plan for optimal results please get in touch

8.Determination – you give up to quickly



10.Ownership – your goal is your goal, your idea of what looks good is your idea, if you’re not achieving results then you need to take responsibility. Pointing the finger will get you know where, Rather than blaming your environment, your genetics, your friends and family ask yourself am I doing all that I possibly can? If you are then there is nothing to worry about just be consistent and if you’re not then there still is nothing to worry about because the answer is right there… do more, less excuses more action.


11.Sleep- lack of sleep can be a nightmare, sleep is important for the body to fully recover and to rebalance hormones., the knock-on effect to bad sleep is that it will effect your diet mood also training. If you struggle to sleep at night aim to reduce caffeine intake also aim not to have caffeine later in the day. At night, before bed start a small grateful log, just 3 bullets point of things that went well in your day or the things you feel grateful for. This will help to put the mid at easy enhancing sleep also relaxation. Aim to make the bedroom as dark as possible, turn off all electronics off and try to make the room cool as possible.



13.Stress – living in the city can be a very stressful experience, work, family and other life issues can begin to take its toll. Stress has many negative effects to the body and mind. Just remember happiness is self-created and comes from our own actions, in order to carry positive actions we must develop a positive vision.
See our post on how to reduce stress here: https://www.squaremilefitness.com/get-ripped-with-yoga/


14.Consistency – we all want results but not much stick at a plan long enough to get anywhere near to the physique that we desire. We all want results yesterday! If you lack motivation then you may benefit from a personal trainer or a gym buddy who shares a similar goal to yourself. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day neither will the body that you want. Find a type of training that you enjoy then give it your best shot and you’ll reap the rewards. Patience, determination plus effort are all a great recipe to success and happiness.


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Photoshoot Bod


Photoshoot bod

To everyone that has been following my progress to get photo shoot ready in 10 weeks, above is the physique I managed to carve out. Now, you may look at this photo and think “but you was already in shape” this is where it boils down to perception, we all have different ideas of what looks good and we all have different goals.

Below I have listed and have answered a few questions that I have been asked throughout this process.

Why a photo shoot?

I booked a photo-shoot, as I like to see how well I can get my body to respond to different dieting strategies plus training protocols. I see myself as my own advertisement not purely on the way I look but also the decisions I make. I am a massive believer in practicing what I preach, so I show the discipline and focus my clients need to adopt within their own training, lifestyle also nutrition.Taking part in a photo-shoot was also done to document the progress that I have made over the previous month but also to see where I fell I want to improve. Having picture taken to monitor your progress is a great way to keep you firmly on track; this is a method I adopt with the majority of my clients. This system is highly affective because it can help take the focus off what the scale says and put more of a focus on how you look and feel.

What training program did you use?

Whether I have a photo shoot or not, my training intensity do not change, I train as hard as I can every time I train. During the 10 weeks I trained I went thorough 3 different training phases, strength, hypertrophy and a lactic acid program similar to the ones in the 12-week beach body plan. As for cardio, my weapon of choice was intervals; I started with 1 session per week then slowly increased that to 3 sessions in total per week. From past experience I know that short intense interval sessions work really well for me rather than slow steady state cardio, now I am not saying there is anything wrong with slow steady state cardio, but we cannot apply the one-cap fits all approach here as we are all different. The best advice I can give on training is to be consistent, leave the gym knowing you gave your all.

How did you diet?

Carb cycling was my method of choice; I would rotate between days of lower carb high fats, then days of higher carbs and lower fats. Carb cycling has many benefits, one of which being; a mixture of low and high carbs days allows you to replenish glycogen and assist in reserving as much muscle as possible during the dieting process. I gave myself a cheat meal every week, but this does require discipline and for many can easily turn into a day of binge eating. The diet for me was pretty easy as it wasn’t much different to the way I eat all year, apart form the volume at some stages and having a flexible approach to my diet I could still enjoy my weekends J

What next?

This is 1 of many shoots I have planned this year and for each I plan to look a little different. Remember your goals are specific to you, so do it for yourself, make it a part of your lifestyle, care less about what other people think and more on the things that matter to you.

If you would like to look and feel better please get in contact.