I Lost 2 Stones In 3 Months

City Of London transformation

City Of London transformation


“I have tried many personal trainers in the past but never had much success. Tirrel was recommended by the friend who had also faced a similar issue so I thought I’d give it a go for my wedding. He helped me every step of the way including the diet and exercise. I lost 2 stones in 3 months and reached my best ever weight. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a true body transformation. He will guide you every step of the way and ensure you don’t lose your momentum and motivation.”


If you would also like get in shape for a  specific event or date please get in touch, it would be a pleasure to transport you to your best shape ever!

Abs In a Month?




Is it really possible to see my abs in a month?



In this day and age we have grown accustomed to everything becoming faster plus more accessible. With fitness it seems the same trend has set in, we all want results yesterday!


But is it really possible to see your abs in 30 days? So you hit the gym for a whole week yet no results. You decided to really go for it on week two but in your head you’re already defeated.

Why is this so hard, am I expecting more than what my genetics and physiology will allow?


Immediately results are always expected; a smaller waist, bigger biceps; squared pecks and chiseled abs are always high on the fitness wish list.


If you’re running thin on patients or if you feel this fitness malarkey isn’t for you, rest assured there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Getting on Track

You could lose a lot more fat than you would think possible if you actually knew how much you are over eating. I have seen many clients achieve rapid results just by keeping a food diary then bringing the calories down to optimal then creating a deflect in calories. Research shows that the majority of us consume more than 50% of our calories from carbohydrate; this approach is not for everyone. Your diet should be adapted upon body type, body composition plus activity level.

A good head start on beating this carb extravaganza is to aim to consume some protein at every meal and to load up on the veggies. Get creative with your food, balanced meals alongside controlled portions will turn you into a fat burning furnace whilst improving your body composition! Think outside of the cereal box

How many Crunches should I do?

My answer to that question is; not that many. Some of the best ways of seeing your abs in a short space of time do not involve doing any crunches at all! If you would like to burn tones of fat, use a mixture of multi-joint compound exercises alongside cardio. Training with the most bang for your buck exercise will result in more calories burned leading to fat loss. If you’re pressed for time train in a circuit fashion this way you can kill two birds with on stone and get ripped without any crunches!

An example of this style of training is below; remember you do not need to use all your tools at once.


Exercise                    Tempo     Sets/ Reps             Rest

A1 Split Squat           3010           5×10-12               30 seconds

A2 Lat Pulldown       3011           5×10-12                30 seconds

A3 Leg Curls             4010           5×8-10                 60 seconds



Can I see my Abs Yet?

It is important to keep track of your progress but I encourage clients to do this with the mirror rather than the scales; remember we want fat loss not just weight loss. If I was to tell you your going to lose 1-2lbs per week but by the end of the month you’d have shaved inches off your waistline would you take that? I’m sure most people would.


Another reason to focus on fat loss, over weight loss is, the lower your body fat the bigger and more defined your muscles will look…. Result!


So how do you see your abs in 30 day?


Priorities training

Be accountable for what you eat

Don’t over complicate things

Take Ownership

Focus on what you do want to happen and less of what you don’t


Be Consistency

Train hard, then train harder, and you’ll see your abs in 30 days.


if you too would like to see your abs, please get in touch, one of our personal trainers would love to help.

Lose Fat And Keep It Off With Sustainable Changes



Lose fat and keep it off with Sustainable changes



If you have found shifting troublesome body fat to be a nightmare, getting into shape and staying in shape a struggle, not to worry you’re not alone.

What is the best way to sculpt a body that you can be proud of?

What is the best way to eat healthy, lose fat, enjoy the process and reduce your waistline?


In this post I will aim to shed some light on the path to sustainable changes that will lead to happiness inside and out.


  1. Training- start off with a number of training sessions that you can sustain, training 5 times per week isn’t for everybody. Be realistic with your goals, stay focused by visualizing what it is you want to achieve, add a little hard work to the mixture then you’re on to a winner


If you are pushed for time, use weights and train in a circuit fashion using the most bang for your buck free weight exercises.


Get yourself a training partner; a training partner of similar strength who shares a similar goal can be very beneficial when motivation is low.


  1. Nutrition- Start off by keeping a food diary, this way you can see where your calories are coming from also any bad eating habits. A common mistake many people make is being too restrictive at the beginning of their newfound journey, then they don’t make it past the first week. Aim to make small changes, for example, a chocolate filled doughnut to maybe a ring doughnut, a ring doughnut to just the inner part of the doughnut.

Many of the general population go from chocolate straight to celery then end up hating the world by taking away all the joys of eating, think small baby steps. You may think I have gone crazy, but with theses small changes you consume less calories and are more likely to eat better for an extended period of time till you are ready to get rid of the junk.


  1. Patient- We all want results yesterday, you didn’t get out of shape in a week so you’ll need to do more than a weeks worth of training plus better food choices. All changes come from within so you’ll need to create positive mental changes in order to see results on the outside and we can show you how.


  1. ENJOY YOURSELF- Here at Square Mile Fitness we pride ourselves on getting the best out of all are client but above all we make it fun.


Get in contact today if you would like to find out more on how to achieve sustainable changes while still enjoying your life.



Jazz Up Your Cardio Training




Jazz Up Your Cardio Training




I have the pleasure of working one of the best gyms in the City Of London, a setup with comprises of 4 businesses, City Athletic, The Sweat Shop, The Altitude Centre and Perfect Balance.

You will not find all of this under one roof anywhere else in The City of London so I consider myself very lucky and grateful to be able to work with all these amazing people.

For the past 30 or so months I have been doing the majority of my training in The Altitude Center and we now have this sort of love hate relationship!

“Why “ you ask, well purely because the sessions have been so hard yet rewarding t the same time.


So, What is Altitude Training and how will it benefit you?

The Room is set to 15% O2 (2708m), sea level being 20.9%. The reason it is set at this height is because this is the perfect balance between getting the benefits from the hypoxic air as well and being able to function and perform to your near maximum. Any higher and athletes would seriously struggle to hit target times, recover and to perform at high intensities.


Hypoxic air:

Training at Altitude is intended to provide a stimulus for the adaptation of an individual’s cardiovascular system by means of breathing reduced oxygen. The benefits of training with reduced oxygen intake will induce mechanisms of compensation. The goal of Altitude Training is to achieve higher physical performance and wellbeing through improved oxygen metabolism.

The main benefit that many individuals are looking for is the increase in red blood cells to increase oxygen delivery to the working muscles.

Training at higher Altitudes can help increase your work capacity, so you will be able to get more out of your training session. This is due to extra oxygen being delivered to your working muscle (your body being used to working with little oxygen, it now thrives at sea level), thus promoting quicker recoveries between reps, sets, intervals, and exercises


Here is one of the Interval sessions I got put through last week, which was very hard!


3 x 2 minutes (1 minute recovery) @ 1/2/4 %


2-minute recovery


4 x 90 seconds (45 seconds recovery) @ 1/2/4/6 %


2.5-minute recovery


5 x 1 minute (30 seconds recovery) @ 1/2/4/6/8 %



If you would like to take your Training to greater heights please get in touch and one of our Personal Trainers In The City Of London would be delighted to help.



4 Top Fat Loss Tips

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.35.28




Leon Kew’s 4 Top Fat Loss Tips



1) Set yourself a goal that has meaning


Goal setting can be a very valuable tool , as setting goals will can you motivated and on the right path. During tough times when you are tempted to make bad decisions having your goal in the forefront of your mind can be a useful deterrent, you deserve to achieve.


2) Focus on behavioural change rather than outcome, count your blessings not your troubles.


Focus more on what you want to happen and less on what you don’t. Put your efforts into setting goals weekly to change your behavior but also the mind. Remember the eyes are useless when the mind is blind so do not make the number in the scale the focal point of your attention but rather focus on the dozens of other things you can change daily that will help you to achieve.


3) Set a time frame


Set yourself a realistic start and finish date that you feel you can work towards, and be sure to set up check in dates with a coach or friend to take body fat, photos, and measurements this way you will get an objective point of view so you can base your program on real results rather than feelings


4) Be accountable


Once you have made the commitment to get on your fat loss journey, communication is key. Share your goal with people that are close to you , as these people will form your support network, your vibe attracts your tribe so surround yourself with people that will support and motivate you.




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Photoshoot Bod


Photoshoot bod

To everyone that has been following my progress to get photo shoot ready in 10 weeks, above is the physique I managed to carve out. Now, you may look at this photo and think “but you was already in shape” this is where it boils down to perception, we all have different ideas of what looks good and we all have different goals.

Below I have listed and have answered a few questions that I have been asked throughout this process.

Why a photo shoot?

I booked a photo-shoot, as I like to see how well I can get my body to respond to different dieting strategies plus training protocols. I see myself as my own advertisement not purely on the way I look but also the decisions I make. I am a massive believer in practicing what I preach, so I show the discipline and focus my clients need to adopt within their own training, lifestyle also nutrition.Taking part in a photo-shoot was also done to document the progress that I have made over the previous month but also to see where I fell I want to improve. Having picture taken to monitor your progress is a great way to keep you firmly on track; this is a method I adopt with the majority of my clients. This system is highly affective because it can help take the focus off what the scale says and put more of a focus on how you look and feel.

What training program did you use?

Whether I have a photo shoot or not, my training intensity do not change, I train as hard as I can every time I train. During the 10 weeks I trained I went thorough 3 different training phases, strength, hypertrophy and a lactic acid program similar to the ones in the 12-week beach body plan. As for cardio, my weapon of choice was intervals; I started with 1 session per week then slowly increased that to 3 sessions in total per week. From past experience I know that short intense interval sessions work really well for me rather than slow steady state cardio, now I am not saying there is anything wrong with slow steady state cardio, but we cannot apply the one-cap fits all approach here as we are all different. The best advice I can give on training is to be consistent, leave the gym knowing you gave your all.

How did you diet?

Carb cycling was my method of choice; I would rotate between days of lower carb high fats, then days of higher carbs and lower fats. Carb cycling has many benefits, one of which being; a mixture of low and high carbs days allows you to replenish glycogen and assist in reserving as much muscle as possible during the dieting process. I gave myself a cheat meal every week, but this does require discipline and for many can easily turn into a day of binge eating. The diet for me was pretty easy as it wasn’t much different to the way I eat all year, apart form the volume at some stages and having a flexible approach to my diet I could still enjoy my weekends J

What next?

This is 1 of many shoots I have planned this year and for each I plan to look a little different. Remember your goals are specific to you, so do it for yourself, make it a part of your lifestyle, care less about what other people think and more on the things that matter to you.

If you would like to look and feel better please get in contact.