Best City Of London Personal Trainers Are Here To Help You

Meet the best City Of London Personal Trainers

Our City Of London personal trainers are the amongst the best London personal trainer that you’ll find. We are proud to introduce them to you.

Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain or general health and well-being then you’ve come to the right place. They are highly-skilled, knowledgeable and able to use their expertise to help you achieve your body transformation goals.


Why Train at Square Mile Fitness?

At Square Mile Fitness we deliver the total personal training experience. With a holistic approach to training plans and nutrition, Our City Of London personal training service is essential if you want to see results.



London’s finest personal trainers, setting a new standard for premium personal training in the City Of London. With access to world class coaching, you will receive all the motivation and support you need for long lasting results.


When training with one of our highly knowledgeable personal trainers, you’ll experience a level of personal training that is more inspiring than you’ll expect. From you initial enquiry to your consultation, our trainers will make your transformational journey as exciting and meaningful as possible.


Whether you’d like to achieve a body transformation, lose some weight or build muscle. At Square Mile Fitness will receive a level of personal training service and results that are hard to come by.


You may want to get back into some clothes that don’t fit anymore, it may be you want to regain the confidence you get when you feel good about your body. Or you might want to lose the extra weight so you have more energy for work or the family.


Personal trainer City Of London

Whatever you goal may be Our City Of London Personal trainers are ready to welcome you, we will guide you through all the obstacles you may have struggled with in the past. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. Our friendly team want you to see the results you deserve; to look and feel at your very best in the smoothest way possible.

Why Train at Square Mile Fitness?


Square Mile Fitness has become renowned for the incredible body transformations, this is a combined effort from our City Of London Personal trainers and amazing clients. With our advanced method and world class coaching we aim to help our clients meet their goals as quickly as possible.


Our passion is coaching our clients to make long lasting transformation and to form new habit that will improve their health and quality of life. With our bespoke programming our personal trainers will be with you every step of they to ensure you get the very best results and personal training experience.


We treat every client as an individual, your plan will be tailored made for you based on your level of fitness, experience and lifestyle. Our approach is to look at small changes that we can make that will deliver us the best results. Each stage of your program will be planned and structured specifically for you. If you want to transform your body and lifestyle our passionate City Of London personal trainers will deliver the results you deserve.


What do I get with a City Personal training service?



Our experienced team know of many of the frustrations you may have been facing. From working in the City with a jammed packed diary, not allowing you much time to take care of your health and fitness. You may have tried to follow a diet but not been able to see it through. Or you may have tried to get in shape in the past but just don’t know what you’re doing wrong.


We are here to help solve these problems and get you into your best shape ever.


How do we help our clients achieve their goals?


All of our clients get as much one on one time as they need, we want our client to express their deepest frustration so we can do all we can to combat them. Our ethos is to motivate and educate our clients to make positive lifestyle changes.


Whether is muscle building or fat loss our team will help you overcome any challenges and barriers leading you towards results you never deemed possible. Training in a private Luxury personal training studio in the City Of London, you will have the perfect atmosphere and facility to transform.




We will be your support system, with ongoing guidance and advice our personal training will not end in the gym, we will be with you every step of the way. Your progress swill be continually monitored, and we will tweak and refine your plan until you are where you want to be. Your goals matter to us, let us guide you to where you deserve to be.



Each personal trainer has a speciality, so check their profiles to see who is the best trainer to help you achieve your goals. Trainer specialities include:

Training for fat loss

Training for muscle gain

Olympic lifting

Strength and Conditioning

Sport-specific training

Body composition

Who is the best City Of London personal trainer for you?

Tirrel Grant – City Of  London Personal Trainer

Tirrel Grant - London Personal Trainer

Tirrel Grant – London Personal Trainer


Tirrel Grant – City Of London Personal Trainer

Click here to view Tirrel’s profile

Karl Lucas – City Of London Personal Trainer

Karl Lucas - London Personal Trainer

Karl Lucas – City Of London Personal Trainer


Karl Lucas – City Of London Personal Trainer

Click here to view Karl’s profile


Leon Kew – City Of London Personal Trainer

Leon Kew - London Personal Trainer

Leon Kew – City Of London Personal Trainer


Leon Kew – City Of London Personal Trainer

Click here to view Leon’s profile

Anna Gudny – City Of London Personal Trainer

Anna Gudny - London Personal Trainer

Anna Gudny – City Of London Personal Trainer


Anna Gudny – City Of London Personal Trainer

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How Do We Support Our Clients With Nutrition?

When searching for the right personal trainer having one nearby is always a bonus, a local personal trainer will know the area and be able to advise you on healthy local eateries nearby. Our highly experienced personal trainers understand how challenging starting a new process such as healthier eating can be. As we know all of the challenges you may come across, we will do all we can to provide you with the tools and support to help make your experience the very best.
The highly skilled team at Square Mile Fitness approach our client’s goals in ways that enable our clients to still live an enjoyable fulfilling lifestyle. We conduct geographical nutrition audits which help us suggest nutrition plan to our clients that are sustainable. For our clients that want to lose weight or reduce their body fat, we are able to suggest highly palatable foods and recipes for our clients that meet their calorie needs. The benefits of a persona trainer near you, it that travelling is one less barrier to need to overcome.
In the ideal world we would like all of our clients to prep their own food using our amazing recipes, but we know that this is far from reality for many of our clients. With the hustle and bustle or working in London Our personal trainers know that the majority of our London based clients don’t have time to cook food. As we are about going above and beyond for our clients we have located local restaurants and takeaways that can provide you with nutrition foods that  that are in line with your fat loss or muscle building goals. We will provide a list of places to eat that will keep you on top of your diet all within close proximity to your office, we even provide postcodes.

Why Work With A City Of London Personal Trainer?

The benefits of working with a personal trainer close by is that you won’t need to travel across the City for your personal training session. Most of our clients don’t have multiple hours of free time on their hands which is why they highly recommend our service. We deliver the best results in the time that they have, making their time in the gym productive and time well spent. We are a few minutes walk away from both Bank and St Pauls station, we even have client who take a short walk from Moorgate to see us.

Are You Ready To Positively Change Your Body?

Making the decision to choose a personal trainer can be a difficult one, but our results driven team will provide you with a truly spectacular experience. Located in the heart of London, a truly vibrant City. Our friendly personal trainers will help you achieve your goals, with a wealth of knowledge on how to get clients the results they want. Our personal training service goes further than the gym, We are putting top level personal training on the map, in a location near you. Its time you put yourself first and take the steps towards a better, healthier, fitter you.