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Amazing Body Transformation


What our Clients say, another great 12 week body transformation 

I searched around for a few different providers for 12-week body transformation courses, and Tirrel stood out from the beginning. He is friendly, knowledgeable, supportive and tailored a plan and approach for me based on my background. I think one thing that really helped was his ability to read how things were going and what type of person I am, to try and keep the program straddle a balance between pushing me as far as it could, but not being unattainable. Really great trainer, program and also a top guy. Couldn’t recommend enough


If you would also like to undergo a 12 week body transformation that will reveal incredible results, please do get in touch as our personal trainers would love to help.


Tirrel Grant Persoanal Trainer

The Square Mile Fitness Team

I Lost 2 Stones In 3 Months

City Of London transformation

City Of London transformation


“I have tried many personal trainers in the past but never had much success. Tirrel was recommended by the friend who had also faced a similar issue so I thought I’d give it a go for my wedding. He helped me every step of the way including the diet and exercise. I lost 2 stones in 3 months and reached my best ever weight. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a true body transformation. He will guide you every step of the way and ensure you don’t lose your momentum and motivation.”


If you would also like get in shape for a  specific event or date please get in touch, it would be a pleasure to transport you to your best shape ever!

The training was intensive and pushed me to my limit and that’s what I wanted

thumbnail_IMG_3145 Raj



I was looking for an 8-week intensive transformation program and visited a number of gyms around London to find the right trainer for me. A number of factors made me choose Tirrel; he’s easy to get on with and has an infectious positive attitude, he clearly knew his stuff, was clued up on nutrition and his prices were sensible.


We discussed the goals I had in mind and he worked out an evolving program over the 8 weeks covering sessions with him and sessions on my own. He added a nutrition plan to this which included an array of natural supplements that I admittedly had little knowledge of beforehand and now wouldn’t go without. 


For me the training was intensive and pushed me to my limit and that’s what I wanted. Despite the hard work it was hugely enjoyable and I recommended a friend of mine to train with Tirrel – a clear indication that I was happy with how it all went! The results were great and also the knowledge that I gained through the 8 weeks on both exercises and nutrition made it even more worthwhile. I’ll be back training with Tirrel when I return to the UK.


If you would also like to be used to your training limit with one of our personal trainers, please get in touch.

How To Become A Personal Trainer And Get A Fitness Job

personal trainer and fitness jobs

personal trainer and fitness jobs





SO how do you become A personal trainer and get A fitness job

Would you like to be part of one of the fastest growing industries in the United Kingdom? The health and fitness business is going from strength to strength, with newly qualified talented personal trainers being recruited daily. Square Mile Fitness have a collective of self employed personal trainers all passionate about delivering result to all of their clients, time after time. Becoming a personal trainer is not for everyone but we have hand picked a select bunch of personal trainers who are seriously dedicated to learning, education and making a positive impact on client’s lives and the PT industry. We have a great team of personal trainers with vast amounts of experience within different sectors of the fitness industry that all work very hard and apply themselves, as they love theirs jobs.

We constantly get emails from personal trainers; fitness professionals and group fitness instructors from all different backgrounds who all want to join our amazing group of self employed personal trainers. The team here at Square Mile Fitness is always keen to collaborate with hard working talented personal trainers who all want to take their fitness career to the next level. It is always exciting to meet trainers who have high standards coupled with a passion for fitness. We do our very best to ensure that ever trainer that works with us gets the very best experience from the fitness network we have built.
The Fitness Associates have world-class platform built by personal trainers
Where they aim to give back to the fitness industry by bridging the gap between recruiters and fitness processionals, this is not just for personal trainers. On this amazing platform that they have built you can gain access to personal training courses plus apply for fitness trainer jobs.

But what makes a good personal trainer? Should a personal trainer be in incredible shape all year round? Does a Personal trainer need to need to look good in order to build a successful career within the fitness industry? We believe that with the right application, with the will to want to lean more via training courses plus on the job experience you can become very successful as a PT, be it employed or self employed. A hard working personal with the right attitude will go very far, finding exactly what it is you enjoy then becoming a master at your trade. You can never know too much and people will always see value in a knowledgeable personal who is able to get great results whilst educating the client, giving them the skills to continually progress. Looking good as a personal trainer may be a good icebreaker but clients want results and results will make you successful.
The role of a Pt can vary; many take different career routes till they discover their niche where they can excel. Weather it’s a full or part time role you require numerous fitness facilities have a wide range of opportunities that will take you one step closer to your dream job as a Pt with a very attractive salary as a personal trainer.
A good personal trainer should deliver safe and effective progressive workouts that have the client’s goals in mind. The training program should be varied depending on the clients, experience, fitness levels and goals.
As a Pt you should also be Monitoring, motivating, teaching plus tracking progress of your clients along the way.

So if you feel you would like to take the next steps in your, here is what to do next. Gain a fitness qualification, there are plenty of personal trainer courses, gym, studio and fitness careers available on the market but which do you choose? If you already have a job but would like to become a personal trainer, then a distance course would be ideal for you. This may take a little longer to complete but you’ll be able to jungle your current work life whilst gaining a qualification at the same time. For a more hands on approach an intensive 6-8 week course would be a great choice, sessions in the study room coupled with practicable sessions would be the prefect option.

If the fitness industry sounds like the one for you then we would highly recommended visiting for advertised Personal training jobs, fitness careers plus a selection of health and fitness courses.

We wish you all the best on your fitness career path.

Keeping Fit On Business Travels


learn how to keep fit when traveling with work

learn how to keep fit when traveling with work



Fitness Business Travel


The Fitness Business, now many of you may think that while travelling with work your health regime should stay at home. Well those days are now over, with the right planning plus a little thinking outside of the box, being unhealthy during business travel can be a thing of the past.

Working in The City Of London as a personal trainer I have many clients that travel frequently for business matters, some may stem longer than two weeks at a time, so I have a wealth of experience in overcoming this particular scenario.


Here I have devised a few things you can easily do to help keep you on track with your fitness goals.



Try to have a protein and fat based breakfast; this will get you energized for the day ahead. A protein based breakfast will slowly raise blood sugar levels, this in turn will help you avoid making bad food choices when breakfast is usually missed.

Here are a few of my favorites

  • Omelette
  • Greek Yoghurt
  • Smoked Salmon and Avocado
  • Whey Protein shake with a handful of nuts


All of the above can be easily prepared by you or by the staff hotel.



Steer clear of the goodies section, not buying the crap is half the battle won, instead opt for a less calorific option like unsalted nuts. if that is not enough sit down to a low carb high protein meal to keep you ticking over.



Meeting can tend to drag on a bit so remember to keep well hydrated, throughout your day aim for 1.5-2.5 L OF water. Now on to the dreaded sandwiches, just don’t eat them! Do away with the bread and eat the filling, people may look at you funny but believe me its worth it.



There is always time for a quick workout to burn through some calories, Aim to use the hotel gym or do a workout in your hotel room. Below I have created two workouts you can easily do with minimal equipment in your hotel room or at the gym. Book session into your diary just as you would a meeting, make them a priority, you’ll be surprised at how many more session you get under the belt.


Fitness business Room Workout


Exercise                       Sets/Reps             Rest


A1 Split Squat          3×10-12                     0

A2 Bench Dips          3×10-12                   60

B1 jump squats        3×10-12                     0

B2 Reverse Crunches   3×10-12             45

C1 Lunges                 3×8-10                      0

C2 Press ups          3×8-10                       40


D1 Glute Bridges           3×8-10                   0

D2 prone T with           3×8-10                   35

External rotation




Fitness business Hotel Gym Workout


Exercise                         Sets/ Reps       Rest


A1 DB squats                  5×15-20           0

A2 latpulldown              5×15-20           0

A3 Walking lunges        5×15-20           0

A4 Incline Chest press 5×15-20         120


Fitness business and Nights Out


If nights out can be avoided please do but if you need to socialize try to limit booze to a bare minimum. Boozing can easily turn into to a calorific extravaganza, so aim for just one glass and that not one glass every night, I’m talking the whole trip so choose wisely! At dinner you cant’ go wrong with meat alongside some veggies or a nice salad, job done!

oh and no dessert


I hope these tip help you sustain all your hard work thus far, happy travelling



For more help with fit travelling please do get in touch one of our expert personal trainers would love to help





Bodypower Expo And Upper Body Workout

Check out our full day at UK’s  biggest fitness expo Bodypower, we catch up with a few fitness personalities and do a upper body workout.

Click the link below



Personal Training Results Time After Time






I have worked with Tirrel for a very long time for around 2 1/2 years, I have stuck with him as the results i get and advice from him is absolutely brilliant and he is spot on and you only have to look at him to know this man knows hes stuff.

Since i had a lot of holidays around August – November last year i grew in size so we thought we would use this to our advantage and hit a good clean bulking phase November – February. My first boys holiday was coming in 1st May so we hit an intense clean shred from February – May allowing a 12 week space to do so.

My biggest struggle is food as i eat very limited foods especially greens so there was a lot of repetition in what i could eat but we managed to keep 1 cheat meal per week included as this keeps me on track with my diet. But Tirrel always built the diet around the food i would eat to make sure i would keep on track.

The first 8 weeks of the 12 weeks phase included 2 abs sessions per week and 2 cardio sessions involving 2 minute sprints, 1 min 30 sprints and 1 min sprints on a incline increase mixed in with 4 weight sessions per week

In the final 4 weeks we added an extra daily cardio on the X trainer 4 x per week which was 20 x 20 sec sprint and 40 sec recovery, I found this was a major factor as i seemed to gain huge benefit from this daily and really brought my results on.

Overall in the 2 1/2 years this is defiantly the best results i have had, and im looking forward to starting the next 10 weeks phase to take my results to the next level with Tirrel


If you would like some advise on carving out the body of your dreams with results driven personal training, please get in touch.


Get The Office Fit


Square Mile Fitness London Personal Trainers

Square Mile Fitness London Personal Trainers


4 Ways To Get The Office Fit To Achieve Corporate Wellness





The Corporate Wellness Workshop with Square Mile Fitness


Do you dream of having a team of employees that are productive, eager and strive for the best? This doesn’t have to be a dream; it can become a reality if you work on improving the wellness of your office.

Improving the wellness and overall happiness of the office can easily be achieved by getting them fit. This doesn’t mean that you need to turn your office into an army drill but rather input a few subtle changes to get your staff motivated to become fit and healthy. This will in turn make them more happy and productive in the workplace.

Here are 4 ways in which you can get the office fit to achieve corporate wellness:

1.    Invest In Standing Work Stations

One of the biggest reasons why office workers lack in fitness is because they are sitting down almost all day every day. This isn’t good for their health or fitness and should really be spending more time on their feet. This can be achieved by installing some standing work stations in the office to give staff the option of either sitting or standing while working.

2.    Buy Gym Equipment

Do you really need that extra meeting room? You don’t need to be a huge corporate business to have a gym in the workplace. Many businesses have room to put some gym equipment in such as Dumbbells and yoga mats but don’t realize it. Offering your employees a free space to workout during their lunch hours is the perfect way to encourage them to stay fit and healthy.

3.    Use Reminder Apps

While you may think that employees sitting at their desks for 7 hours a day will mean they will doing loads of work, it probably means that their productiveness is actually lacking. It is important to have mini breaks during the day so as to refresh their minds. While they will be spending less time sitting at their desk, they will actually be more productive and get more work done. Look at Google for example, they offer their staff places to sleep and play games. There are some great apps out there such as Workrave which will notify the employee when they should take a break and what exercise they could do during that break.

4.    Encourage Employees To Go Out During Breaks

I have seen it so many times where employees will remain at their desks during lunch hours and either carry in working or browse the Internet. This isn’t going to help them be productive. Encourage your employees to take proper lunch breaks by going out for a quick walk. While it is ok for them to browse the Internet every now and again, you don’t want to see them at their desks every day during lunch breaks. It will not create a healthy working environment.


For more ways to create a healthy happy work place join our Wellness Workshop Program, email us for more information.

Why Women Should Lift Weights

 untitled (1 of 1)-4

Why Lifting Weights Will Not Make Women Bulky

Have you seen women in the gym lifting weights and would like to give it a go? Are you worried because you don’t want to be bulky? I want to put your mind at rest and tell you now that lifting weights will not make you bulky like it does men.

In this quick guide, I will explain why some women get bulky, why the majority of women don’t get bulky and why lifting weights is a great way to actually lose weight and tone.

Women Can Get Bulky But It Is Very Difficult To Do So

While it is possible for women to get bulky from lifting weights, it is actually very hard to do which is why it won’t just naturally happen when women are lifting weights at the gym. Those women who wish to be bodybuilder so will lift weights however they also have a huge nutritional push in their diet to achieve that bulky look. It is not something that will happen to women who are on a balanced diet and lifting weights at the gym… even heavy weights.

So Why Are So Many Women Scared Of Lifting Weights

The general rule for many years has been men lift weights and women do cardio however we live in the modern world now and many women are starting to realize that lifting weights can actually help them to lose weight and build muscle in all the right ways. The most beautiful woman in history, Marilyn Monroe, actually lifted weights to stay fit and we all know how amazing her body was.

So What Actually Happens When Women Lift Weights

Lifting weights will help you burn fat and create beautiful tone legs, amazing glutes that would give Khloe Kardashian a run for her money, abs to die for and a teeny tiny waist. This all sounds too good to be true but all this is can be achieved by lifting weights and eating a balanced diet.

How You Can Start Lifting Weights

To avoid injury, start at a Weight level that you can manage for now. For the time being, you want to make sure that your form is perfect before starting to increase weights. Once you have mastered your form, gradually increase the weights. You should never find it easy to complete sets as this will not work to build muscle. Lifting weights should be challenging so that you break boundaries each time.


The Square Mile Fitness team are experts at getting women lifting weight the right way for the body the desire.

Weightlifting is for women too, happy lifting ladies

The London Coffee Festival Workout


The London Coffee Festival Workout



Director and senior personal trainer  Tirrel Grant Vlogs a day at the London Coffee Festival. See  happens with a day of drinking coffee alongside a shoulder workout.