Nutrition Overview

Nutrition for fat loss

Food, and the broader subject of nutrition, is a hugely complex subject. It’s a subject about which a huge volume of information (often conflicting!) is available. Everyone has an opinion and they’re quick to share what has and hasn’t worked for them. The media bombards us with fad diets (5:2, intermittent fasting, Paleo, juice diet, Atkins and so on). The latest, greatest, silver bullet solution to all of your fat loss challenges.

This information overload leaves our minds us in a near-constant state of confusion, just trying to work out what’s good for us? What’s bad? What will make me lean? Will it make me fat? Do I eat too much? Is a high level of protein in my diet bad for me? Can I out-train a poor diet?

If you feel like you’re training at full capacity, but still not getting leaner then the chances are that you need to shake your diet up – you simply can not out train a bad diet if your target is fat loss. If you want to reap the rewards of your efforts in the gym your nutrition is paramount.

Most people will try some type of diet/nutritional principle at some point, but end up getting themselves into a state due to the vast amount of uncertainty that surrounds to subject. Also, despite best intentions, it’s likely that their efforts won’t help them to achieve their goal because it is so incredibly easy to make a simple mistake that could put the brakes on your fat loss progress.

Nutrition and training is a very happy couple – they’re totally inseparable. If you want to change your body; to make it shed fat or put on muscle then you have to get your nutrition sorted. Supplementation can also assist you with fat loss, but get the basics right before worrying about supplements.

How can we help?

We know that one size definitely doesn’t fit all and as such, we will never try to use a generic approach.  We work with all of our clients to find out the approach that is most likely to work for them based on their activity levels, dietary history and the results of hormonal analysis.

We will dispel all misconceptions and myths about diet and nutrition; find out what works best for you and make eating well a part of your lifestyle, not a fad diet. We’ll also keep tabs on your progress over time and adapt your diet accordingly.

If you’re interested in a dietary consultation with one of our expert trainers then you can sign up for one of our fat loss for men, fat loss for women, body transformation packages, sign up for online personal training or book a consultation.