New Year New You?

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First of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy new year, I hope we have all enjoyed the festive period, feeling refreshed and ready for a successful year whatever your plans may be.

Now in the fitness industry this time of year sees a boom in new gym goers, a rekindled love for the gym, health and fitness leap frogs to the forefront of many people to-do list. We all have different reasons for going to the gym, be it aesthetics, rehab, performance, confidence, posture etc. the list goes on.

January tends to be the magical month that the majority of people decide to step it up a gear and go the extra mile, but how much is too much, the more you do the better right? Well this can all depend on a few things but for me what I feel it boils down to is your ability to recover from training.

My client pictured above made more gains in 6 weeks training with me 1 session a day than he did on his own training twice a day!They say fatigue masks fitness, so If you are not recovering well enough you will not reach your true training potential, training frequency is recovery depended. If you plan to train twice a day (training twice a day is a great method) by all means go for it but ensure sufficient time between sessions and that your nutrition is in line with your training goal also session intensities. Failure to do so can lead to loss of strength, muscle mass and you may become prone to frequent colds.

Go hard or go Home! How much you train will vary person to person, some individuals can tolerate a high volume of work but others cannot, I have clients that can train twice per day 4x per week and others that train 3x per week. Less is sometimes more depending on the individual as long as you can hand on heart say that you are applying yourself that’s all that matters. There is no point heading back into the gym for the second time in the same day if the second session isn’t going to be no where near as good as your first.

For me personally when I leave the gym I like to feel some sense of achievement and accomplishment I get this by attempting to lift a heavier weight than last week doing an extra rep or sets.

My advise to everyone is, Listen to your body and learn how to assess you recovery ability and you’ll be surprised at the gains you will make.




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