Personal Trainer: Client Testimonials

Testimonials from clients who have achieved their goals with our City Of London-based Personal Trainers

How do clients feel about their Square Mile Fitness Personal Trainer experience? Find out in their own words.

“I had the usual 2 objectives when I contacted Square Mile Fitness to get a personal trainer – lose weight, get fit. I’m a busy professional woman, I find the gym boring and I don’t want to spend my life in it. I was matched with Tirrel and we started working out for an hour twice a week. Tirrel helped me with my diet and designed a personal training program that mixes it up, really pushes me and is fun as well as hard work.

Within 6 weeks * I noticed major changes in fitness, weight and shape, and what I found amazing was that the complements started to roll in.

Within 3 months * I was 20% lighter and was over 2 sizes smaller. Almost a year later I am still working out with him twice a week and I’m still changing. I’ve never been in such good shape -fitter, healthier and getting more toned and stronger with every session.

Tirrel’s knowledge and passion about training and fitness is infectious and he is an extremely encouraging and inspirational trainer. The best complement I can pay Tirrel is that I have recommended him and Square Mile Fitness to my best friends and some of them now are also his clients.”

Gill Leivesley, Management Consultant


“This year I decided to turn things round and commit to getting fit. I generally struggle with weight gain and obsessed with my ever increasing waist line and so this summer I really had to lose a few stubborn pounds. I wasn’t seeing results quick enough or good enough That’s where Square Mile Fitness and Tirrel Grant came in. The sessions I have had with Tirrel are invaluable with lasting benefits and a great investment if you really want to be fit and in shape. There has been a huge change and I have lost at least 4 inches off my waist *…I’m still a work in progress but Tirrel has endured with me on this calorie busting journey and helped me beat my body into shape by making a huge difference to my training regime and the way I view fitness. I have lost weight, gained strength and now do things in the gym which previously I wouldn’t have backed myself doing or simply couldn’t. Driven by fitness for himself and others I would thoroughly recommend Tirrel Grant from Square Mile Fitness.”

Sunando Mukerjee, Lawyer


“Square Mile/Tirrel have been fantastic in getting me fit and into shape since I started regular training sessions with him about 12 months ago. The structure of Tirrel’s sessions is excellent, having started at a low base and gradually built up in intensity as I have got fitter. I have noticed a real improvement in that time and the paunch has almost gone! He is great at explaining the exercises and is also very helpful with dietary advice.”

Nick Braybrock, Knight Frank


“I would highly recommend Tirrel as a personal trainer. After a series of tri-weekly sessions I lost 9% bodyfat over a 3 months period *! Tirrel challenged me in every session and pushed me to levels I thought I would never achieve! He constantly praised my small achievements (which compounded over the weeks!) and pushed me to work harder and produce greater results! The whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable, even with a few tears 🙂 . He gave me a great basis to continue training to the next level with his nutritional advice and technique explanations!!

Thanks again!”

Chantel Myburgh, Trader


“I have had a great 13 weeks with Tirrel thus far and have benefited greatly from his meticulous planning centred around strength training, variable movement, cardio and nutrition. I am extremely pleased with my results as well as my lifestyle change and knowledge increase. With Tirrel, he is a fine example of someone who is passionate in being at the top end and optimal best in his field of strength training, body sculpting, general fitness and nutrition and all aimed at clients on a personalised, bespoke basis.”

Ramesh Parmar, FCA


“My intention was to sign up for six sessions to get into shape for the summer; that was nearly two years ago and I have had a weekly personal trainer session with him nearly every week since! Tirrel manages to strike the right balance of being a true professional and focusing on the achievements of my overall fitness goals whilst combining it with an element of fun. He is extremely personable and very knowledgeable about his subject, covering both exercise and nutrition. I have lost weight and toned up considerably since working out with Tirrel and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to both friends and family; indeed actually I have! He has single-handedly changed the way I feel about exercising and I now really enjoy going to the gym, something I didn’t think was ever possible!”

Louise Wykeham-Martin, Change Delivery Manager, Talent & Development


“Tirrel completely changed my attitude to training.  I had been training for years, but clearly, until seeing Tirrel – a professional personal trainer – and I sat down to discuss the best path for me, without any sort of structure and focused direction.  He listened to exactly what I wanted and delivered.  Simple as that.  I more than halved my body fat percentage in 12 weeks * and have now got the look I want (and have been striving for, for years).   His passion for health, fitness and training is so motivational and it’s wonderful to see someone loving what they do.  Tirrel’s given me an achievable and manageable package to take away, train and eat (!) with and I can honestly say that his approach and guidance has changed my life.  If anyone asked me for a recommendation for a personal trainer, he’d be top of my list.”

Graham Cutts, Lawyer

Personal Trainer results from Square Mile Fitness

Graham’s Transformation

Online Personal Training Testimonials

An example of how our Online Personal Training Programme can give you the shake-up that you need

“I’d like to think I know quite a bit about body composition & training. I came to Square Mile Fitness for Online personal training after dropping my diet to 1500 cals a day, I never slept through the night, I hated training because I was so tired and when I did go out, I rebounded hard onto cakes/chocolate/anything sweet. As a result I made no progress yo yo ing up and down.

Over the last 12 weeks, Karl mapped out my diet, regularly checked my composition with photos and measurements as well as given me back my love of training. He’s even been there on the days I felt fat. I’ve now made some huge gains eating more than ever and sleeping like a baby. For anyone who wants to look better or simply enjoys a good workout, I’d recommend giving Square Mile Fitness a go.”


A glowing endorsement from someone who got BIG results

“Tirrel from Square Mile Fitness is truly an expert personal trainer. After spinning my wheels for years (making negligible progress), I wanted to work with expert who would deliver – this is exactly what happened. In the 12 weeks with Tirrel, I can say more progress was made than in the last four years of training combined *, perhaps even more.

Why was he so effective?

  • You will listen to him. You can see from his physique he walks the walk, and has 100% credibility. This is really important when you are pushing yourself for that one final split squat!
  • He pushes you beyond what you thought was capable, but just before you break into tears!
  • Positive and friendly. Nothing like those meanies from TV!

I could not be more pleased with my results!

Book him, do as he says, and you will not be disappointed! Stop spinning your wheels!”


Here’s a before and after of Mo – incredible results, well done!

Mo - Personal Trainer results from Square Mile Fitness

Mo’s Transformation



Interview with Tori

Personal Trainer results from Square Mile Fitness

Personal Trainer results from Square Mile Fitness

How long have you been training/ how long have you trained with me?

I had always been someone who trained regularly from a young age, but hadn’t

discovered weight training until about four months before I met Tirrel and decided to use a personal trainer. I trained

with Tirrel for about 4 months.

Why did you decide to get into shape?

I wanted to test how far I could push my body, and really enjoyed the idea of

sculpting the body I wanted to have through weights. By the time I had started

regularly training with weights in the gym, I was hooked! I met Tirrel at the

BodyPower Expo in Birmingham, and from there I asked him to write up a diet

and training plan for me.

What did you enjoy about the training?

I really enjoyed the fact that I sweated! I was given a two-day upper body and

lower body split, alongside interval sprints. This structure of working out really

shredded the fat off me, and by the time I was on holiday (you can see on the

right-hand picture) I was a lean bean! I would really recommend Tirrel as a

trainer if you want to get rid of that unwanted layer.

Highlights/Lows of the process?

Staying consistently on a nutrition plan and counting macros was new to me at

that point, so that was a challenge. I have a real sweet tooth and I had a period of

sugar withdrawal before I came out at the other end shiny and new! So that

process was probably a high and a low. My main highlight was genuinely being

happy when I looked in the mirror. Tirrel taught me a few posing tricks which

definitely got regular practise when at home in my room!

* Disclaimer: Results may vary and are dependent on individual circumstances. Time taken to achieve results can not be guaranteed.