I Could Not Be More Pleased With My Results!

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Tirrel is a truly expert personal trainer. After spinning my wheels for years (making negligible progress), I wanted to work with an expert who would deliver – this is exactly what happened. In the 12 weeks with Tirrel, I can say more progress was made than in the last four years of training combined, perhaps even more.

Why was he so effective?

  • You will listen to him. You can see from his physique he walks the walk, and has 100% credibility. This is really important when you are pushing yourself for that one final split squat!
  • He pushes you beyond what you thought was capable, but just before you break into tears!
  • Positive and friendly. Nothing like those meanies from TV!


I could not be more pleased with my results!


Book him, do as he says, and you will not be disappointed! Stop spinning your wheels!”


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