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Now I am sure you’ve heard the terms HIIT or interval training thrown around especially in these summer months, but what is HIIT training?

High intensity interval training is or can be rather, a cardiovascular-based training style, which involves periods of lower and higher bouts of effort.

So if we were to take running as an example you would (high intensity interval training) have periods of time where you would be working hard then you would also have a set recovery time. During the high intensity portion of this workout also know as the sprint portion, you are required to exert near maximal efforts for a short amount of time to gain the most out of this style of training. The benefits of the sprint part of this workout could be aimed to improve your speed and power. The great thing about intervals is that they can be tailored and individualized depending on your goals plus fitness levels. For an individual wanting to improve their endurance they would use longer “sprint” periods, one way you could do this is by using a 1:1 ratio where the work time and rest times are the same, you could also use lower rest periods and higher work times.

Take it outside: why not go to your local park or running track and try interval training (HIIT) for distance or time, this is a great ways to jazz things up and you will definitely feel the burn!


More benefits of HIIT


General Health – studies have show that cardiovascular can lower the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and metabolic syndromes.


Time efficiency – Its short s and very effective is one of the numerous benefits to HIIT training. High intensity interval training can last anything from 6-25 minutes; now who wouldn’t commit to 10 minutes a day 3x times per week to look and feel much better?

Feel good- when I mentioned, “feel good” I really did mean that. When you exercise the body releases endorphins, now these bad boy are know as the happy hormones. Have you ever heard someone say, “that workout was tough, but man I felt great after”? Endorphins will lift your mood; self esteem, energize you and as result leave you feeling pretty damn good!

The metabolic effect- EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) you’re probably thinking “what on earth has that got to do with me”? so here Is what, the greater the EPOC post workout the greater the calories expenditure during the recovery window which can last up to 24 hours so you’ll be burning calories just sitting at your desk.

Now if you like the sound of Interval training (HIIT) but are not sure where to start; I have created beginners, intimidate and advanced workouts for you to try.



20 seconds work 90 seconds recovery x 6



30 seconds work 60 seconds recovery x8



30 seconds work 30 seconds recovery x10




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