Full Body Workout At Home With Dumbbells

Full Body Workout At Home With Dumbbells





This is a full body workout using dumbbells, we are targeting all the major muscle groups of the body for a very effective workout. All you need for this workout is a pair of dumbbells and some effort. You can do this full body dumbbell workout at home or in the gym, the beauty of this dumbbell workout is that you don’t need much space and you can get a lot done in a short timeframe.


In this full body workout we are using trisets, this is a sequence of 3 exercises performed back to back. Trisets are great if you don’t have much time for a long workout and you want to get lots of volume done in a short space of time.


Full body trisets are also great for making a workout more intense especially if you pair 3 exercises all on the same muscle group. Training in this fashion Is very time effective and great for fat burning and building strength alongside the right diet.



Triset training is a fun way to workout compared to single set training; the varied exercises can easily get you to lose track of time with this challenging style of training. With these full body workouts each week you will need to challenge yourself with either more reps or a heavier weight. When you train at high intensity with weights, you’ll gain getter conditioning, and you won’t be staring at the clock like you would will long slow cardio training.



Another benefit to varying your workouts with superset and trisets is that you won’t get bored, many people tend to lose focus when training or even motivation when they’re not stimulated by their training program.




Full body Partner tirsets


If you don’t have the luxury of multiple dumbbells just use a weight that challenges you for the given reps, if you only have a light pair of dumbbells then increase the reps so the workout is challenging enough


Trisets can also be regressed to supersets which is a paring of two exercises, depending on your training background and what you would like to achieve with your training will determine which you choose.



Full body Exercise pairing with dumbbells: Letters and number’s

Rules and additional Notes:



3-0-1-0 is a tempo

3-second eccentric (on the way down) the lowering portion of the movement

0 at the bottom part of the movement

1 this is the concentric part of the movement (the way up) in parts of the program You may see a (2) which means 2 sec up

0 the last number the finishing point of the movement

this is a 3 week program you need to start the dumbbells with a weight that the last 2 reps as challenging towards the end of sets


Try to increase the dumbbell weight on big compound lifts, if you don’t have heavier dumbbells then opt for more reps.


Keep Track of every session by record the weights you lift, keep your form as strict as possible and do your best to stick to the tempo.


You will need a stopwatch every session, stick to the rest periods to the best of your ability.  30 seconds rest means your hands are on the bar and ready to go at 27 seconds.


A1,A2- This means super set but check to see the rest time at the end of each exercise A’S and numbered in order of how you need to completed them as are B’S and C’s. For example if the program reads A1, A2,A3  you will complete exercise A1 with the correct tempo and number of reps, then use the given rest period before moving on to exercise A2.





The Full Body Dumbbell Workout Routines


full body dumbbell workout at home

Beginner level full body workout



Day 1.


Exercise                                                    SETS/ REPS                               TEMPO           REST


A1 Dumbbell Deadlift                              3×10-12                                          3010             30

A2 Press Up                                           3×10-12                                             2011              60

B1 Split squats                                      3×10-12                                              3011              30

B2 Bent Dumbbell Row                         3×10-12                                           3011              60

C1 Single Leg Dumbbell Calf Raise        3×10-12                                         2010             30

C2 Dumbbell Lat Raise                            3×10-12                                           3010            60



Day 2.


Exercise                                                    SETS/ REPS                              TEMPO           REST



A1 Dumbbell Goblet Squat                     3×10-12                                              3011             30

A2 Single Arm Row                                  3×10-12                                             3011             60

B1 Back Extensions                               3×10-12                                             3010               30

B2 Seated Shoulder Press                     3×10-12                                             3011               60

C1 Overhead Tricep EXT                         3×10-12                                              3010           30

C2 Crunches                                             3×10-12                                              3011             60




Intermediate workout level full body dumbbell superset workout



Day 1.


Exercise                                                    SETS/ REPS                               TEMPO           REST


A1 RDL                                                        3×8-10                                                3011            10

A2 Incline dumbbell chest press           3×10-12                                             3110             60

B1 Back foot elevated split  squats       3×10-12                                             3010             10

B2 Dumbbell Renegade Row                3×10-12                                             2010             60

C1 Standing Arnold Press                       3×10-12                                              3110             10

C2 Weighted Crunch                               3×10-12                                              2011             60





Day 2.


Exercise                                                    SETS/ REPS                              TEMPO           REST


A1Heels Elevated Dumbbell Squat       3×10-12                                             2011            60

A2 Single Arm Shoulder Press

B1 Back foot elevated split  squats       3×10-12                                             3011             10

B2 Dumbbell Renegade Row                3×10-12                                             3011             60

C1 Dumbbell Floor Press                        3×10-12                                              2010           10

C2 Standing Hammer Curls                    3×10-12                                            3010            60



Advanced dumbbell Triset workout





Exercise                                                    SETS/ REPS                                            TEMPO           REST


A1 Dumbbell Front Squat                      3×10-12                                                  4010                    10

A2 Dumbbell Lunges                                3×10-12                                                 2010                    10

A3 Neu to Pro Bent Row                         3×12-15                                                   3010                   60

B1 Toes Up RDL                                       3×10-12                                                     3011                   10

B2 Dumbbell Step up                              3×12-15                                                      2010                 10

B3 Flat Dumbbell chest press              3×12-15                                                        3010                 60



There are many ways to workout with minimal amounts of equipment and still get a great workout. If you would like more information on the right dumbbell workout for you, please get in touch.







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