Festive Fat Loss Workout





Christmas and the New Year are around the corner for many people the gym begins to fall slowly down the to-do list, don’t let this happen to you just think of all the hard work you’ve put in this year.

With Christmas events to attend, mountains of lovely food tempting us, alcohol flowing freely, this time of year can easily turn into a calorific free for all.

We here at Square Mile fitness believe you can still enjoy the festive season whilst staying on track with your diet and training.

For most it may seem a good idea to give in to all the temptation, hope for the best and get things back on track in the New Year. However, Here is the Square Mile Fitness we have the perfect plan to keep all your levers heading in the right direction.

Introducing “The Damage Limitation “ Fat Loss Workout of the month, this plan will have you in a sweaty mess, in and out of the gym in no time at all.

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