Fat Loss Workout For The Busy Nine to Fiver



We all love the idea of getting fitter, stronger and leading a healthier lifestyle but without action it is just an idea. In our fast paced society, many of us are constantly on the go rushing in and out of meetings and at times may feel like there are not enough hours in the day. When embarking on any journey a key factor is always going to be consistency, with health and fitness the same applies.

If you want to go from strength to strength you need to take ownership. There is nothing worse than training really hard, starting to see progress then to hit a brick wall because of “not having enough time” due to work commitments. A stop start training attitude will leave you stuck in a rut, you will be in a constant battle with yourself to reach your training heights of the previous month and your motivation will plummet. Whether your goal is it to gain muscle or lose fat, your training stressor needs to be constant and adapted over time periods to keep the body adapting. Without this your body will have no reason to change in a positive way

Not making health and fitness a priority and with lack of commitment, your thoughts of your dream body or ideal fitness goal will amount to nothing without action. In my opinion, this attitude applied over a period of time may cause you to lose any muscular gains you have made and muscle atrophy may occur. That being said, if you do feel you are doing the best you can when It come to health and fitness to better yourself, the next step is to be patient, maybe a change of routine too.

You don’t need to spend hours upon hours in the gym the key factor is intensity. The most basic workout can be challenging as long as you apply yourself. When time is the limiting factor, train using the best bang for your buck multi joint exercises such as squats, chins-ups and Deadlifts. You should Opt for free weights and bodyweight exercises to ensure you are making the most of your limited time to train. Another great way to fit more into small time periods are the use of superset and circuit based training. Paring exercises together is a great way to get more done in a shorter space of time. When it comes to doing cardio try interval training, this is another great way to train at a high intensity in a small amount of time and burn fat!

Visualize obstacles and plan ahead, if achieving your goal is important you need to identify any possible obstacles and find a solution. Be creative, mental imagery is a great way to keep you focused on the task in hand. If your day tends to get quite busy try getting your workout done in the morning. Training in the morning can have a positive effect and boost your mood for the rest of your day. Having a training partner can really help with motivation, a team effort to keep each other on track and to push one another whilst training. What works for many of my clients is having sessions booked into their diaries in advance that way they have made the commitment to train.


If lack of time is slowing your progress give this little routine a try and as I mentioned before its all about how you apply yourself.


Exercise                                                 Sets/Rest                     Tempo             Rest


A1 Split squats                                        4×12-15                     4010                10 sec


A2 Jump squats                                        4×10-12                     x0x0              10 sec


A4 Press ups narrow hand position         4×10-12                  3011               10 sec


A4 v –sits                                                 4×8-10                         3010               90 sec


B1 Lunges                                           4×12-15                         3010                   10 sec


B2 Mountain climbers                        4×15-20                         x0x0                10 sec


B3 burpees                                          4×10-12                         x0x0                   10sec


B4 plank                                               4x30sec                        NA                     90 sec





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