Fat Loss Supplements

Fat Loss Supplements

Firstly, and most importantly, we must recognise that Supplementation is not, and never will be, a silver bullet; an effort-free quick fix. Nutrition and training must be your main areas of focus/effort in your search for fat loss.

So what are supplements good for and why do we recommend them to all of our clients undertaking fat loss for men, fat loss for women or body transformation packages?

Here’s why – they are an incredibly useful complementary tool in the fight against fat. They help to accelerate and accentuate the progress that you and your body are making with your hard work in and out of the gym. There are many ways in which supplementation can be used to boost your rate of progress: some replace vital nutrients expended during heavy training, some help control insulin (thus putting the brakes on love handles), others support your body in its efforts to grow and repair muscle.

We offer hormonal analysis as part of all of our transformation packages – hormonal analysis is what allows us to identify supplements which could help you, based on your hormonal indicators, achieve your goal as quickly as possible. Contact us if you are interested in transforming your body or view our packages.

If you don’t live in London, or just aren’t in a position to benefit from our customised supplementation plan, all is not lost. We have put together a list of supplements for fat loss which are commonly used together (along with a link to a supplier of high quality supplements where you can buy them).

Fish Oil

Glutamine – My Protein – Click here to order

Multi Vit

L – Carnitine – My Protein – Click here to order


Zinc – My Protein – Click here to order

Diet Whey – Phd Fitness – Click here to order

BCAA – Phd Fitness – Click here to order

Vitamin D3 – My Protein – Click here to order

Pre Workout – Phd Fitness – Click here to order