Fat Loss for Women

Fat loss for women: Personal Training Package (London: City and West End)

Fat loss for women is achieved differently from fat loss for men. We understand that women can be daunted by the prospect of lifting weights, or going into a Testosterone-fuelled exercise environment. Firstly, we have a proven track record of working with women to achieve fat loss/weight loss and secondly, our hand-picked training environments cater for both men and women equally – they are Neanderthal free zones!

Naturally, men and women are hormonally different and this has a marked impact on how the body stores, distributes and retains fat. Our fat loss packages designed for women still follow our method, but they are tweaked in subtle, yet hugely important ways to get the body to react in the way that we want it to.

Tirrel training female client

Furthermore, please don’t worry that because you will be lifting weights, that you’ll start to bulk up like Arnie – those hormonal differences that we mentioned before ensure that won’t happen! What you will notice from lifting weights (and other resistance exercise) is that you will become firmer around your mid-section and will notice an overall reduction in bodyfat, quickly.

Clients have previously achieved meaningful results in 4 weeks – although given the compound effects of targeted nutrition, training and supplementation over time – we see results accelerate between weeks 5 and 12.*

If you would feel more comfortable with a female trainer then we can accommodate this request. Take a look at our team and get in touch for a discussion about how we can help you.

London Personal Trainer Transformations

City Of London Personal Trainer Transformations

London Personal Trainer Transformations

City Of London Personal Trainer Transformations


We recommend this package to anyone who:

  • Is willing to commit to training hard and eating well
  • Would welcome the support of an experienced trainer throughout their transformation
  • Wants to achieve life changing fat loss in a specific time period
  • Is ready to change their lifestyle in order to effect body change
  • Is willing to follow our expert support and guidance

Depending on your start weight and bodyfat and your goal, training frequency (number of times per week you train) varies between 2 and 3 personal training sessions with the inclusion of some self-training (following personalised Square Mile Fitness training plans) or Group Strength & Conditioning sessions.

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* Disclaimer: Results may vary and are dependent on individual circumstances. Time taken to achieve results can not be guaranteed.