Fat Loss In A Flash


Fat Loss In A Flash

When leading a busy lifestyle, balancing a hectic work schedule, a busy home life, making time to catch up with friends, where does the gym fit in?
Many of us have great intension to train at least three times per week, whether it be to add muscle, burn fat or for general health. But for some reason or another you’re only managing one session at a push, and its turning out to be a pretty half hearted session. So what can we do to rectify this?

We have created 5 fitness tips to ensure you get to the gym three times per week


1. Plan ahead – have a look at your diary, block out times to workout


2. Hire a personal trainer – we all tent to take things that little bit more serious when money is involved, invest in your health.


3. Find a collogue who has the same goal as you – buddy up with a friend, motivate each other and maybe add forfeits for any cancelled sessions


4. Group fitness- working out in a group can be very fun yet also very effective. Finding something that you enjoy will defiantly help you be more consistent


5. Follow along with our fat loss in a flash program – we have created a short workout that will have you in and out of the gym in a flash. With a mixture of compound exercises, this program will put you though your paces but also give you some direction of what to do in the gym which many people lack.

The Program

Exercise                                                                            Sets/Reps         Tempo       Rest

A1 Sumo Deadlift                                                              5×8-10             3010        30sec

A2 Barbell Push Press                                                      5×8-10             20×0       30sec

A3 Walking Lunges                                                          5x30M             2010        30sec

A4 Deadmill                                                                      5×30 sec          x0x0        90sec


Checkout the video below for more details on the exercises






If you have any further questions please do get in touch one or our personal trainers, it would be a pleasure to help reach your fat loss goals.

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