Full Body Workout No Equipment

Full Body Workout No Equipment






In the ideal situation, getting a workout done in a fully equipped gym is great, its purpose built and very effective. Without having access to a gym, you can still get in a great full body workout. Working out at home or in a hotel room can be very effective but you need to get creative. today we are exploring how we can get a full body workout (no equipment) at home.


Of course training with weights or against a resistance is will enable you build muscle and get stronger much faster. However, full body workouts with minimal equipment are a great addition to your workout routine. I believe that there is more longevity in a diverse training plan than one that is more rigid with less variety. People that have a well rounded training plan are less likely to get bored and give up, which is not what we want.


Training at home, in a hotel room or in your garden takes real discipline. We generally associate being at home with relaxing and having fun. This can make it harder to find the motivation for a workout. So it’s really important that you dedicate a specific time for your training session. Being at home makes it so much easier to push your workout later and later into the day because you’re already at the “gym.”


full body workout no equipment

Now you might be thinking What’s the point of body weight workouts, I may as well not workout until I have weights. But if you’re a beginner you can make some great gains initially from no equipment workouts. If you’re a more experienced trainee, body weight training can help you maintain and improve your physique also.


Going from training with weights at a full equip gym, to then working out with minimal equipment, you might be worried about losing muscle. But with the right training intensity and frequency you’ll be absolutely fine as long as your workouts are challenging enough. Don’t worry too much about muscle loss, with muscle memory you will gain back your muscle quicker than it took you to build it initially.


One of the many benefits to body weight training without much equipment is that you’ll move more in your workout. You’ll probably spend more time on your feet and standing up rather than being sat on machines your whole workout. If you spend the majority of your day being sat down,  when your exercise try to incorporate more standing and overall movement in your sessions.


Everything in a gym has its place. If you have an injury, or are recovering from an injury, then fixed machine weights can be a great accessory to your program and recovery. Using fixed machine weights are a great addition to any program as they add variety. But it’s important where possible to utilize barbell, dumbbell and body weight exercises.


As for nutrition, you should structure your diet around your goals, activity level, body type and training experience.



How to train without equipment or minimal amounts of equipment


When training with minimal amounts or equipment or no equipment at all, it goes without saying that technique is very important. But to get the most out of home workouts you need to get creative with how you make an exercise more intense. You can do this with drop sets, training to failure and pre exhaust techniques but to name a few.



In this full workout we will be finding creative ways to make working out with minimal equipment challenging but fun.

What you need to make this session more intense is a backpack loaded with book or anything you can find to add weights. You can also use resistance bands but we will leave that for another post.




Before you attempt this workout please make sure you warm up


The Workout


EXERCISE                                        SETS/REPS            REST (In seconds)


A1 1.4 SPLIT SQUATS                                      3×12-15                      10

A2 FORWARD AND BACK LUNGES           3×12-15                       10

A3 SINGLE LEG HIP EXT                                x8-10                         75


B1 SA SHO PRESS                                         3×12-15                       10

B1 DECLINE PUSH UP                                  3×12-15                     10

B3 BENCH DIPS                                             3×12-15                      60


Conditioning MAX REP 45 ON 15 OFF x 4 (15 minute workout)


Exercise                                            Reps/Sets                              Rest


C1 THRUSTERS                                AMRAP                                    15

C2 PLYO LUNGES                            AMRAP                                    15

C3 PRESS UP                                      AMRAP                                   15

C4 SIDE TRAVELLING APE          AMRAP                                    15




I hope you’ve found this article educational and have gained in insight to how you can have a great workout without any equipment. If you would like any more information on how we can help structure your workout plan,  or you have any other questions, please get in touch.




10 Minute Workout For Conditioning

10 Minute Workout For Conditioning








A 10 minute workout may sound like a walk in the park, but when executed correctly; 10 minutes can feel like a very long time. Now you may be thinking that a 10 minute workout isn’t long enough, but you can use the last 10 minutes of your workouts for a high intensity conditioning 10 minute finisher.




Why 10 minutes?


As well as using the last 10 minutes of your workout for a finisher, you can also use a 10 minute workout for the days that get really busy. It happens to all of us, you have the best intensions for hitting a 45-60 minute workout but things just keep popping up in the diary. For almost all of us, finding 10 minutes a few times a week for exercise is very doable. If you want to squeeze in a short but effective session, then this is the workout for you.



What are the benefits?


A high intensity workout will be taxing but you’ll end up feeling great after your workout and for the rest of your day. You’ll experience an endorphin rush that will lift you mood and give you more energy. For many people consistency is hard to maintain within a workout program if you miss workouts because of a busy schedule.


A 10 minute workout will keep you consistent as we can all spare 10 minutes for some type of exercise. With being able to keep consistent with your workouts also Keeps motivation high. Many of us have an all or nothing attitude to fitness. If you can’t spend an hour working you write off that whole day and motivation plummets. The beauty of a shorter session is that you won’t beat yourself up because you’re pressed for time, you can reap the rewards of a shorter session instead.



You will burn calories, now it might not be as much as a 45 or 60 minute workout, but you’ll burn more calories in 10 minutes than not working out at all. It is very important throughout you fitness journey to focus on what you can do rather than what you cant.



Improved  conditioning is another positive byproduct of a short sharp workouts, you’ll be better conditioned for  short bursts and longer workout routines.



How does a 10 minute conditioning session work?


A 10 minute conditioning workout is a series of fully body dynamic multi-joint exercises. There are vast amounts of ways in which you can structure a conditioning workout, today  we will explore a conditioning ladder workout later in the article.



When should you do a 10 minute workout?


You shouldn’t base all of your workout around a 10 minute sessions, but you can use them to ensure you don’t skip a workout. If you have a day full of meeting or a busy day at work, you should make room for a 10 minute workout. You should however ensure throughout your week you incorporate longer duration workouts.



What are the exercises


Dev Press


10 minute workout exercises 10 minute workout exercises 10 minute workout exercises


Drop Squats

10 minute workout exercises



Reverse Lunges




10 minute workout exercises 10 minute workout exercises


Lateral Burpees

10 minute workout exercises






The 10 minute conditioning ladder workout



Session explanation:


The goal of this ladder workout is to complete as many rounds of the exercises as possible in 10 minutes. All of the reps start at 6, after completing a full round of every exercises you increase the reps by 1. Round 1 is 6 reps, round 2 is 7 reps, can you see how this workout can easily turn into a very challenging workout?

1.Dev Press

2. Drop Squats

3. Reverse Lunges

4. Lateral Burpee


Take away


Every session can be challenging, even the most “basic” workout can be tough, its all about how you apply yourself to the task in hand. Vary your workouts to suit your lifestyle and schedule, above all make sure you have fun.


Full Body Workout At Home With Dumbbells

Full Body Workout At Home With Dumbbells





This is a full body workout using dumbbells, we are targeting all the major muscle groups of the body for a very effective workout. All you need for this workout is a pair of dumbbells and some effort. You can do this full body dumbbell workout at home or in the gym, the beauty of this dumbbell workout is that you don’t need much space and you can get a lot done in a short timeframe.


In this full body workout we are using trisets, this is a sequence of 3 exercises performed back to back. Trisets are great if you don’t have much time for a long workout and you want to get lots of volume done in a short space of time.


Full body trisets are also great for making a workout more intense especially if you pair 3 exercises all on the same muscle group. Training in this fashion Is very time effective and great for fat burning and building strength alongside the right diet.



Triset training is a fun way to workout compared to single set training; the varied exercises can easily get you to lose track of time with this challenging style of training. With these full body workouts each week you will need to challenge yourself with either more reps or a heavier weight. When you train at high intensity with weights, you’ll gain getter conditioning, and you won’t be staring at the clock like you would will long slow cardio training.



Another benefit to varying your workouts with superset and trisets is that you won’t get bored, many people tend to lose focus when training or even motivation when they’re not stimulated by their training program.




Full body Partner tirsets


If you don’t have the luxury of multiple dumbbells just use a weight that challenges you for the given reps, if you only have a light pair of dumbbells then increase the reps so the workout is challenging enough


Trisets can also be regressed to supersets which is a paring of two exercises, depending on your training background and what you would like to achieve with your training will determine which you choose.



Full body Exercise pairing with dumbbells: Letters and number’s

Rules and additional Notes:



3-0-1-0 is a tempo

3-second eccentric (on the way down) the lowering portion of the movement

0 at the bottom part of the movement

1 this is the concentric part of the movement (the way up) in parts of the program You may see a (2) which means 2 sec up

0 the last number the finishing point of the movement

this is a 3 week program you need to start the dumbbells with a weight that the last 2 reps as challenging towards the end of sets


Try to increase the dumbbell weight on big compound lifts, if you don’t have heavier dumbbells then opt for more reps.


Keep Track of every session by record the weights you lift, keep your form as strict as possible and do your best to stick to the tempo.


You will need a stopwatch every session, stick to the rest periods to the best of your ability.  30 seconds rest means your hands are on the bar and ready to go at 27 seconds.


A1,A2- This means super set but check to see the rest time at the end of each exercise A’S and numbered in order of how you need to completed them as are B’S and C’s. For example if the program reads A1, A2,A3  you will complete exercise A1 with the correct tempo and number of reps, then use the given rest period before moving on to exercise A2.





The Full Body Dumbbell Workout Routines


full body dumbbell workout at home

Beginner level full body workout



Day 1.


Exercise                                                    SETS/ REPS                               TEMPO           REST


A1 Dumbbell Deadlift                              3×10-12                                          3010             30

A2 Press Up                                           3×10-12                                             2011              60

B1 Split squats                                      3×10-12                                              3011              30

B2 Bent Dumbbell Row                         3×10-12                                           3011              60

C1 Single Leg Dumbbell Calf Raise        3×10-12                                         2010             30

C2 Dumbbell Lat Raise                            3×10-12                                           3010            60



Day 2.


Exercise                                                    SETS/ REPS                              TEMPO           REST



A1 Dumbbell Goblet Squat                     3×10-12                                              3011             30

A2 Single Arm Row                                  3×10-12                                             3011             60

B1 Back Extensions                               3×10-12                                             3010               30

B2 Seated Shoulder Press                     3×10-12                                             3011               60

C1 Overhead Tricep EXT                         3×10-12                                              3010           30

C2 Crunches                                             3×10-12                                              3011             60




Intermediate workout level full body dumbbell superset workout



Day 1.


Exercise                                                    SETS/ REPS                               TEMPO           REST


A1 RDL                                                        3×8-10                                                3011            10

A2 Incline dumbbell chest press           3×10-12                                             3110             60

B1 Back foot elevated split  squats       3×10-12                                             3010             10

B2 Dumbbell Renegade Row                3×10-12                                             2010             60

C1 Standing Arnold Press                       3×10-12                                              3110             10

C2 Weighted Crunch                               3×10-12                                              2011             60





Day 2.


Exercise                                                    SETS/ REPS                              TEMPO           REST


A1Heels Elevated Dumbbell Squat       3×10-12                                             2011            60

A2 Single Arm Shoulder Press

B1 Back foot elevated split  squats       3×10-12                                             3011             10

B2 Dumbbell Renegade Row                3×10-12                                             3011             60

C1 Dumbbell Floor Press                        3×10-12                                              2010           10

C2 Standing Hammer Curls                    3×10-12                                            3010            60



Advanced dumbbell Triset workout





Exercise                                                    SETS/ REPS                                            TEMPO           REST


A1 Dumbbell Front Squat                      3×10-12                                                  4010                    10

A2 Dumbbell Lunges                                3×10-12                                                 2010                    10

A3 Neu to Pro Bent Row                         3×12-15                                                   3010                   60

B1 Toes Up RDL                                       3×10-12                                                     3011                   10

B2 Dumbbell Step up                              3×12-15                                                      2010                 10

B3 Flat Dumbbell chest press              3×12-15                                                        3010                 60



There are many ways to workout with minimal amounts of equipment and still get a great workout. If you would like more information on the right dumbbell workout for you, please get in touch.







Fat Loss Tabata Workout At Home

Fat Loss Tabata Workout At Home




Intro to Tabata training


Tabata training is a fantastic way to burn fat when done correctly, Tabata training can also be considered a form of HIIT, and training in this fashion be it at home or in the gym it has numerous benefits. Tabata training is not a new form of exercise, it has been around for a very long time and can be used assist in fat loss, full body conditioning and general fitness. Here is what you need to know for a Tabata fat loss workout at home



Tabata training at home can highly effective as the workouts can be done with minimal amounts of space and equipment. At Square Mile Fitness we are huge advocates of high intensity interval training and often get our clients to train in this way at some point of their fat loss program. Our highly skilled personal training team in London are renowned for their results and bespoke programming. We have decided to put our heads together and spread some valuable knowledge on how you can do an effective fat loss Tabata workout at home.



What is Tabata training


Tabata training is great for those individuals what don’t have massive amounts of time to workout but want to push themselves in short bursts and have a high intensity workout.


Tabata training is a high intensity session where you are required to complete a given exercise for a time period, this can also be a series of different exercises. Typically, Tabata training is known as being a form of interval training as you alternate high intensity bouts of exercise with periods of rest.


Tabata fat loss workout at home

What are the benefits of Tabata training at home?

One of the benefits of Tabata training at home is that this style of training is very time effective and you don’t need much space or equipment to get a great workout.

Tabata training can be a great for helping you lose unwanted fat alongside a diet that is geared towards fat loss.


Training at high intensities is great for calories expenditure which in turn with the right nutrition will help you to lose weight and burn fat.


The majority of Tabata workouts especially those done at home are aimed at fat loss, with 10 minute bodyweight Tabata workouts you will not build lots of muscle. For a fitness beginner initially you may see some muscle gain but for continued success you will need to progress to longer workouts and find ways to progressively overload the body, this is normally done with weights and we have a great muscle building Tabata circuit to share with you .


Tabata training is very effective for increasing your heart rate and burning calories in a short period of time. The beauty of Tabata training is that you kill two birds with one stone, you’re effectively doing bodyweight resistance and cardio all at the same time. Your heart and lungs will benefit from HIIT style sessions, you will burn calories post exercise and improve you muscle conditioning. Tabata training at home or in the gym should be challenging but above all you should enjoy it. A sign of a great Tabata workout is one that leaves you feeling better at the end of the workout than you did at the beginning.

Fat Loss Tabata workout at home


Who Is Tabata Training For?

Tabata training can be for beginners right the way up to the more trained individual, the amount of time you have on your hands will dictate how you should workout. If you’re pushed for time and don’t get much time for yourself then Tabata training is a great option. Remember, any form of exercise can be challenging, it’s all about how you apply yourself. Tabata training is also a great option for those that don’t enjoy running on a treadmill and prefer alternative ways of metabolic conditioning and CV training.


How to structure a Tabata workout


A sign of a good Tabata workout at home should leave you feeling exhausted but invigorated and looking forward to your next workout. The structure of a typical  Tabata workout is a 4  minute set with 20 seconds of all out work followed by a 10 second rest, this can be done with bodyweight exercise or you can incorporate weights.



How to do Tabata workout at home


A Tabata bodyweight workout at home is no different from one in a class or in the gym, the only real difference is the space you may have so choose wisely. We have put together a list of 10 great exercises that you can incorporate into your training session.



 10 Tabata Example Exercises


Mountain Climbers

Jumps Squats


High Knees


Reverse Lunges

Press ups



Plank jacks


20 minute Tabata workout  

 Example Tabata Home workouts



12 minutes Fat loss Tabata Workout At Home


Exercise                          sets         work time          rest time


A1 Squat                         3x             20 seconds         10 seconds

A2 Press ups                 3x             20 seconds         10 seconds


B1 Reverse lunges       3x             20 seconds         10 seconds

B2 Superman’s             3x             20 seconds         10 seconds


C1 High Knees              3x             20 seconds         10 seconds

C2 Russian Twists        3x             20 seconds         10 seconds


D1 Burpees                    3x             20 seconds         10 seconds

D2 Progressive Plank   3x             20 seconds         10 seconds






 16 minutes Fat loss Tabata Workout At Home


Exercise                                   Sets              work time                rest time


A1 Split Squats                              4x             20 seconds        10 seconds

A2 Mountain Climbers                4x             20 seconds        10 seconds


B1 Drop Squat                               4x             20 seconds         10 seconds

B2 Loaded Beast press ups         4x             20 seconds         10 seconds


C1 Skaters                                      4x             20 seconds         10 seconds

C2  Down ups                                4x             20 seconds         10 seconds


D1 Reverse Lunge Knee drive   4x             20 seconds         10 seconds

D2 Butterfly Crunches                4x             20 seconds         10 seconds




20 minutes Fat loss Tabata Workout At Home (Advanced)


Exercise                               sets           work time                      rest time

A1 1.4 Squat                        5x             20 seconds         10 seconds

A2 1.4 Press ups                  5x             20 seconds         10 seconds


B1 Forward Back lunges  5x             20 seconds         10 seconds

B2 Jump Squats                 5x             20 seconds         10 seconds


C1 Squat Get Ups               5x             20 seconds         10 seconds

C2 Single Leg Jacknife       5x             20 seconds         10 seconds


D1 Jump Lunges                  5x             20 seconds         10 seconds

D2 Plank Walkouts             5x             20 seconds         10 seconds




 20 Advanced Tabata Home Workout With Weights (Advanced)


Exercise                                          sets             work time                       rest time


A1 Clean and Press                         5x             20 seconds                  10 seconds

A2 Lateral Burpee                          5x             20 seconds                  10 seconds


B1 Goblet Squat                              5x             20 seconds                 10 seconds

B2 Hand release press ups            5x             20 seconds                 10 seconds


C1 Thrusters                                    5x             20 seconds                 10 seconds

C2  2X Plyo Lunge 1X squat          5x             20 seconds                 10 seconds


D1 Alternating Front Lunges        5x             20 seconds                  10 seconds

D2 Reverse crunches                     5x             20 seconds                  10 seconds



We hope you enjoy your workouts, please get in touch if you would like to speak to one of our London based personal trainers about your fitness goals.

Personal Trainer Prices In London & Surrounding Counties

Personal Trainer Prices In London And Surrounding Counties


The majority of people would love to hire a personal trainer but understanding how much a personal trainer cost and what they should pay can be a little confusing. Finding the time to workout can be a challenge. When you do find the time to train, It can be very frustrating working out alone and not seeing results. This is why most people tend to hire a personal trainer. However, to see the value of a personal trainer does come at a cost but how much do you value getting into your best shape or feel fit and confident. It can be a real task when you attempt to go it alone as there is so much information out there on what you should or shouldn’t do. Are you happy with your current level of fitness success or would you prefer to know personal trainer prices in London and surrounding Counties?


Personal Trainer Cost – Should I Hire A Personal Trainer


Many people have the misconception that having a personal trainer is a luxury, we like to think of it as you pay for what you see value in. If you value your health and feeling fit, then finding the right personal trainer for you would be good investment and money well spent.

Many people can afford to have a coach or personal trainer but there are a few factors that will dictate how much it will cost to hire a trainer. For individuals in London, especially in sort after locations in the capital a personal trainer could charge up to £250 per session. Now this would be at the very high end of the market and that personal trainer would have a catalogue of results and would be working in a luxury gym or private Personal training studio. That being said you will be able to find a personal trainer in London that you could hire for between £50-£65 per session for their Pt services.



As mentioned previously your geographic location play a role in what you will pay for a personal trainer, London being top end. However, if you’re outside of London you could pay as little as £30 per hour for a 1-2-1 personal training session.


Personal Training Results

The results that a trainer presents can also affect pricing, there are trainers who have a catalogue of client results and transformations. Being known for delivering results can lead to an increase in their demand and prices to increase. On the other hand, there will be trainers that will not be able to show results as they may be still learning their trade so may charge less.



If the trainer you’re planning to hire delivers an impeccable service and is constantly receiving referrals, then be prepared to pay a price that is in line with that level of service. The facility that your trainer works from will also be reflected in the price per hour, the more modern gyms and studios will charge more than the average gym.



The more experienced highly qualified personal trainers will charge more than a Pt who is newly qualified or who does not have much experience.


What to Expect from your personal trainer?

Making the decisions to hire a personal trainer, especially when paying London paying London prices. You should be paired with someone that is knowledgeable, that delivers results and provides an amazing service. The chosen professional will be able to effectively guide you, offering advice to problems you may encounter on your journey together and understand you. They should hold you accountable whilst providing you with the motivation to reach your goals. The journey should be educational, mindset changing and above all a fun experience.



Why you should invest

The Personal Trainer Prices in London And Surrounding Counties may be a little different from what you had in mind but the right trainer will be an asset rather than an expense. If not reaching you goals is affecting your mood, confidence, work or family life then it may be time you hired a personal trainer. You will build your confidence and self-esteem, not to mention the mental release you get from a great session.  Your workouts will be more time efficient and effective. The feeling you get when you’re making positive changes is priceless and worth every penny.



I’ve Made Amazing Progress And I Actually look Forward To Going To The Gym

I approached Square Mile Fitness because I’d finally had enough of being overweight and extremely unfit.  I’d tried for years to get myself into shape but I just didn’t have the motivation or the will power to see it through.

I hadn’t exercised in a very long time and was naturally a bit nervous about what to expect from the training sessions but I needn’t have worried – Tirrel had me feeling at ease from the very start.  His bubbly and energetic character makes me feel comfortable and relaxed even when he’s putting me through my paces.  He actually makes me want to push myself further which is an impressive feat! No two sessions are the same – the exercises are varied and interesting and Tirrel always seems to know exactly what I’m capable of.

With a nutrition plan to follow as well, I started to see great results after just a few weeks.  In 4 months, my fitness levels have improved dramatically and I’ve noticeably slimmed down and gained definition.

I can’t thank Tirrel enough for his help. Thanks to his knowledge and motivational skills, I’ve made amazing progress and I actually look forward to going to the gym, something I never thought I’d say!

He Has Even Managed To Fix An Ongoing Back Problem I’ve Had For Years

city of london personal trainer

Tirrel is a FANTASTIC trainer! He’s very knowledgeable and professional. What further sets him apart is that he’s extremely personable and gets the best out of me while keeping the sessions fun and enjoyable. He has even managed to fix an ongoing back problem I’ve had for years. You WILL get GREAT results with Tirrel, I can’t recommend him highly enough!.
If you would like to get great result please get in touch

Fat Loss & Muscle Building Training Tips


We have put together a few tips to help you get the most out of your gym sessions, these tips can be tweaked to help burn fat or pack on some muscle.



A major component of a diet plan includes adequate water intake throughout the day. Water, a key component for detoxifying the body and assisting with the metabolising of the foods eaten, should never be neglected, especially during humid conditions. When training, water is valuable in that it hydrates the muscles, keeping them strong and full, while ensuring nutrients flow freely throughout the body to promote growth. Water also has a major positive effect on fat burning and will encourage feelings of fullness, which will discourage the tendency to eat junk food.


Eat At Least 2 Hours Before Training

Eating in the hours before training is one of the keys to a great workout. Without sufficient nutrients, most notably carbohydrates, energy levels for training will not be optimal. I have personally found that eating one hour before training will provide more energy than eating two hours out. Try both approaches to find what works best for you. This diet plan is structured in such a way to ensure that you benefit from a pre-workout meal.



Eat Post-Workout

Like pre-workout nutrition, post workout feedings are similarly important. Unlike the pre-workout meal, where energy production is the intended outcome, post workout nutrition will ensure that energy is replaced and protein is supplied to the muscles when they are most receptive to its positive effects. Many training experts go as far as to say that the post-workout meal is the second most important feeding of the day, after breakfast.After intense training the muscles are typically depleted of carbohydrates, leaving a 30 to 45 minute gap for replenishment. Protein is also rapidly taken into the muscles at this time.


Never Neglect Breakfast

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day has become somewhat of a cliché, for good reason: it is a critical time to supply the body with the nutrients it hungers for after what is essentially an eight to10 hour fast (hence the name breakfast; break-fast).


Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day.

After you wake up in the morning it is especially vital that breakfast is eaten; the size of this meal is large in comparison to subsequent meals for that day because it not only replaces carbohydrate that has been used during training and depleted during sleep, but will restore protein balance to assist fat loss and muscle recovery. Occasionally meals will be missed (this is inevitable for most people who live busy lives). Ensure that breakfast is not one of these.




Drink Tea & Coffee Without Sugar & Cream

If you drink tea or coffee, it is best do so without all the extra calories added sugar and cream provide (a small amount of milk should do no harm). It is surprising how many people have the perfect diet but compensate for the lack of simple sugars in this plan by consuming eight to10 teaspoons of sugar during their daily coffee breaks. Doing this can add an additional 160 calories per day of the worst type of nutrient



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HIIT Training Workouts

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What is HIIT?


High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT, is one of those fat burning workouts that mustn’t be missed from your training schedule. HIIT involves varied work to rest ratio’s, ranging from a 10 second all-out sprint up to a slightly more gruelling 3 minute interval, followed by short, active recovery periods. These short bursts of exercise with minimal recovery keep the heart rate high, eliciting that fast fat burning effect that we all thrive for!


If the ‘fat burning effect’ isn’t enough, let’s take a look at some other benefits…


Nowadays, it’s all about training SMART… training for 1-2 hours per session is old news, and, well, so dull. Traditionally, low intensity endurance exercise was the only way to build performance indicators. Now, HIIT allows for the same, if not more, improvement in these parameters and most importantly, in a considerably less amount of time- yes, a reduced volume and a smarter approach to training! Completing a workout in less than 25 minutes, with additional benefits sounds good, right?


If you’re thinking you can’t bear another treadmill session, don’t hang up your trainers just yet! You can easily smash a HIIT session with a mix of bodyweight exercises focused to build core, upper body and leg strength. It’s a great way to work on the important strength aspects as well as benefitting from an intense cardio workout. It’s not uncommon to be put off by the words ‘High Intensity’ but with HIIT, every session is relevant and can be tailored to your specific fitness levels. Yes, HIIT is hard- but it’s also extremely achievable.


How to incorporate HIIT into your workout in 5 simple ways


  1. Ease yourself in – We’ve already established that HIIT is an intense workout; if your body is not used to short bursts of exercise then it’s unlikely it’ll able to withstand a full-on HIIT session for the first time, so let’s not expect it to. As with anything, it’ll take time. Gradually build the intervals into each session day by day. Simply add a couple of 30/40-second efforts into your cardio workout and before you know it, you’ll be smashing a full 25-minute HIIT session and won’t ever look back!
  2. Get specific and add variety – HIIT can be used for all sorts of specific training, for example, speed, endurance, hills etc. So, before attempting to find a hill to make your way up, think about attacking that hill in a HIIT based approach. You’ve got to get up to the top anyway, so you may as well gain more from it. Don’t just amble up the hill, get on your toes and get the heart rate pumping, set yourself targets to meet. The best thing about HIIT is you don’t need a gym, a treadmill, a bike- all you need is a space and motivation. Mix it up, add variety, incorporate two of the above; give yourself 5 hill climbs, with a faster shorter effort in-between to build speed. Or, stay at home, find yourself a space and set yourself 5 different exercises and complete for 45 seconds with 15 recovery. For example, squat jumps, skipping, burpees, split lunge and mountain climbers.


  1. Structure your training schedule – Ideally, we want to aim for at least 2 HIIT sessions per week. These sessions need to be intense, fat burning, stimulating and rewarding. So, think about your whole week, not just the training programme, think about work, family etc. and structure your HIIT sessions effectively. It’s a waste of time doing a HIIT session if your body is just not up to it. Having a solid structure to your training schedule will avoid any possibilities of this happening. There’s no point in smashing ‘leg day’ and then expect your legs to carry you through a demanding hill session the following day. It’s just not going to happen!


  1. Recovery – To get the most out of HIIT, don’t over train, give yourself time to recover. Every HIIT session needs to be attacked with high energy to make an impact, if you’re thinking about doing a half-hearted HIIT session, think again, and think recovery!


  1. Enjoyment – Choose exercises you know you’ll enjoy. If you don’t like running, don’t- it’s that simple! There are plenty of other exercises that can provide HIIT that is going to push you to the max.


Sample HIIT sessions


Sample 1


Work (s) Rest (s) Reps Notes
60 30


4 Longer reps for endurance.


40 20


5 Half the rest to work ratio really tests and improves recovery.


30 15




20 10 7 Shorter reps to build speed




Sample 2

Work (s) Rest (s) Sets Notes



Repeat set 3 times. Encourage the same pace/intensity/power throughout each effort. First effort may seem easy but will get harder as recovery drops.






During the third set, keep 5x 60 reps the same but mix up the recovery.






Can save longest recovery (60 s) before last effort to encourage a really high quality final rep.



HIIT circuit sample

Exercise Work (s) Rest (s) Reps Notes









7 Maximum speed, all out sprints
Skipping 45 15


Squat Jumps 45  



1 Must be able to perform normal squat.
Step ups 45  



1 Find a bench, box, step
Split lunge


Wall sit







Press ups


Triceps dips




Mountain climbers


Leg drops





























































Maximum speed, all out sprints


Can do either normal, narrow or wide






Keep the movement as slow as possible


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How To Get Fit For Summer

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Summer training starts now, not 4 weeks before your beach holiday.

If you want to enjoy the process of getting in shape whilst doing it in a non extreme way (yoyo dieting) you need to devote all your efforts in formulating a plan from now. Allowing yourself enough time to shape up for the summer months will allow you to have the odd slip up along the way and it not to be too detrimental, but if on the other hand you’ve only allowed yourself 4 weeks this can be a problem for many of us.


The Goal

Many people fall short when setting out on achieving a fitness related goal because of a few variables, specificity, time, intensity plus a few more.

The goal is to understand your goal and the various ways to conquer it. If you’re new into fitness then why not hire an experienced personal trainer to help you along your way. Ensure your training plan has structure, far too often I see individuals walking around the gym aimlessly, if you are struggling for motivation or know how just ask. When it comes to your actual workout plan choose exercises that are specific to your goal, if fat loss or a body transformation is the aim then place compound moves ahead of isolation exercises like bicep curls.

The Plan

Try keeping training long, training long is a perfect motivational tool as you can keep track of how your weights have increased or your speed during interval training. Now we all love the idea of getting summer fit so as well as a workout plan make sure you plan to attend the gym and show up! Prioritize your workouts, set reminders and events in your diary; make them as important as your work meetings or events.

The Workout

Now along with the tips above we have created a lower body workout that will help you get In amazing shape for the summer.


Lower body workout



Exercise                                Sets/Reps                   Tempo             Rest

A1 BFE Split Squat                   4×8-10                         3010                   30

A2 Trapbar deadlift                  4×8-10                         3011                   90


B1 Drop Lunges                           3×8-10                         2010                   10

B2 Incline Leg press                  3×15-20                      3010                   90


C1 Farmers walks                      3x30m                           xoxo                     0

C2 Reverse sled Pulls                3x30m                          xoxo                 120


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