Happy Fit Holiday




Happy Fit Holiday


With Christmas fast approaching and the diary beginning to fill with many evenings out for dinner plus drinks, I decided to provide a few tips on damage limitation.

With the temptation of all the lovely party food and the alcohol flowing freely, the festive season can quickly spiral out of control into a explosion of calories. With the added stress that this time of the year can bring, things can easily get out of hand, exercise plus good nutrition tends to get put on the back burner till mid January.


With temptation coming from every angle, pressure from peers to go out drinking it may seem easier you give up your healthy lifestyle all together then pick things back up in the new year. However, there is still hope of getting you closer to your fitness goals during this time rather than taking steps backwards.

I have a few tips here that will allow you to enjoy yourself without increasing your waistline.


During this time it may seem difficult to stick with your current routine with all these social engagements but you need to put your health first. Rather than giving up al together then planning on getting back on the wagon in January, aim to plan less time consuming session 30 -45 minutes for example.

Giving up altogether can turn out to be difficult when it comes to getting back into the swing of things. Short circuit based session can be hard work effective, but fun at the same time, why not try our fat burning workout. This workout is tough but has many rewards; you’ll be flooded with endorphins and ready to dance the night away.


The Workout




If you have been pretty mindful with what you now eat now is no tie to go absolutely bonkers, enjoy yourself yes but moderation is key.

On your meals out try to control your portions, load up on veggies and drink lots of water. Try to avoid long periods without food if you have a dinner planned for the evening because you’ll probably end up eating more than usual, enjoy the food but try to avoid huge plies of food all in one go.


If you would like a happy holiday plan put together for you by the square Mile Fitness team to help keep you on track over the festive period, please get in contact with us we would love to help.


Happy Fit Holiday

Results With Personal Training No Matter The Goal



I have worked with Tirrel for coming up to 2 years now.

I worked with Tirrel as an online client and after the first year i decided it was time I let him put me through personal training sessions and ever since then I haven’t looked back. At the end of a program phase and training phase we book in a session to see my condition and evaluate areas where we need to improve.

Over time my goals have changed through different phases looking to either add size or cut for holidays or hold a lean condition and Tirrel has been excellent with he’s knowledge in helping me sustain this and reach these goals, which is why I continue personal training with him. I feel happy to put my trust in him, as I know he’s idea and methods are the right way for me to hit my goals.  As for my diet plans I am not the easiest to structure one for but Tirrel listens to what I like to eat and builds it around this, this also shows Tirrel takes the time to customize he’s work to each individual needs rather the generic plans.


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Lose Fat And Keep It Off With Sustainable Changes



Lose fat and keep it off with Sustainable changes



If you have found shifting troublesome body fat to be a nightmare, getting into shape and staying in shape a struggle, not to worry you’re not alone.

What is the best way to sculpt a body that you can be proud of?

What is the best way to eat healthy, lose fat, enjoy the process and reduce your waistline?


In this post I will aim to shed some light on the path to sustainable changes that will lead to happiness inside and out.


  1. Training- start off with a number of training sessions that you can sustain, training 5 times per week isn’t for everybody. Be realistic with your goals, stay focused by visualizing what it is you want to achieve, add a little hard work to the mixture then you’re on to a winner


If you are pushed for time, use weights and train in a circuit fashion using the most bang for your buck free weight exercises.


Get yourself a training partner; a training partner of similar strength who shares a similar goal can be very beneficial when motivation is low.


  1. Nutrition- Start off by keeping a food diary, this way you can see where your calories are coming from also any bad eating habits. A common mistake many people make is being too restrictive at the beginning of their newfound journey, then they don’t make it past the first week. Aim to make small changes, for example, a chocolate filled doughnut to maybe a ring doughnut, a ring doughnut to just the inner part of the doughnut.

Many of the general population go from chocolate straight to celery then end up hating the world by taking away all the joys of eating, think small baby steps. You may think I have gone crazy, but with theses small changes you consume less calories and are more likely to eat better for an extended period of time till you are ready to get rid of the junk.


  1. Patient- We all want results yesterday, you didn’t get out of shape in a week so you’ll need to do more than a weeks worth of training plus better food choices. All changes come from within so you’ll need to create positive mental changes in order to see results on the outside and we can show you how.


  1. ENJOY YOURSELF- Here at Square Mile Fitness we pride ourselves on getting the best out of all are client but above all we make it fun.


Get in contact today if you would like to find out more on how to achieve sustainable changes while still enjoying your life.



Jazz Up Your Cardio Training




Jazz Up Your Cardio Training




I have the pleasure of working one of the best gyms in the City Of London, a setup with comprises of 4 businesses, City Athletic, The Sweat Shop, The Altitude Centre and Perfect Balance.

You will not find all of this under one roof anywhere else in The City of London so I consider myself very lucky and grateful to be able to work with all these amazing people.

For the past 30 or so months I have been doing the majority of my training in The Altitude Center and we now have this sort of love hate relationship!

“Why “ you ask, well purely because the sessions have been so hard yet rewarding t the same time.


So, What is Altitude Training and how will it benefit you?

The Room is set to 15% O2 (2708m), sea level being 20.9%. The reason it is set at this height is because this is the perfect balance between getting the benefits from the hypoxic air as well and being able to function and perform to your near maximum. Any higher and athletes would seriously struggle to hit target times, recover and to perform at high intensities.


Hypoxic air:

Training at Altitude is intended to provide a stimulus for the adaptation of an individual’s cardiovascular system by means of breathing reduced oxygen. The benefits of training with reduced oxygen intake will induce mechanisms of compensation. The goal of Altitude Training is to achieve higher physical performance and wellbeing through improved oxygen metabolism.

The main benefit that many individuals are looking for is the increase in red blood cells to increase oxygen delivery to the working muscles.

Training at higher Altitudes can help increase your work capacity, so you will be able to get more out of your training session. This is due to extra oxygen being delivered to your working muscle (your body being used to working with little oxygen, it now thrives at sea level), thus promoting quicker recoveries between reps, sets, intervals, and exercises


Here is one of the Interval sessions I got put through last week, which was very hard!


3 x 2 minutes (1 minute recovery) @ 1/2/4 %


2-minute recovery


4 x 90 seconds (45 seconds recovery) @ 1/2/4/6 %


2.5-minute recovery


5 x 1 minute (30 seconds recovery) @ 1/2/4/6/8 %



If you would like to take your Training to greater heights please get in touch and one of our Personal Trainers In The City Of London would be delighted to help.



Results As Much Fun As It Was Hard Work




Being new to training and wanting to follow a focussed and yet enjoyable regime to get me off the ground, Tirrel was definitely the right man for the job. From the outset, Tirrel was attentive to my objectives and gave me confidence that he had the expertise I was looking for and could deliver results (so long as I put in the required effort and commitment). From start to end of the 3 month programme, Tirrel was supportive and responsive in and out of the gym. Tirrel’s programme was personalised, structured and dynamic, allowing me to build up from a rather low base to a point where I felt confident enough to progress without the need for constant support.




Results don’t come over night and I learned to be realistic with my expectations, but I was definitely happy with the end results and training with Tirrel was as much fun as it was hard work. Definitely to be recommended!



If you would like to get results please get in touch

my body AND mind Completely Transformed




I was one of these people who went to the gym often but never really saw massive amounts of change. Within weeks of starting to train with Tirrel i was seeing changes in my body i never thought i would.

Over the next 18 months my body AND mind completely transformed. I started at 55kg witch for a man is clinically underweight. With 18 months Tirrel had got me too 64.6kg of lean muscle, people who new me couldn’t believe it was the same person. He gave me so much motivation and knowledge after i finished training with him (only because i moved and got my first mortgage) i decided i wanted to do a qualification in personal training so i could become someone like Tirrel who helps people change their life’s by reaching their fitness goals.

He really changed my life and the way i few my body and fitness.


If you too would like to completely transform your  body AND mind then get in touch

I Saw Visible Improvements Within Just A Few Week

ian side transformation


“When I decided to see what I could achieve when I properly committed to both fitness and nutrition for a consistent period of time, I knew I needed something more than a standard Personal Trainer from one of the major gym chains. I spent a couple of weeks searching the internet to seek out the best personal trainer I could find and am pleased to say that I chose Tirrel Grant.

Tirrel fulfilled two important qualities I had set out to find in a trainer:
– he is someone who has achieved an excellent physique himself and so knows exactly what it takes to achieve the transformative change I wanted
– he is someone who could motivate me to push myself without just being shouty or militaristic, but could listen and understand me as an individual

From the first meeting with Tirrel I felt completely confident that I was starting my journey with the right person. He is extremely friendly and engaging, full of energy but also very perceptive and focused on what you want to achieve and what might be your personal pitfalls that could stand in the way of achieving it. After a detailed analysis of my lifestyle, fitness levels and goals, he setabout creating an initial programme including nutrition and supplement plan and we began meeting twice a week for some challenging but extremely enjoyable sessions.

I saw visible improvements within just a few weeks and before long decided to increase the intensity to three sessions, buoyed by the burst of energy and positivity I gained from the results and from the genuine fun I had each time I trained with Tirrel. He has a fantastic sense of humour and can get you into the right headspace for a good session even on occasions where you were having a bad day before arriving.

After a year of training with Tirrel, I was in the best shape that I had ever been in and discovered that I could achieve results I had always felt may be beyond my reach. If you are looking for a trainer who can help you achieve more than you thought possible and someone who makes the whole process enjoyable rather than something to endure, then I would urge you to contact Tirrel Grant, before someone else books your slot in his schedule!”


If you would like a personal trainer who will get you results whist you enjoy the journey, please get in touch

Exceed Your Long-Term Goals

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 13.30.53


“Tirrel has helped me achieve and exceed my long-term goals over the past two years. In my opinion he is the best sort of trainer, managing to be amiable and a laugh whilst always being a really tough task master; he is dedicated and consistent, and practises what he preaches. I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about training and physique transformation”.


Start your transformation and achieve all your ,ing term goals!.. Get in touch today

4 Top Fat Loss Tips

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.35.28




Leon Kew’s 4 Top Fat Loss Tips



1) Set yourself a goal that has meaning


Goal setting can be a very valuable tool , as setting goals will can you motivated and on the right path. During tough times when you are tempted to make bad decisions having your goal in the forefront of your mind can be a useful deterrent, you deserve to achieve.


2) Focus on behavioural change rather than outcome, count your blessings not your troubles.


Focus more on what you want to happen and less on what you don’t. Put your efforts into setting goals weekly to change your behavior but also the mind. Remember the eyes are useless when the mind is blind so do not make the number in the scale the focal point of your attention but rather focus on the dozens of other things you can change daily that will help you to achieve.


3) Set a time frame


Set yourself a realistic start and finish date that you feel you can work towards, and be sure to set up check in dates with a coach or friend to take body fat, photos, and measurements this way you will get an objective point of view so you can base your program on real results rather than feelings


4) Be accountable


Once you have made the commitment to get on your fat loss journey, communication is key. Share your goal with people that are close to you , as these people will form your support network, your vibe attracts your tribe so surround yourself with people that will support and motivate you.




To book a Personal Training consultation please get in touch


Leon kew


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Transform Your Goals Into Results


“I cannot recommend Tirrel highly enough as a trainer and individual. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and clear in setting and explaining routines and their purpose, but what really sets him apart is the timeframe he is able transform your goals into results – far exceeding my expectations.”

“Tirrel is also very skilled at pushing you to your limits and then taking you beyond these in order to continue improving and working at levels you would not have thought you could have performed at. He has helped me achieve substantial lean gains in a short space of time with each session focused, intense and more importantly enjoyable!”


Nadeem, Investment Banker


If you would like to transform your goals into results please get in touch