AP’s Body Transformation: Personal Training Gets Results

Here AP speaks frankly about his body transformation process, the hard work and the outstanding results!

AP Photoshoot Results

AP showing off his results at a photoshoot.         Results may vary from person to person

“Like many people, I’d made a couple of fitness based resolutions at the start of the year & in particular I wanted to diet down & potentially do a photo shoot. However, after two months, things weren’t going well & to be honest I was falling apart – let me give you a few examples;

– I was binge eating in an out of control fashion (I would eat 1.5kg of Alpen in a couple of hours)

– I couldn’t sleep through the night. I woke up every hour without fail & ended up working at 2am because I couldn’t get back to sleep.

– I stopped going out – I wanted to reach my goal & I thought the only way to do it was to focus harder and harder.

At the start of March, I didn’t sleep for 2/3 days – I needed help and this is when I reached out to Tirrel. He made time for me the next day. He listened to everything I’d done, asked questions, understood what I wanted to agreed to help me get there. It was such a relief to get all of this off my chest, he understood & his listening made me feel like I could try again to hit this goal & I could do it! He even bought the green tea that day.

In terms of what we did, we took initial measurements weight, body measurements, photos & measured body fat with calipers to assess where I was as well as to track progress over time. With my stress & concerns around food so high, Tirrel suggested Fresh Fitness Food (food prep company in London) as one way help me bring this down. So with FFF providing my food, Tirrel guiding them on my macros based on my progress in the gym (we trained 3 times a week), I started to enjoy training again.

Over the next 15 weeks, I achieved a lot with Tirrel. I started to love training again, I started to sleep again, I started going out again & not binging in restaurants, I even went on a 10 day work trip and stayed on macros/training regime throughout despite all the challenges being away on business can bring. In the end I did my photo shoot and the photos are great, but the main thing was my approach to life/fitness has completely changed. I go out more, apply moderation when necessary, love training and all with a lean physique.

I’ll never be able to thank Tirrel enough for what he did – but if you’re trying to achieve a goal similar to mine, I’d recommend Tirrel as the guy to get you there every time. ”