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1-2-1 Online personal training with a personal touch

For clients who may not live in London, don’t want to train alone; but want the result that the Square Mile Fitness trainers deliver. Are you looking for a online personal training program that delivers results? If you’re a busy working professional who’s schedule doesn’t allow you the flexibility to book in training sessions. You may feel personal training in London isn’t affordable for you, then you are the perfect match for online personal training. We have a dedicated team of online personal trainers working around the clock 24/7 who also provide nutritional guidelines and will give you unlimited support via our smartphone app.

Thinking about taking up online personal training?

Many of you may be wondering what online personal training is, how it works, and what is required of clients to achieve their fitness goals working alongside one of our top coaches. We are firm believers in treating each client as an individual with our not one size fits all approach. Taking the time to understand each individual’s fitness goals to then create specific training plans and nutritional guidance that will positively transform your bodies and lifestyle for lasting results.


Do you have the burning desire to regain you identity, to feel healthier and more confident? would you like  to have more energy to stay focused at work or to keep up with your family? We will show you how much you can achieve with our online training team.

Does it really work?

Yes *. If you follow our advice, train and eat according to your plan then you will get results; it’s as simple as that. Here are just a few of the Online PT clients who followed the plan to the letter – look what happened:


Following a remote fitness plan designed by their dedicated online trainer, not only did they lose ft but they also gained in confidence and feel much more comfortable with their appearance.

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London Personal Trainer Transformations

Online Personal Training Transformation


Virtual personal training results

Virtual Personal Trainer Results


Results From remote personal training

Results from remote personal training


Online fitness program Transformation

Online fitness program Transformation


* Disclaimer: Results may vary and are dependent on individual circumstances. Time taken to achieve results can not be guaranteed.

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We have developed a very unique approach to our online personal training service. Through years and years of collecting data, from working with real people day-to-day. We have helped many clients keep on track, guiding them every step of the way, keeping motivation high and educating them.

Your online program will be delivered by one of our top personal trainers; who will devote their time to understand exactly what it is you would like to achieve. Be it a 12 week transformation, weight loss, to put on muscle or reduce your body fat. We will work just as hard as you; coaching you through various training methods to ensue you achieve your personal fitness goal. Working out with one of our trainers is hard work but once you see the results you’ll realise it’s worth the efforts.


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Wondering how to get started with our online personal training platform?

Getting on board with our online personal training couldn’t be easier; here are a few things to expect before we begin the process of putting together your personalised online fitness plan. Online personal training is proving to be an effective and efficient way of training for many of our clients. Our remotely delivered plans give you tool the tools you need at you finger tips. With our smartphone app which is available on both Android and IOS you’ll be blown away with how easy it is to connect with our online coaches and fitness programs. Your online training plan will be tailored to your goals alongside a lifestyle nutrition plan.


Here to cater to your individual needs


• Complete an Online PT Questionnaire (this contains information about your current training plan and relevant medical history)

• Complete a food diary for a week – This is so we can analyse your current eating habits, gain knowledge of your macro intake, any diets you may be following. We will assess the amount of calories you’re consuming to ensure we put together the best possible plan that fits your lifestyle.



• Make 30 minutes of your time available for a consultation with one of our online coaches – Here we will look at understanding more about your current fitness levels. With an in-depth discussion about your specific training goals, nutrition and how to overcome barriers.

• Commit to work hard and follow the custom training nutrition plans, just because this is an online personal training plan you still need to put the work in.


online personal training nutrition

*Results may vary person to person


The benefits

Our online training plans go much further any generic plan that you can download from the Internet. We take the time to understand you and your body which is what separates us from any old online personal trainer

• A consultation with one of our trainers – we will match you with the most suitable trainer based on your goals and body type

• A custom nutrition guide including caloric targets, Macronutrient targets, weights/measures and meal suggestions – updated every 4 weeks with weekly check-ins


Bespoke programming

• A custom workout plan which fits your goals, training frequency and body type – updated every 3/4 weeks. We will use our vast amounts of experience to take you though different training phases, teaching you new training techniques and advanced methods to dramatically change your physique in 6-12 weeks.

• A supplementation plan – Going by your goal we will hand select the right supplements to aid in your muscle building efforts, fat loss or recovery. All of these factors are very important to seeing maximum results inside and outside of the gym.

• Unlimited email contact with your online trainer

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Monthly subscription

online personal training in action

We have made our online personal training very cost effective without compromising the quality of our service, with a variety of packages and pricing structures. With your online program you have the added benefit of being able to access your program at any time. You will be able workout at times that suite you best, and you don’t even need to be in the UK.
Here are a few words from some of our online clients who have seen massive improvements in their body composition, health and fitness levels.


Square Mile Fitness Online Personal Training client Success


“Overall, I was extremely impressed and satisfied with Tirrel’s online training plan, the intensity of his session and his overall demeanour.
His workout and nutrition were the right mixture of being achievable and challenging. He spent considerable time understanding and analysing my body and providing a tailored online training plan. Instantly I noticed a huge difference in terms of energy levels. I saw huge changes to my body based on his nutrition advice and workout plan. He was flexible in providing alternatives, but was also strict in ensuring I followed the program (even if it meant eating Kale!)

Having trained and played Rugby for a number of years, I have endured numerous challenging sessions. However, the intensity of his sessions were second-to-none and trumped anything I’ve done in the gym or on the Rugby field. After a leg session I could barely walk home as my legs felt like Jelly!
Finally, Tirrel is both a very personable and very motivating trainer. His biggest asset is the confidence he inspires by his own body – he is clearly in peak physical condition and this builds instant trust around his training plan and advice.”
Josh, Management Consultant

online personal training UK



“I have worked with Tirrel for a very long time for around 2 1/2 years, I have stuck with him as the results I get and advice from him is absolutely brilliant. He is spot on with the training plans and you only have to look at him to know this man knows his stuff, a very knowledgable fitness professional in my eyes.
I had planned lot of holidays around August – November last year so we decided to grew in size and hit a good clean bulking phase November – February. My first boys holiday was coming 1st May so we hit an intense clean cut from February – May allowing a 12 week space to do so.
My biggest struggle is nutrition as I eat very limited foods, especially greens. but we managed to build the plan around the food i would eat to make sure I would keep on track.
The first 8 weeks of the 12 weeks on my online training plan included a mixture of abs routines, cardio intervals plans and weight sessions, which I really enjoyed.
I found this was a major factor, as I seemed to gain huge benefit from this daily and really brought my results on.
This is by far the best results I have ever had, I’m looking forward to starting the next 10 week training phase to take my results to the next level with Tirrel “
Dean, Online Sales Manager

*Results may vary person to person

online personal training in london


“I had always been someone who trained regularly from a young age, but hadn’t discovered weight training until about four months before I started online personal training.
I wanted to test how far I could push my body, and really enjoyed the idea of sculpting the body I wanted to have through weights.I really enjoyed the fact that I sweated! I was given a two-day upper body and lower body split, alongside interval sprints. This structure of working out really shredded the fat off me, and by the time I was on holiday I was a lean bean! My main highlight was genuinely being happy when I looked in the mirror”.
Soph, Teacher



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Online Personal training FAQ’s


Am I the right fit for online personal training?

Our online training program is available for beginner trainees right the way up the the very experienced athletes. We take into consideration the current level and experience of our clients before building their programs. As an experienced team of trainers, we know the importance of exercises progression as well as regression. All of our programs are set to the specific levels and needs of each individual client and progressed at the right level for each client.


Will I be able to train at home?

Training at home with our online program works very well, the design of the program will be matched to the equipment that you have available to you. You don’t need lost of space and we very happy with the progress our online client get when training from home.


What workout equipment will I need?

We are happy for you to start with the bare minimum such as body weight training, ideally we would then like to incorporate more resistance from either dumbbells, kettlebells  or resistance bands. If you have no equipment to begin with, we will find creative ways to make your workouts challenging.


How does the check-in process work?

The check-in process will be a series of questions dedicated to any barriers you may be facing. we use this process to identify things you are struggling with and how we can help to overcome them. This type of client and trainer communication allows us to refine our programming to ensure you make progress. We also like to have calls with our clients to further explain and educate them on topics which will help them understand how to overcome any problems they may encounter.


When do the training programs get updated?

we update client programs every 4-6 weeks, for beginners you may spend more time on a given training plan to help you learn the movements and to help perfect you technique.


Do you take on clients with medical conditions or injuries?

There is no real limitation on the clients that we take on, our highly knowledgeable personal trainers are very capable of designing programs for clients with specific needs and requirements. We have an extensive network of fitness professionals that we work with,  this allows us to effectively  cater to as many clients needs as possible.


Are the diet plans suitable for everyone?

The nutrition plans that we provide are suitable for, vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters. From our initial consultation we will use the information provided to ensure your nutrition guide is suited to both your goal an lifestyle.


How do a communicate with my trainer?

You can communicate with your trainer at any time, your dedicated online coach will have scheduled times to respond to your questions, which is always within 24 hours.


Our Online Personal Training Packages

online personal training prices


Virtual Personal Training



Square Mile Fitness are delighted to announce that we now offer virtual personal training via our online platform. With the growing demand for clients wanting to train at home we thought it would be the perfect time to offer the in-demand transformation services virtually.


Virtual training is the next best thing to in person personal training, if you can’t make it to our London location or you prefer to train in the comfort of your own home; then our virtual personal training service is for you.


Virtual personal training is live through Zoom with one of the Square Mile Fitness personal trainers. You will begin with an initial consultation so we can prepare a step by step plan to help you reach your personal goals with one of our world class personal trainers. Whether its fat loss, muscle building or general fitness, there is no goal you won’t be able to tackle with virtual personal training at Square Mile Fitness.


What is Included In Virtual Personal Training At Square Mile Fitness?


You will receive a bespoke training plan your trainer will deliver, you will also receive additional workout that you may need to complete alongside you 1-2-1 sessions. Your virtual personal training sessions will be scheduled via zoom at time convenient to you.


From your consultation we will conduct a lifestyle and nutrition audit, this allow us to create a liveable nutrition plan that goes hand in hand with your goals. We don’t believe in having our client do a complete 360 on their diet right away. Our approach to nutrition is a step by step progression, we know all our clients have different pallets and relationships with food which we take into consideration.

Virtual personal training

You will have unlimited access to your personal trainer who will motivate and guide you toward your goal, quickly and efficiently.


To find out more, please get in touch to book a complimentary consultation with one of our virtual personal trainers.

Small Group Online Personal Personal Training



Our remote Online group training is the perfect solution to transform your your health and fitness in the comfort of your own home, office or where ever you feel like working out! A unique approach to remote personal training and group classes that are high energy, challenging, fun and leave you feeling amazing. Workout from home or where ever you feel fits with our online training plan and on demand workouts.




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No matter what your goal is, we will give you all the tools you need to reach your health and fitness goals. Not only will you achieve your goal, whether its fat loss or muscle building, we will teach you how to maintain your results. Our ethos is, analyse –  deliver -TRANSFORM – maintain




at home body transformation

Results driven.

Remote personal training and demand workout  classes that deliver results

Online Training and on demand Classes lead by top class trainers.

  • Accountability
  • Fat burning
  • Build Muscle
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Sweat
  • Burn calories
  • Transform

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