The Wellness Workshop

Every team sets goals, yearly, quarterly, even weekly in some cases. With aspirations to meet or beat sales numbers from the previous year, increase company visibility, not mention radically improving company views.


But what about your wellness target?

When working in a high-pressure environment, working long hours, The first thing that is usually pushed to the bottom of the pile is health, fitness and overall wellbeing; nothing new!

There is a positive correlation between employee health and employee productivity, that’s why we are here, welcome to ‘The Wellness Workshop’

Being a personal trainer heavily involved in fitness from a young age, plus working alongside some of the best physiotherapists in London, I know how fitness but also physiotherapy can dramatically improve your performance and wellbeing.

Taking part in a wellness regime will have a positive effect on the teams performance and spirit whilst helping team member to keep focused during high pressure moments. With expert advice from our top physiotherapist Sophie Lane and Strength and conditioning coach Tirrel Grant will positively transform your team dynamics.

But how do you make Wellness official within your team… Join our wellness program